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Feb. 5th, 2017 02:13 pm
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Hello, I am looking for a specific story that I read a while ago and can't find now.
Read more... ) Jared is a god, he is also a statue who is very hung, who will come back to life if someone can take his whole package. Jensen sees the statue and decides he has to ride it, he manages to take the whole thing.
I'm also looking for any and all Jared is hung like a horse stories out there. I mean so large it doesn't fit, I'm good with him forcing it to fit even at the expence of serious damage to Jensen. If Jensen happens to die from loss of blood or all the internal damage that's OK too, or he lives and Jared rapes him over and over causing more damage that's OK too.
One the flip side any where he is seriously hung but takes his time to not hurt Jensen is good too.Read more... )
Only bottom Dean/Jensen please and no underage. Pretty much anything else goes.
Thanks in advance
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I'm looking for a fic where Dean finds a HUGE dildo in Sam's bag. It was possibly a Bad Dragon toy. At the future date, he goes looking for it again, but it's not in Sam's bag. At one point he sees a bulge in Sam's stomach and realizes that Sam's had it inside of him all day. Dean tries to keep cool about it but fails. I may be remembering it wrong, but I think Sam fucks Dean with it at the end.

Not sure if this was on AO3 or LJ, but I'm fairly certain it's rather old.
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Hey everyone, I am looking for two fics that have apparently been deleted. Maybe someone has a pdf or a Word file saved on their computer.

1. Grown by [ profile] lylithj2, used to be here.

2. Every Inch by [ profile] triciaqaf, used to be here.

They are both Sam/Dean, with size kink and explicit.

Thank you in advance.
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Hi, I'm looking for a fic I once read where Sam is the king of hell with dean as his mate and Dean was pregnant and when he went in labor he was place in a gyno chair with cameras televising his birth showing his hole which was huge, I think I remember how after giving birth Sam has sex with him.

Does anyone know which one this is?
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Hello, lovely people!

If you could please help with the following:

1. I read a fic a while ago where Jared was some sort of leader in a community (a chief, I think?) and everyone there could have sex with any of the kids there whenever they wanted. I remember a scene where Jared was sitting on a rock by a stream and Jo was there, underage and wanted to seduce Jared (I think) and Jared was attracted to little Jensen. Jensen's parents I think were outcast and didn't like that everyone was open for the taking and liked to live monogomously.

2. Any fic with any pairing (No Cas/Misha as the focus please) (Prefer J2 or Sam/Dean) where people can just have sex whenever they want with whoever they want, in public or private, doesn't matter. Seeing someone having sex is as normal as seeing someone take their dog out for a walk - no one thinks twice of it unless they want to join. Would love if there was het involved, genderswitch or always a girl, doesn't matter.

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Hi, all--

I'm looking for a story where I remember... nearly all the details. I think there may have been two (possibly three) parts, and it wasn't an AU so far as I remember. It starts with J2 working out and Jensen pulls a muscle trying to keep up with Jared. They haven't actually gotten together yet, but there's a lot of UST going on. They each shower and are laying on the same bed, sleeping (or pretending to sleep), and when Jensen starts to wake up he realizes that Jared is jerking off next to him. I think there was also something in there about how Jared was worried his dick was too big.

Any help would be greatly appreciated! I'm kind of going nuts trying to find this thing. :)
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I can't remember the name of this fic but Jensen is afraid of huge cock. I remember he tried to have sex with his boyfriend but he couldn’t do it because he eas afraid of his size. Jared comes in later and actually relieves his fear. I think they meet in a diner? I'm unsure. Note: Jensen was not raped. Just bad sex experiences.
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Hey all!  I have two unrelated things that I am looking for.

1. Are there any gen stories of Sam being either born a girl or turned into one that is gen or mild het, where Dean is protective of Sam?  Maybe something where Sam realizes that he/she is vulnerable and it kinda freaks him/her out, and Dean is angrily protective and all that?

2. Any stories that emphasize just how large Sam is - using his strength and size to save Dean, intimidate others, that kinda thing?  Sam is just so TALL and broad and it's awesome.  :)

I prefer gen please!  Thank you all so much!!!
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I am searching for a specific fic that I believe to be on either the Kinkmeme or Blindfold. Dean is cursed to be really small (6 inches?). He goes with Sam to a pub and has problems with the beer glasses. He is placed inside a hollow dildo inside Sam. And, possible a different fic, is put onto a sex machine, which is shrunk with him, but them Sam can't get Dean of the machine.
Please help.
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Does anybody know any stories

1) that have a really butch Dean/Jensen bottom for a rather feminine guy ?
Can be a one-time deal or their usual positions, I just really want there to be an emphasize on their different body shapes and characteristics.

Bonus points if
- Dean/Jensen is also the taller and older one
- He's at ease with being the bottom
- They both get off on the fact that people around them would usually consider Dean/Jensen to be the top

For a visual reference, I'm looking for a body-type difference along the line as it is in this picture. (Semi-Nudity)

2) that are John/Dean, with John being the bottom?

Please for both 1) and 2) no non-/ or dub-con, and no humiliation!kink. Underage is fine as long as they're both over 14. I'd prefer if they were in a relationship, but that's not a must.

Thank you :-)
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I'm looking for any fics where the main pairing in John/Sam. They should be completely consensual (mild dub-con at the most), and not overly long (just one shot fics 1500-10,000 words), the schmoopier and kinkier the better.
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I'm looking for a fic I had bookmarked on my old computer which died last week. It was a j2 non-au fic, I guess it was porn really ;-) As far as I remeber in this fic Jared had a big/proportional cock, Jensen loved to have it inside him, without it he got stressed and nervous, so Jared slept with his cock inside Jensen and slipped inside Jensen during cooking and eating, later he got a dildo made of his cock's cast and gave it to Jensen.
I hope someone can recognise it


Found in comments!
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I'm looking for a specific j2 fic, more like a one shot. Jensen and jared are really close and are teenagers, jared is younger than jensen. One day jared goes to jensens house to spend the night and Jen has a bunch of his guy friends over to watch porn and jerk off in jensens basement. He feels bad telling jared to leave so he invites him to join. During the porn watching everyone starts pairing off and getting off and jared starts to jerk off and jensen realizes jared is BIG so he takes him to the bedroom in his basement and they get off together talking about having sex and jensen being the bottom. Anyone know this story?
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Does anybody have a copy of 'Appearances are Deceptive by the_dark_lust?
I really want to read it. Thanks! :)
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I've been looking for these for several days, and it was fun because I found a bunch of other great fic that I'd lost, forgotten or never read. But I'm giving up now because I don't think I'm going to find them. My google-fu has actually been pretty good lately, I've found several things (for myself and my girls) by playing with search strings, so I'm a little disappointed I can't find these. However (there's always a however) I know the good people here will help. Seriously, this is the best story-finding com in fandom.

So, first - and I know I had this! - Dean's well endowed, so guys always want him to top or want to suck him, and he can't bring himself to ask for what he really wants, which is to bottom. But Cas knows and shows up and convinces him that it's okay to let himself have what he wants. Hot sex, some cuddling, all good. I need this one back in my folder.

Found: in comments.

Second - Child Services gets Dean and Sam, they get split up, John finds and retrieves Dean but they don't find Sam. Then one night adult Sam walks into a gay bar and is instantly taken by a green-eyed beauty in a micro-mini and a Metallica tee; they have a great night together and the next day or so realize who they are. They hit the road together and eventually decide to be a couple. And John doesn't know about the crossdressing. And Dean has a toned-down version that Sam recognizes as 'work drag', or something along those lines.

Found: in comments.

And Third - this one's a little fuzzier and I'm not sure I've got the details right. I'm going to put it under a cut because it might be triggery.

possible trigger )

Found in comments!

So, that's it. It took me about ten years, I think, to save all the stories and bookmarks I had before my computer crashed, and I'm thinking it may take me that long to find them all again. Or even remember them :-)

Thank you!
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Good day all!

So I have the hardest time finding fics that have kinks that I enjoy,so if anybody knows of any please let me know!

1.Sensitivity-meaning one of the boys has a sensitive prostate/nipples/anus.

2.Comeplay-obviously there are a ton of fics with comeplay in them but I really would LOVE some with one of the boys pushing come out after they have sex and some with them coming just in the others ass.

3.Spanking-some with hole-spanking would be appreciated and some where the one being spanked comes just from that.

4.Slutty!bottom-what it says on the tin. I want the bottom to be mouthy and moany and even screaming from the pleasure.

5.Size!kink-I prefer Dean to be the one with the size kink and to be the bottom.



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