Mar. 4th, 2017

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Hi guys! Hope someone can help me with these:

1. Jensen is a dragon rider, and Jensen, Danneel, and Chris were exiled when they refused to follow orders from one of the higher up, who is kinda evil and power hungry. Jensen is like a prodigy among the dragon riders; he's the youngest captain of the team, the best dragon rider, his dragon came to him when he was born, instead of the other way around, etc. Younger Jared saw them being exiled in public and later he became a dragon rider and decides to search for Jensen to persuade him to come back. He found Danneel first, with the help of Felicia I think, and Danneel told him where Jensen is. When Jared found Jensen, Jensen didn't want to go back because he felt he was betrayed. And that's all I remember.

2. I'm looking for fics that focus on Jared being very tactile with Jensen. Like in conventions - how he always seems to touch Jensen on his shoulders, and how he would always move his chair closer to Jensen or have no concept of personal space.

So, yeah. Thanks in advance!
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I really want some pre series stories were John and Dean have to look after and worry about Sam.

This could be because of a disoder, depression, abused, disabled, sam having night terrors or anything!
Any help would bw really appreciated!
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Hi all,

like the title says, Im looking for a misplaced J2 fic in which Jensen is a sex addict.

Things I remember:

-Jensens family/friend stage an intervention
-Jared overhears it but thinks its only a joke
-Jared corners Jensen several times
-they are neighbors or something alike

Anyone recognize this fic?
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I'm looking for an old crossover I've read years ago.
Sam and Dean are after a werewolf and somehow they are transported to Harry Potter universe to 1979 or 1980 (before Voldemort kills Lily&James Potter) but they don't realise. They hear howls and break in to Sirius and Remus' flat to kills Remus and Sirius stops them, then Dean realises something is wrong. I'm pretty sure he says something like "We almost wasted Professor Lupin" (because of course he is a secret HP fan)
Then they proceed to tell Sirius that they are in books and what happens with Pettigrew etc.
I don't think it was crack but it was pretty lighthearted and it should be an oldish fic.
Hope you can help me.
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looking for Tiny!Dean fic
found: Maybe Size Doesn't Really Matter
by: justanothersong

What I remember:
Dean hates his brother's girlfriend Ruby, and Ruby ends up being an actual Witch, who curses Dean into a tiny little person, six inches tall (like in the Littles or the Borrowers).

Desperate to have his own apartment Castiel moves into the apartment where rumors circulate the previous tenant has died and whose body mysteriously disappeared or that he simply ran away.

it was pairing eventual Destiel fic
Its a non-hunters, all human AU.

thank you

tags: Cursed!Dean, Shrunken!Dean, Tiny!Dean
affliction: cursed, attribute: adorable!dean, au: boys aren't hunters, genre: roommates, genre: domestic fic, genre: humor, genre: crack/comedy, genre: hurt/comfort, genre: angst, pairing: dean/castiel genre: au, genre: fantasy,
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Is their any series were sam has asthma epilepsy or something alonf those lines. So john and dean has to baby him and look after him.

Also is there any stories were sam is tramatized and has night terrors and need consoling.


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