Feb. 5th, 2017

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Hi everybody,
I'm looking for any fics where Dean somehow gets to see what Sam's hallucinating, and he really appreciates how brave his little brother is. Like it could be just things hes seeing or lucifer always talking to him and telling him to eat his gun, any sort of stuff like that.
Thanks in Adavace.

Hung Jared

Feb. 5th, 2017 02:13 pm
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Hello, I am looking for a specific story that I read a while ago and can't find now.
Read more... ) Jared is a god, he is also a statue who is very hung, who will come back to life if someone can take his whole package. Jensen sees the statue and decides he has to ride it, he manages to take the whole thing.
I'm also looking for any and all Jared is hung like a horse stories out there. I mean so large it doesn't fit, I'm good with him forcing it to fit even at the expence of serious damage to Jensen. If Jensen happens to die from loss of blood or all the internal damage that's OK too, or he lives and Jared rapes him over and over causing more damage that's OK too.
One the flip side any where he is seriously hung but takes his time to not hurt Jensen is good too.Read more... )
Only bottom Dean/Jensen please and no underage. Pretty much anything else goes.
Thanks in advance
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I'm looking for a story I read where Michael gives Dean his powers and I think at first Dean is unaware, it's not Shine. I think it's au mid or post season 6 but I'm not sure, I know Lisa and Ben are mentioned. There's a scene at Bobby's with Cas teaching him to move things. There's a croatoan virus outbreak but before the virus gets out of the warehouse or facility Dean and Sam and Bobby are told about by I think Crowley, however when they rescue survivors some of them were infected and they didn't know so it spreads. They set up base at Camp Chitaqua. Angels turn up to help dean because he feels like Michael to them. In a group of rescued people Sarah Blake and her father turn up. A group of people brought to camp are caught by Dean using drugs and he manifests his sword because he doesn't want that around Cas. Also Dean uses his powers to recharge Cas periodically.I think it becomes destiel but I'm not certain. At some point they are investigatinga town and Meg appears and almost kills them but Dean is able to smite her and shield Cas, Sam and the Impala from damage with his wings. I included gabriel and balthazar even though they're not a large part of the story in the tags.

Edited to add found and of course I got the seasons wrong thanks! :)
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I've recently realized that glassyskies journal has been deleted. I was wondering if anyone had pdfs of her work, specifically the jensen inside verse & the somersault verse. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!


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