Jan. 31st, 2017

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Hey guys :)
Are there any fics where Dean is a total sub, not just in bed, but in everyday life? I don't necessarily mean in the bdsm sense, but just any fics with a subby, bottom Dean, who defers to Sam (no non-con/dub-con please; although the 'deferring' part isn't necessary and I'll even take bdsm fics if there aren't any fics in the genre I want) . I'll take any fic, even if it's totally ooc (and I realise any fics like that would have to a slight ooc element to them anyway).

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Are there any stories with Dean owning a smarter than average cat, With Sam off to Stanford Dean is feeling depressed and a cat wanders into his life and sort of adopts him. The cat picks up on Dean's emotions and his feelings of being abandoned and doesn't like Sam because of it. If there are any out there with the animal being a dog, I would love to read those too, Thx to all in advance.
(Not sure my tags are right, couldn't seem to find the right ones)
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Hello, I'm looking for the a/b/o fics that are just graphic/vivid/something filled with details details details that would impress a biologist. One that comes to mind is usually The Thaw by meus_venator. The writing of the details of the sex and the transformation, especially in the penis, wowee!
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I'm in the mood for some Wincest Dean POV fics. Seems most out there are Sam POV with Sam silently pining away.

If not Dean POV then a clearly pining Dean where Sam isn't making a move. The longer the better and angst and pining slow builds would be awesome.

Some I've already read:
All stories by candle_beck
Summer Blackout by nutkin (and everything else by them)
Two Queens by belyste (more humor but at least Dean POV)
And indeed there will be time by Greta
And the Devil Makes Three by Killa (and sequel)
Milestones by intrepidheart

Pining!Dean but from oblivious!Sam POV:
Crush by BewareTheIdes15

If you know of others to rec or know of complied lists that include Dean POV/pining Dean as a tag, let me know. I have looked through the tags here but did not find much...
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Hey y'all,
It's a bit alarming, but I went to visit sinful-desire.org for their archive of fics, specifically "Riot Gear" and the entire site has been suspended.
Anyone have a copy of Riot Gear? Or any others off the site? Riot Gear is possibly one of my favourite stories to read.



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