Jan. 5th, 2017

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I keep looking for this fic I read but just can't find it. It was Sam/Dean Sam gets cursed somehow and every time Dean touches him he comes. Dean finds out after tackling Sam since Sam suddenly starts avoiding his touch.I remember that Dean tests how long it takes in a diner cause Sam would fight it in public. I'm pretty sure it was on livejournal.

Also are there any stories similar to this? I find a lot with Dean being cursed but not a lot with Sam.

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This is what I get for reading old rec lists; broken links. pdf or download, anyone?

Summary: he cleans the knives with methodical precision, but sometimes he cuts his finger on the blade as it comes off the whetstone.
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Hello lovely boys and girls. I have been searching high and low for a gen story that I read a while ago and of course didn't bookmark-- please help me find it ;in the story , Sam is still suffering from Post Hell hallucinations and so him and Dean settled down in an old house that Dean starts renovating. I know that there are a couple of similar type story lines, so here's one thing that stands out . Dean casually being horny in a joking way, and Sam kneels down in front of him and prepares to sexually service him and starts crying while dean freaks out and trys to comforts him.....help a girl get her h/c fix please?


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