Mar. 5th, 2017

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Im looking for a story that I could have sworn was from last years BigBang, but thats aparently not the case.
Its about Drag Queen Stripper!Jensen and Deaf Errandboy!Jared.
It takes Jared most of the story to realise his girlfriend is in fact a guy. The artwork with the story is beautiful as well. It shows Jared with half shaved hair and a manbun and a septum piercing.

Also, if you know any other good drag story,s, I,d love to read them.
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Just a couple general search

I really want to read some pre series stories were Bobby has to raise either Sam or Sam and Dean.
This could be because of John giving them up for or anything really.

Also can you recommend any stories were Sam is hurt, sick or anything and Bobby and the rest of the hunters team together to find him or look after him.

Thank you :)
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Looking for two fics; both are gen.

1. Dean sees Sam on a hunt when he's supposed to be at Stanford. Sam runs away and Dean chases him. One time Dean catches up with him, but Sam uses mind-control powers to make Dean go away. It turns out that Sam left school to kill the demon (he had visions, future-knowledge, or something similar that made him leave), and he stayed away from Dean and John because he was using his powers abd he thought they might think he was a monster and try to kill him, so he only allows Dean to catch up with him once he's killed the YED (I think). I remember the summary had a phrase similar to "Sam's supposed to be at school, so why is he on a hunt in [place]?" I'm also pretty sure it was on ao3, and that it was ~10k words, but I might be wrong about that.

Iirc, it was a bit similar to Look Back in Anger by vailkagami, but that's not the one I'm looking for.

2. Pre-series: Sam wants to do a school or sports thing, but John comes in and tells him they have a hunt/they're moving and he can't go. Sam argues trying to get John to let him go, but John refuses.Sam threatens to call cps if he can't go. John yells/they argue some more and John storms out (I don't remember if Sam "wins" or not). After John leaves, Dean gets really angry and yells at Sam, and then Dean punches Sam. Sam starts crying and then Dean immediately starts comforting him. The juxtaposition of Dean punching Sam, then comforting him really stood out in my mind (and also came across as creepy in the fic).

This one was a one-shot on lj or somewhere similar. There also might have been an author's note about the complexity of the family dynamics in their childhood?

Any help is much appreciated!


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