Feb. 27th, 2017

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Just a couple general searches on one specific.
1) Is their any good stores were sam comes out gay to Dean and John.  (No wincest please)
2) Sam get a boyfriend and introduces him to his family.

3) There is one story i read a long time ago that i haven't been able to find since. Sam had a transgender boyfriend. It was a good story and would love to find that again.

I would really appreciate any help. Thank you!
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On a job, Sam and dean find out there is an orphaned little boy there. Without thinking they take the child with them. Dean decides to call him Danny i think. In one scene they take him shopping and he's wearing sunglasses and imitating Dean. They decide to give him to Sam's friend Rebecca, but decide they will go get him. Dan and Sam do rock paper scissors about it.
Another scene is they are camping out and Sam is freaking about what could happen to the kid. While he is asleep the kid fills his mouth with salt. I remember Sam freaking out about a Pepsi truck coming along and hitting the kid.
If some one knows where I can find this or has a copy, I'd be grateful for your help
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Hi, so I save my J2 fics in another app and so I've got tons of information for this fic, but I've never read it and I want to.

Unfortunately, the link I have goes to live journal but says the journal was deleted. I was wondering if there was a PDF or another link or something.

So here's the information:

Dead link: http://glassyskies.livejournal.com/38829.html
Title: Someone Wake Me Up
Word Count: 163,500
Author Summary: Jared and Jensen have just about everything running smooth and perfect. But something inside Jensen is going to shatter, whether Jared acknowledges it or not. And when it does, there’s no telling how or when the fragments will be reassembled.
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Hey guys, it's been a while. I'm back with two specific requests, one that I searched for before but never found.

1) crossdressing - Sam and Dean make a bet about something, Sam loses and has to wear a pair of panties, Dean laughs at him and teases him, Sam says something about Dean thinking he's disgusting and gets really upset because he likes wearing the panties. (wincest)

2) suicidal!sam - After Sam finds out he's Lucifer's vessel, he tries to kill himself. Lucifer brings him back but Sam eventually starts committing suicide just to get some rest. This works for a while but eventually the damages start carrying over after he's brought back. (ex. he shoots himself in the head, he's resurrected with a hole in his head; cutting his wrists leaves scars, etc.) (gen, i think)

Thanks for any help!
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Hi guys,

I can't remember the name of the fic or its author so finding it has been hard for me so if anyone could help I would really appreciate it.

This is my first time posting here and I don't know if I have all the tags that I need for this post but I included as much as I could that from what I can remember are associated with the fic I am looking for.

Here are a few of the details that I can remember:

Jensen and Jared are actors and they are on Supernatural.
Jensen can turn into a dog but Jared does not know this until Jensen risks his life to save Jared from a deranged fan who gets on set and tries to shoot Jared but Jensen while in dog form jumps into the path of the bullet saving Jared but almost killing himsef. Jensen instantly changes back into his human form once he's shot and this is how Jared finds out.
Tom Welling & Mike Rosenbaum also appear in the fic and Mike turns into a cat which om already knows and so did Jensen as far as I know.

Please mods let me know if I'm missing a tag or something else.

Thanks in advance.


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