Dec. 15th, 2011

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Hey guys, Merry almost Christmas. This is not a very jolly req today but I'm in the mood for this, so whatever!

Behind a cut for obvious reasons! )
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Hey folks.

I'm looking for any fics where Jensen maybe has trouble 'letting go' of Dean after filming AHBL. Maybe where he's reluctant to let Jared too much out of his sight, uneasy when Jared gets quiet or something, that sort of deal. Gen or slash, doesn't matter, but extra chips in the cookies for the slash. ^_^

Aside from "Just One Breath", are there any with the reverse, and Jared having trouble dealing with Dean's death?

As usual, any ratings are good, length doesn't matter, slash is my best friend, but gen is good too, self-recs welcome, any genre but horror. I think that covers all bases. :)
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Hello eyerybody,

I always wondered, how John would have reacted if something did happen so Sam in Stanford.

So I am looking for any fics where Sam gets somehow in trouble at Stanford, gets hurt (no matter how bad), maybe gets kidnapped and it should have Dean and John in it. Other characters from spn are always welcome ;)

Thank you very much!
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Hi! I got some great results last time that I thought I'd try my luck again. I'm looking for fics where J2 don't like each other at first, maybe even hated each other, but circumstances or whatnot brought them closer and they fall in love?

I'd love top!Jared but that's just a bonus, anything would be appreciated :) !
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Hi Lovely Fandom!
I have a 4 day weekend coming up and I was hoping you guys would  rec me some fics♥
1.) Any fic out there were one of the J’s raises the other? Sort of like [ profile] fatebegins’ s I Can Give You What You Want? Except one of the J’s pursues the other’s affection the other one is reluctant because he sees himself as a father/mother figure?  Or one can be a werewolf and takes in the human as their own? I know there are a few stories like this out there but I’m looking for more than just PWP. I hope I didn’t fuck this up and you guys get what I mean…. :(
2.) I’ve got up with all the Leverage Season! So, now I’m craving J2 fics with a heavy those of Kane(Elliot). I checked the tags but all I found where Supernatural/Leverage crossovers and I want J2 this time. I would give you my soul if you found one that heavily featured Christian/Aldis on the side. I still want J2 as the main pair though! 

3.) Any Story where Jared bullies Jensen? Or he’s unintentionally cruel to Jensen? Maybe Jensen is pinning after Jared and Jared keeps flaunting how much he gets laid? Or Jensen is insecure about his looks and Jared keeps bringing attention to them? 
Please and Thank You, I have hope in you guys because you are awesome and you helped be out last time. But enough sucking up,
I’ll take 
NC-17 or any other rating
Please no:
WIP (unless it’s updated regularly)
Dark theme
Sad endings
Thank You guys in advance!!

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Hi folks,

this may sound weird, but I really want stories, where Jensen can play the violin, or any other string instrument.
Could be also Dean, and I don't care if it's Gen, Het or Slash, I just really, really want to read something like this.

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Hi guys! I'm kinda hankering for some badass, commanding, possessive, toppy!Cas. He can actually be on top or topping from the bottom, I'm not that particular. Any pairings(I'm partial to Cas/Dean and Cas/Sam, but I'll take anything)/ratings/lengths/etc. welcome!

And in a similar vein, fics where the angelic half of the pairing is the one who gets hit with the fuck-or-die curse/pollen/whatever and the human half of the relationship isn't, putting them in the position of the angel having to fuck the human. Any pairings are cool, though I'm partial to Dean/Cas, Sam/Cas, Lucifer/Sam, and Gabriel/Sam. Consent issues don't bother me, so non-con or dub-con is fine.

Both of these have been kinda hard for me to find, so I was hoping you lovely folks could help out. Thanks! ♥
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Hey guys.

I'm looking for a specific fic i read some time ago. In the story Jared owns a coffee shop, and Jensen wants to have a coffee in the morning at his favorite cafe and it's closed for a private party. Jensen has to give a kiss to a birthday boy to get his coffee.
I also think that Jared made J2 coffee blend for Valentines.

Thanks everyone.


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