Jan. 27th, 2017

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So in this fic Jared and Jensen break up (i cant remember the reason) and Jared has a hard time coping. His friends take him on vacation and he runs into Jensen and the guy they assume Jense left him for. Turns out, jensen was being blackmailed and was forced to break up with Jared. They find out ans rescue Jensen at the end.
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Please recommend interesting, well-written stories set in Hell. Gen or Wincest - no Destiel, please.
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Hi! Does anyone have anything form the author nocturnal08 ? Maybe it changed the name or deleted all the work. I really would like to re-read his/her stories if you could help me, please.
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Hi! I just remembered this fic that I read a while ago. It was posted on AO3, and now I can't find it for some reason. What I remember is that it was a human AU, set in a hospital. Cas is a doctor/surgeon known for being kind of a dick. Dean is a technician/EMT who is the only one that Cas can work with. I think the tagline was something like, "the best person gives you not what you asked for, but what you need." Something along those lines. Thank you so much in advance!
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Hi I'm new to this so sorry if i get anything wrong.
But i'm looking for a fic that i read ages ago that i can't seem to find anymore.
But basically Sam gets turned into a dog (you dont find out till near the end) but he is found and bought to a pound or something along those lines. The caretakers take care of him but are amazed by his behaviour and stuff. I think they want to put him down cause he was there for so long but one of the workers keeps putting it off. i also think he like hurts his paws (self inflicted?)
near the end Dean comes and rescues him claiming its his dog.
Thanks in advance
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1. This is what I remember from the story:
- It is about dean and sam exchanging gifts for each other as pranks throughout december, and each tried to outdo the silliness of the gift (i think they had a rule that the gift must be used/worn immediately after receiving)
- At one point Dean gave Sam a reindeer headband, and Sam gave Dean a sweater with a red plusg reindeer nose on it (which Dean gladly wore since it's really warm)
- Purely Gen, and I it was a humour fic

Maybe I'm imagining this fic (I sure hope not) but I'll be really grateful if anyone could find it for me :)


2. This one is a general search
please rec me a fic from outsider pov which shows how much Sam regard Dean highly and/or choose Dean over anyone (could be from Jess or Amelia pov, I've read some really interesting pov of them) -- Gen only please (preslash or gencest are fine)
AU, crossover, self-rec are all ok
The longer the better :)
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I'm looking for some fics where Dean is physically injured, and claims to be fine. Except he actually is seriously hurt, and refuses to tell anyone.

What also would be cool if Sam was hurt as well, and all the attention goes to him, and not Dean. Like maybe it's a pre series fic where Sam gets hurt and John focuses on only him, ignoring Dean, thinking that he hasn't sustained any injuries, until Dean passes out, or has a seizure, or anything really.

I don't mind pre series fics, and I don't mind other characters in it as long as Sam and Dean are the main focus. Please, no smut or pairing between Sam and Dean, or other sexual relationships between anyone really.

As long as Dean is badly hurt (physically), and nobody knows the full extent of his injuries, until the bomb drops, and Dean's condition is revealed in some sort of a "bad" way, I'm okay.:)

Thanks to anyone for commenting. I appreciate it.


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