Jan. 11th, 2017

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The fic I'm looking for was from Sam's POV and was fairly long. There was a lot of Sam who was in high school pining for Dean who I don't think was. I remember two scenes clearly.

1) Sam and his girlfriend call Dean from the high school bathroom stall they're hiding in because someone's running around the school with a gun. Dean gets to the school and runs in and finds Sam and the OFC in the bathroom. Dean may have fought the shooter, but I can't remember. They all get out safely.

Second scene )
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I thought I had this saved, in my "to be read" list, but I can't find it. I believe it was called something like "The Scariest Place". Sam is fragile, following his time in the cage, and the three go to a farm (maybe) for him to recuperate. Thanks for any help!

FOUND:  http://bree-black.livejournal.com/81000.html

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I’m looking for A/B/O fics where Sam and Dean (or J2) act completely differently in and out of the bedroom. As in, they act like friends or brothers most of the time with all the banter and pranks, but when in the bedroom they fall into
completely separate dominant/submissive roles (i.e. the Omega is completely submissive, no backtalk or pushiness, the Alpha is clearly dominant). No preference for who is in which role.
All kinks are fine, but consensual relationships only, please, I’m not looking for anything dark.
Thanks for the help!
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Hello! I read this particular fic ages ago, and loved it. Unfortunately, I can't remember the author, title, or where it was posted. Here's what I do remember: it is AU from season six finale, Godstiel takes Dean as his sex slave, mutilates Dean's soul to make him more pliable, then comes to his senses/wakes up/reverts back and has to find all the pieces of Dean's soul to save him. Thanks so much in advance!
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I'm looking for specific vessel sharing fic. Cas takes Dean as a vessel for some reason, and Dean/Cas get together. Jimmy is also in it, alive and well, and I think there's Sam/Jimmy. Cas switches vessels between Jimmy and Dean a couple times. And most of it takes place in a cabin in the woods. Does anyone know what fic this is?


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