May. 15th, 2011

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I apologize if this story was just found - I didn't see it listed when I skimmed the posts, but, well. I also suspect I might have it up on a tab somewhere and have been unable to find it... ^^V

Apparently Jared is a Dragon Lord and starts courting Jensen - starts by gifting him with university books - and Jensen is completely not aware that Jared is doing so.

Help? google and bing have failed me.

(sorry, mods; I realized I hadn't tagged AFTER I had posted. *headdesk*)

FOUND! in the comments: part of the spnkink meme.
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Hey all!

After re-watching parts of S5, I'm on the hunt for some 'interactive' Michael fics, as in fics where he does more than bully, snap and poof, and isn't a total jackass. 

Basically, what I'm really after is Michael interacting more with Sam, but him with Team Free Will in general is good too. Bonus Kudos if Gabriel appears.

Not really looking for the Dean-Is-Michael fics because it's most likely I've read most of them, unless there are any very recent ones.

Gen preferred, but will take anything.

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I'm looking for a fic I read a summary of a couple days ago. It's  premise is about Dean smoking  and Sam getting fed up with always  coughing and getting sick from the smoke when he's not even smoking. Sam  decides to start smoking to enjoy the "benefits" too, instead of just  the nasty side-affects. Dean gets pissed about Sam smoking, so he  decides to quit(I think). So, if you ever read, written or heard about a  fic like this, I'd appreciate any help you can offer me. Thanks!


May. 15th, 2011 08:44 am
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I'm wondering if anybody's read/written a story out there that involves Jared and Jensen growing up as childhood best friends and then losing touch for a bit because of real life/etc. before one of them is arrested for murder and the other just happens to be a lawyer, who flies in to save the day?

If anybody's seen something like this, I would be forever grateful!
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So I saw a classic Impala driving down the highway the other day. It was scrubbed down and covered in primer, obviously ready for a new paint job.

It put me in the mood for fics where the Impala changes color. Crack fics, trickster fics: whatever. I want Dean's baby to have her pretty paint job screwed with and the reaction of the boys when they find out or even have to do it to her to avoid the law or what have you.

I prefer Dean/Sam wincest or gen or even canon het. No daddy!cest or Sambriel. I'll take Destiel, but I'm not fond of it.

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I'm sending my laptop off tomorrow to get the HD replaced. I'd really like to be able to print out some good longfic to tide me over until I have my computer back. I'm a big fan of gen, het, casefic, Team Free Will, and the occasional angsty Dean/Castiel apocafic. What would you recommend?
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I was wondering if there are any stories out there where Cas cheats on Dean and the aftermath.   On that same note, any stories where Cas hurts Dean emotionally.  

Thank you in advance.   Request inspired by the video, "Lie to Me" by hotforangels.
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Warning, this is gonna be vague...

Does anyone recall a Sam/Cas fic where for some reason Sam was turned into a woman and for some other reason he ended up sleeping with Cas and when he was turned back to his original gender he was doubtful of Cas still wanting him?

I'm looking forward to any suggestions!

Edit: It's Galatea found by the really quick and helpful [ profile] jadekirk
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1.  I think this story is set after season 6; after Sam goes to hell or the apocalypse has been averted in some way, but I am not really sure about that at all.  I think that the brothers are 'together' already at the beginning of the story.  Sam has messed up his leg in some way and they end up staying a bed and breakfast with a steep staircase during a case.  Dean wants to slow down with hunting, but thinks Sam needs to keep going, but has an epiphany near the end that Sam just wants to do what Dean wants and is waiting for his brother to say they should slow down.  Can't remember what the case entails - sorry.

FOUND: link in comments 

2.  This story is sort of  told in epistolary fashion with the whole story being told in emails, gossip columns, message boards, letters, inter-office notes and such.  It tells the story of j2 being together and others figuring it out.  (as an aside any stories j2, wincest, spn gen anything told like this that you like would be appreciated)

FOUND: link in comments

3. I really don't remember anything about this j2, except Jared's awesome parents.  The only bit from the whole story is Jared calling his parents because he is freaking out about either hooking up with Jensen or just being in love with him.  

I have searched the rec sites I have and the tags here at storyfinders to no avail.  Any help would be appreciated.  Thanks in advance.
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This is new for me. I've never wanted to read J2 before but I just got a bug for it all of a sudden.

I'd like to read some fics of the boys that are as non-AU as possible where Jared has some sort of medical or mental problem or gets hurt in some way and Jensen's very worried/protective and there for him.

Doesn't have to be romantic. Can be just the boys being very close friends.

Thank you!
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I'm looking for fics with J2 as bad boys. Where one grows up on the wrong side of the tracks or whatever. I've already read 'Smoke & Lightning'. So fics like that. Complete stories only please or WIP if they are still being updated. I don't care who bottoms.

Also I'm looking some John and Jo stories. I just read 'Heart Toward the Highway' by valiant and I want to read more John/Jo fics!

Thanks for any help! :)
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Hello! I'm looking for a fic I have read long time ago.I'm not sure if the things I remeber are exactly right ^^"
What I do remember is that was J2 fic.I think Jensen was goin to meet with Misha at his house to do something for school.There go the things I'm not sure if I remember right..I think that Misha put something in drink and drugged Jensen.He was trying to take andvantage and rape Jesen but Jared came in time to save him.
Does it sound similar to anyone? Thank You for any help!
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I would love to read all J2 were creatures of any kind.  Thank you! :)


May. 15th, 2011 05:12 pm
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Hi all

I'm looking for good puppyplay fics. Anyone can be the puppy, and it can be in any setting ie play, d/s, non-con etc. Hope you can help!

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Hey all,
I´m looking for two kinds of fics:

1. where the boys are engaged (with Daneel, Gen or any other female) and there´s only very little time until the wedding. They have a secret affair or just have sex once in a while, and obviously real feelings for each other that they don´t want to admit. So basically a lot of tension and denied feelings,angst, broken hearts and so.

2. fics where Jared/Sam are more dominat, darker, stronger person than Jensen/Dean. It can be generally in relationship or in sex. It can be past abused!jensen or hurt!jensen/dean

Thank you very much in advance :)
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Hey :D

I'm looking for kinda "denile-fics" where either sam/dean or jared/jensen end up in bed togeter multiple times not wanting to deal with why they do it.. all ratings all lenght all kinks no squicks besides infidelity and death. hoping for a kinda good end at the fics.. I do want the boys together strictly, no sleeping around with others..

You got any links for that?

On another note, I'm searching for a beta. If you are interesting please send me a message.

Thank you for your help :)

Pirate Fic

May. 15th, 2011 07:46 pm
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Hi all,

I was wondering if there are any long Pirate/Captain Sam fics, with Dean as his Troublesome Captive/Slave the more troublesome the better.
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1. A deleted fic called Skin deep by Hopenight. I can't find it anywhere. Help please.

2.I don't remember much of the story, just that Jensen was deaf and was on a date with Jared. Danneel was there to translate for them, but Jared ends up saying something that comes out wrong and Danneel gets offended for Jensen. She tells Jared the date is over, and explains to Jensen what Jared said and they leave. Maybe WIP

3.Jared breaking up with Jensen for some reason, but couldn't really let him go and both parties are still in love. I believe it is non-au, some scenes are at the supernatural set. The main storyline is about dealing with the aftermath of the breakup in Jared's pov, while winning Jensen's back.his scene I remember is Jared picking up Jensen in his car, describing an unexpected tear slipped down Jensen's face and he's being swallowed in the hoodie he's wearing, making him look really vulnerable and like a child. In the end, he just couldn't take it and alight from Jared's car.

4. It ends in wincest but begins with Sam married to a very much alive Jess. Dean hunting and finding a girl on the side of the road. He comes to Sam for help. Girl is not what she seems in the end. Girls name is Shadrack I think  *FOUND*

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I read this a long time ago when I first started reading SPN fic, before I'd even seen an episode.

I'm looking for a fic where Dean doesn't make the deal to bring Sam back. At some point, somehow, he meets up with Sarah Blake, and they get together. I can't remember much more than that. I hope it rings bells for someone.

Thank you!
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 I would like some fics where the boys have broken up, or maybe they were never together but there were ~feelings that were mutual and now they want (or have) to be 'just friends'. And then obviously they can't be 'just friends'. Because. They can't. They're better off together. Yeah. That's the kind of fic I want. Except only with happy endings?

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Hey, I'm looking for any fics where Sam or Jared gets poisoned. It could be a curse, or some kind of tangible poison, but only stuff that has the potential to kill him. So if its a curse, no curses that make him fall in love or something, and no fuck-or-die curses either please! Just straight-up slow-acting fatal poison. I don't particularly care if its a deathfic or not, either. Thanks!
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Hey All,

So, I'm looking for two J2 AU fics that I read not too long ago and of course didn't bookmark...

1. This fic begins with everyone believing that Jared has been murdered -- except Jensen. Jensen and Jared were married with a child, when Jared disappeared and Chad confessed to murdering him. But ... Jensen has been receiving phone calls late at night from Jared (on the phone he says he wants to come home) and refuses to believe that Jared is dead. Jared had been attacked and now has amnesia because of it and so is living on a ranch with the woman who had helped take care of him in the hospital (Sandy). They eventually find each other and the struggle for jared to regain his memory begins. 

2. Jared and Jensen meet one summer at soccer camp and get together. After camp, Jensen loses Jared's number and they never reconnect ... until Jared recognizes Jensen at college. Jared's still hurt so he doesn't immediately tell Jensen. They eventually reunite and everything is happy. 

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I wonder if they are any fanfic where either J2 or Sam/Dean are together then slipt for some reason. Then Jared/Sam had to win back Jensen/Dean while either of them had started a new relationship with some other guys.

Would also love fics where Dean/Jensen admit that they are either gay or bisexual.

Thanks for any help


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