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I'm looking for a J2 fic I read a while ago and now can't find, where Jensen bonds with a female wolf pup when he's young, and grows up with others who likewise bonded with a wolf pup. Jensen being bonded to a female wolf means his mate will be male, because the mate is determined by the wolf's sex. Jensen is picked on for this, by one boy in particular, and is definitely an outcast. He's also amazing with a bow and arrow.

Jared shows up later on in the story, and is to be the new chief of the village (which I believe is in a cave system in a mountain? maybe?). It's clear from the first second Jared and Jensen meet that they're mates. Jensen doesn't react well - he runs off - and he's extremely against the mating, and Jared has to work to bring Jensen around.

If anyone can help me find this fic I'd really appreciate it! I've tried Googling different phrases/terms and can't find it myself.

Thanks in advance!

EDIT: FOUND thanks to a kind anon! Fic is HERE in case anyone else is interested!
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I'm looking for any Jensen/whoever or Dean/whoever stories where Jensen or Dean is raped (by force or maybe he's being blackmailed into it) but the person he's with thinks Jensen/Dean cheated or otherwise had sex willingly. I read one story like this that was J2. Jensen got roofied but Jared was mad cuz he thought Jensen got drunk and cheated. I don't remember what that story is called, so I'm looking for that one and any others like it.

J2, Jensen/Misha, Dean/Sam, or Destiel would especially be appreciated.

Thank you!
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Hi all,

like the title says, Im looking for a misplaced J2 fic in which Jensen is a sex addict.

Things I remember:

-Jensens family/friend stage an intervention
-Jared overhears it but thinks its only a joke
-Jared corners Jensen several times
-they are neighbors or something alike

Anyone recognize this fic?
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Hi guys,

I can't remember the name of the fic or its author so finding it has been hard for me so if anyone could help I would really appreciate it.

This is my first time posting here and I don't know if I have all the tags that I need for this post but I included as much as I could that from what I can remember are associated with the fic I am looking for.

Here are a few of the details that I can remember:

Jensen and Jared are actors and they are on Supernatural.
Jensen can turn into a dog but Jared does not know this until Jensen risks his life to save Jared from a deranged fan who gets on set and tries to shoot Jared but Jensen while in dog form jumps into the path of the bullet saving Jared but almost killing himsef. Jensen instantly changes back into his human form once he's shot and this is how Jared finds out.
Tom Welling & Mike Rosenbaum also appear in the fic and Mike turns into a cat which om already knows and so did Jensen as far as I know.

Please mods let me know if I'm missing a tag or something else.

Thanks in advance.

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I've recently realized that glassyskies journal has been deleted. I was wondering if anyone had pdfs of her work, specifically the jensen inside verse & the somersault verse. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
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So in this fic Jared and Jensen break up (i cant remember the reason) and Jared has a hard time coping. His friends take him on vacation and he runs into Jensen and the guy they assume Jense left him for. Turns out, jensen was being blackmailed and was forced to break up with Jared. They find out ans rescue Jensen at the end.
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Looking for the fic where cop!Jensen took down a mobster and was subsequently shot in the head. When he awakens 5 years later, vampires have taken over. Jensen catches Jared's eye when he saves the vampire king during an assassination attempt.
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I was looking through some tags looking for stories and came across a mention of this story which seems to be part of a deleted journal and now I am wondering if someone has a copy or a link to it somewhere and if so, would you mind sharing (if it's o.k. by the author of course).

It's splashpink's "Slow is smooth and smooth is steady" A quote from it includes: "...picture of a bloody Padalecki kneeling in his drive, his arms wrapped around his bodyguard."

It really sounds intriguing and I would be very interested in reading it.

Thank you in advance.

Of course any other bodyguard stories (with Jensen as the bodyguard) would be welcomed as well but I really would love the above story.

Thank you again!

Specific Fic FOUND, see comments.(Thank you!) Still open to other recs. :)
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Are there any stories outthere where Jensen is in a abusive relationship with another OMC? He hides his injuries from Jared but it ends with a happy ending and J2?

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After having read Miles to Go by Dollylux (http://archiveofourown.org/works/540251​3) that was recommended in response to someone else's request, it has me craving more stories along the same line where Jensen is overworked, exhausted, constantly busy and Jared looks after him in subtle ways and is protective of him. I know this request is similar to the other one that had offered the above story, but I am looking specifically where Jensen is exhausted, overworked and just has a lot of demands on him and Jared makes sure he doesn't completely collapse. Maybe Jensen's a superhero and constantly saving the world, or he's a high powered attorney on a high profile case and is working so hard to clear someone's name that he forgets about his own well being. I just want him so wrapped up in whatever he's doing that he tends to neglect himself but then there's Jared, ready to prop him up, feed him, cover him with a blanket when he falls asleep at his desk, sliding him an apple and Jensen eating it unconsciously and continuing on with work.

I guess this situation just resonates with me right now and after having read Miles to Go I just crave more. The story could be Gen or established J2 or new romance between the Js. Please no WIPs - thank you.

Thank you in advance for any recommendations you can offer.

Happy Holiday Season!
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Please help me find some fics where Dean/Jensen gets drugged!!
And Sam/Jared comes to the rescue!! =)

Holding out for an hero! ;)
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Hopefully someone can lead me to this story.

Jensen was the omega son of Head Alpha. When he was 16, he was kidnapped and brought to a omega service house so that he could be defiled to hurt his father. Jared was an alpha who had dropped out of medical school for a bit and was working at the omega service house usually drunk or high. He did not realize that Jensen had been kidnapped or was so young and not yet in heat. Jensen escaped before the rape, but was hit by a car while escaping in wolf form which caused a permanent disability. Six years later, Jensen recognizes Jared as his almost rapist and forces a marriage between them to punish Jared. There is a great deal of hate and pain that they cause each other, before the story turns to romance.

Does anyone else remember this story? I would love to read it again. Thank you.
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Hi Everyone!!

I'm looking for an older fic, Jensen and Jared are actors on Supernatural but Jensen is dating someone on set, who hits him and are very jealous.

Please help me find it!

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I'm looking for an old fic where Jared is the president's son and Jensen saves him from getting kidnapped and breaks his arm. I think they are high school age, Jensen lives at home. I think maybe they were outside art class when the attempted kidnapping takes place? Does this ring a bell with anyone?
thanks :-)
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I went to reread one of my fave J2s - tinalia's And Heartbreak Ensues - and the journal has been deleted. Does anyone have a pdf they can share? I love this story so much, and I'm so sad now!
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Hey everyone!

This is oddly specific but I'm a sucker for hurt / comfort and guilt so I guess that's what I'm looking for! Anything with hurt/comfort and guilt would make my week!

One example of something I'd like to read more of is a situation where J1 smokes and J2 has asthma.

I read a fic that has this and I'd love more if they exist!
(The Ones that Swallow you Whole - Summary: A near-drowning has left Jared deeply afraid of water--a big problem considering he lives in a beach town. Jensen's a sailboat-builder who's survived a few things himself. )

Anything where one of them is accidentally hurting the other and they feel badly about it. I know, that's kinda messed up! But I don't care. ;)

I only read gen, J2 and wincest, but self recs are great!
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Hey y'all!!

I'm looking for a specific story. What I remember is that the Earth has been invaded and taken over by aliens. Jensen was part of the resistance fighting the aliens and he gets taken. Every year they parade him out and (I can't remember for sure) either torture him or force him to say something about how good the aliens are.

Jared was a teenager when Jensen was kidnapped, and had a crush on him. He secretly works for years to get into a position where the aliens trust him. When he finally gets useful information he gives it to the resistance to get Jensen freed.

Does anyone remember this story???


They free Jensen, but he is very traumatized by his time with the aliens. Eventually it is J2.
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Does anyone know what happen to One More Shot by sammyndeansgrl1? If someone has a copy I would love to have it, gomustangs2002@hotmail.com. Thanks!
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hello everyone,

I am looking for some stories I hope you help me find them

1) Jensen was given the role of captain America, and I think Jared cheated on him.

2) Jensen was really hurt in his back from a stunt gone bad. and he split from Jared. I think he started an IT company and had some very protective friends for him. it was a long story with different sections and then it was gone from the web and now I don't know how to look for it.

3) any stories that have Jensen hurt in stunts in the sit, or has migraines, or any type of hurt as long its not AU. short long, gen or slash...go crazy people.

4) any story with Jensen hurt in conventions, the longer the better, again any type is acceptable as long as Jensen is hurt.

thank you friends for any help you can provide me with :)
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This is bugging the heck out of me. I can't seem to find the right tags to locate it.
It was a story of a young (20 something) J2 (maybe, possibly Sam/Dean AU, but I think it was J2) I seem to remember Jensen being the next best thing to homeless and he starts hanging around with Jared. Jensen has been horribly scarred in a fire and is very self-conscious. I also seem to remember Jared being kind of cruel or oblivious. Jensen thinks he's finally found something, but Jared may announce at some point that he's interested in someone else. Or I might be misremembering it.

The story ends with Jensen rushing to catch the bus and is so distracted he is struck and killed.

Does this ring any bells with anyone? It was a SPN_J2 Big Bang three or four years ago.
Any help appreciated.

FOUND by the awesome [livejournal.com profile] wusswooand I had everything wrong about the story except the scars!
Lick The Valleys Up by [livejournal.com profile] xxamlaxx
Summary: SPN AU based off Marianela. Dean and Sam's parents died in the fire that left Dean disfigured and Sam blind. Sam is adopted by the Winchesters, Dean isn't. In simpler terms: Dean is ugly, Sam is blind, and they meet.


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