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Hey friends,
After tonights episode I'm craving fics with Dean falling or being pushed down stairs or over the balcony.
Hurt comfort is the best!  I remember one story from a couple yrs back where Dean was pushed (by a spirit?) down the stairs and went through the ballisters, hanging by one arm. I believe Sam had to grab on and maybe he dislocated his shoulder? I think Sam was also pushed and was laying in a heap at the bottom, had to get up to rescue dean? There may have been a female character that at one time went down the stairs as well. Haunted house maybe?
Any fics are welcome. Hurt Dean please.  Thanks.
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Any fics where Sam and Jess are in a relationship, but when Sam gets hurt (seriously injured, sick and feverish, etc.), he only asks for Dean? Themes I'm looking for basically, are:
- jealous, hurt or confused!Jess who's trying to understand Sam and Dean's bond. Not looking for character bashing, just something that highlights the fact that Sam always, instinctively turns to Dean first.
- Sam being closer to Dean or trusting him in ways that he doesn't with Jess, despite loving her.

Really, anything along this line would be great! Stanford-era, AU's, not fussed. Preferably just Sam/Jess, but if there's Sam/Dean in there too that's fine. (Hell, if it's not Jess but some other female character that's fine too, please. :) )
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I'm looking for a specific fanfic where Dean sees Sams hallucinations. I know that I read one somewhere but I didn't save it. I can remember that for some reason Dean was in a sleep like state but kinda like 2x01 he was almost like a ghost. I think Sam called bobby and was saying how he liked failed dean or something. Then I think lucifer came and dean got really freaked he wa proud of Sammy when he didn't be react and was amazed when he didn't react to things like setting the room on fire.
Thanks in advance to anyone that can help me

UPDATE: ANYONE WHO WANTS TO READ IT - https://www.fanfiction.net/s/9677534/1/A-Mile-in-my-Shoes
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Looking for two fics; both are gen.

1. Dean sees Sam on a hunt when he's supposed to be at Stanford. Sam runs away and Dean chases him. One time Dean catches up with him, but Sam uses mind-control powers to make Dean go away. It turns out that Sam left school to kill the demon (he had visions, future-knowledge, or something similar that made him leave), and he stayed away from Dean and John because he was using his powers abd he thought they might think he was a monster and try to kill him, so he only allows Dean to catch up with him once he's killed the YED (I think). I remember the summary had a phrase similar to "Sam's supposed to be at school, so why is he on a hunt in [place]?" I'm also pretty sure it was on ao3, and that it was ~10k words, but I might be wrong about that.

Iirc, it was a bit similar to Look Back in Anger by vailkagami, but that's not the one I'm looking for.

2. Pre-series: Sam wants to do a school or sports thing, but John comes in and tells him they have a hunt/they're moving and he can't go. Sam argues trying to get John to let him go, but John refuses.Sam threatens to call cps if he can't go. John yells/they argue some more and John storms out (I don't remember if Sam "wins" or not). After John leaves, Dean gets really angry and yells at Sam, and then Dean punches Sam. Sam starts crying and then Dean immediately starts comforting him. The juxtaposition of Dean punching Sam, then comforting him really stood out in my mind (and also came across as creepy in the fic).

This one was a one-shot on lj or somewhere similar. There also might have been an author's note about the complexity of the family dynamics in their childhood?

Any help is much appreciated!
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Hey guys, it's been a while. I'm back with two specific requests, one that I searched for before but never found.

1) crossdressing - Sam and Dean make a bet about something, Sam loses and has to wear a pair of panties, Dean laughs at him and teases him, Sam says something about Dean thinking he's disgusting and gets really upset because he likes wearing the panties. (wincest)

2) suicidal!sam - After Sam finds out he's Lucifer's vessel, he tries to kill himself. Lucifer brings him back but Sam eventually starts committing suicide just to get some rest. This works for a while but eventually the damages start carrying over after he's brought back. (ex. he shoots himself in the head, he's resurrected with a hole in his head; cutting his wrists leaves scars, etc.) (gen, i think)

Thanks for any help!
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Hello! I've been nearly tearing out my hair and putting out my eyes for months trying to find a fic I read last year. Don't even remember which fan site I read it on, grr! LOL. I remember that Dean's back from Hell because Lilith has said she'll cancel his contract if he kills Sam for her. Dean, not yet a demon, is still full of rage at Sam for not saving him and wants revenge, so agrees. He hasn't become a demon, but with some of Lilith's tricks (like black eyes, etc.) convinces Sam he is. Lilith wants Dean to kill Sam slowly, but Dean's rage makes him lose control at first and when Sam goads and provokes him (wanting Dean to just end him because he's so sad at what Dean's become) I think he stabs Sam, almost killing him? He then takes him and tortures him, cutting and slicing him while Sam is chained up, I think? Every time Sam gets close to death, a healer comes and patches him up enough to let Dean keep going. But Dean eventually begins battling his emotions and conflicted feelings about killing his brother. Lilith's implanted fake memories of Sam betraying Dean and being glad of his death, etc. but he begins to wonder if they're really true. Finally, (as he's about to go ahead and kill Sam I think?) he, if I remember right, happens to notice his amulet on Sam, which he has a fake memory from Lilith about Sam tossing it away (or destroying it?). He's angry and confused, and asks a barely-coherent Sam about it. Sam tells him something about that he kept it because it was all he had left to remind him of Dean. Dean realizes he's been used and tricked by Lilith, and determines to get Sam to safety. I don't remember all that happens then, but I remember Dean getting Sam to use what's left of his psychic powers to break his cuffs or chains, but I think Dean ends up getting hurt somehow too? Anyway, it seems like Bobby and some of the other characters ambush the place and set off some kind of bomb or explosion and get them out. Before they escape, I think Dean kills Lilith. Afterward, Dean has horrible guilt from what he did to Sam, but Sam helps him through it, showing him how he'd kept all Dean's belongings in hopes that he could save Dean from Hell. The story ends on a hopeful, happy note. Sorry I can't remember more details! If anyone can find this I will love you forever LOL! Thanks!
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I read a story a long time ago but couldn't find it since. I was hoping someone could help me.
I think it was Sam who was a hooker or stripper or something along them lines. He was forced to have sex with the boss because he liked sam the best. I think he has to wear a dildo cat tail at one point.
I think Dean and John found him and took him away from it all after he was hurt and raped.

Also, if you now anymore sad hooker jared/Sam or abused Jared/Sam fics could you mention them as well please.
Any help would be appreciated!
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Hi. i have some general seaches i need some help with.

1) Is their any fics that have an hurt or abused Sam/Jared. Deffently not by Dean/Jensen. Prefer them youner like teens but will read any.
2) Sam/Jared as a prositute. Hates the life but needs the money kind of thing.
3) Sam/jared with a disability and Dean/Jensen and their dad has to help him do things.
4) Sam/Jared raped not by dean/jensen.

I'd appreciate any help. Thanks guys.
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Hey Everyone,

I'm looking for any Bobby centric fics or any fics with Bobby helping out the boys or acting as a father, Hurt!Sam would be an added bonus but i want all the Bobby fic's you can get your hands on.

I'm also looking for any resurrected John, preferably after season 5, and maybe even mention Lucifers hallucinations. But i'd love some resurrected John

Just for the sake of it if there is any out there Resurrected Bobby?

Thank you in advance.
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I've been trying to remember the title and author of this one. It would have either been on LiveJournal or Ao3.

It is probably wincest, but I am not completely sure of that. The boys are staying at a place by the sea, I believe, for a case. The "monster" turns out to be a human male who disguises himself as a creature and intentionally scares a young girl badly enough that she falls into the sea. Sam dives in to save her and he ends up smashed into some rocks by the waves and damamging (permanently?) an appendage (I think it was his hand/arm). He has to cling to the rocks and be pulled out.

Any help would be appreciated.
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Hi everyone!!
i am looking for a specific story that i read at FF.NET
what i remember from the story are:
1.Sam and Dean where kidnaped by a human and he totrured them
2.The psycho rapes Dean and Sam wakes up just in time to watch it happens
3.John comes to the rescue
4.they go to Missouri to help Dean heal

The story is GEN.
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i'm looking for a fic i read a while ago and can't seem to find.
All i remember is that some men put Sam under some sort of curse or spell were he couldn't be touched by men, it would cause him pain. I think they did it cause they thought he was gay, i cant really remember much, but please help
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I've recently realized that glassyskies journal has been deleted. I was wondering if anyone had pdfs of her work, specifically the jensen inside verse & the somersault verse. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
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Hi everybody,
I'm looking for any fics where Dean somehow gets to see what Sam's hallucinating, and he really appreciates how brave his little brother is. Like it could be just things hes seeing or lucifer always talking to him and telling him to eat his gun, any sort of stuff like that.
Thanks in Adavace.
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Hey Everyone.
So i've really been in the mood for some angst lately, does anyone know any good stories set after Johns death, maybe around ELAC, but when Dean is still pretty angry (like when he took a crowbar to the impala) and starts a fight with Sam, or starts punching him and stuff, Sam can still be hurt from the crash or just grieving any of them, i want them. Thank you in advance.
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I'm looking for some fics where Dean is physically injured, and claims to be fine. Except he actually is seriously hurt, and refuses to tell anyone.

What also would be cool if Sam was hurt as well, and all the attention goes to him, and not Dean. Like maybe it's a pre series fic where Sam gets hurt and John focuses on only him, ignoring Dean, thinking that he hasn't sustained any injuries, until Dean passes out, or has a seizure, or anything really.

I don't mind pre series fics, and I don't mind other characters in it as long as Sam and Dean are the main focus. Please, no smut or pairing between Sam and Dean, or other sexual relationships between anyone really.

As long as Dean is badly hurt (physically), and nobody knows the full extent of his injuries, until the bomb drops, and Dean's condition is revealed in some sort of a "bad" way, I'm okay.:)

Thanks to anyone for commenting. I appreciate it.
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Hi I'm new to this so sorry if i get anything wrong.
But i'm looking for a fic that i read ages ago that i can't seem to find anymore.
But basically Sam gets turned into a dog (you dont find out till near the end) but he is found and bought to a pound or something along those lines. The caretakers take care of him but are amazed by his behaviour and stuff. I think they want to put him down cause he was there for so long but one of the workers keeps putting it off. i also think he like hurts his paws (self inflicted?)
near the end Dean comes and rescues him claiming its his dog.
Thanks in advance
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Looking for an older story where Dean goes on a hunt and finds a wolf (Sam) who was kidnapped and kept by a monster. He keeps the wolf but doesnt know he's a werewolf. I dont remember many details aside from he takes Sam to Bobbys and at the end, he finds out Sam is a werewolf by Sam jumping in front of a knife or bullet to save him. Please help. Also, anything else similar would be nice as well. Pleasd thank you. d
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I thought I had this saved, in my "to be read" list, but I can't find it. I believe it was called something like "The Scariest Place". Sam is fragile, following his time in the cage, and the three go to a farm (maybe) for him to recuperate. Thanks for any help!

FOUND:  http://bree-black.livejournal.com/81000.html

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Hi there!

I need a help finding an old fanfic. The platform was either AO3 or fanfiction.net, probably the latter.

TW FOR GORE but the plot is Sam made a deal with this man where has has to give some of his blood away to the man once a week to save Dean from hell. The man gives the blood to this vampire, Sam passes out from blood loss in an alley way, Dean finds him, and he goes to a hospital, but plays it off as nothing. Dean follows him giving blood and Lilith shows up.

If anyone has any idea what fic this is, please let me know. Thanks so much <3

FOUND: It's Black Market https://www.fanfiction.net/s/8896691/1/Black-Market


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