Oct. 1st, 2011

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I am looking for a fic on ff.net that is about Sam having a little girl with Jess, and after Jess dies her mother try to get the baby back so Sam goes on the run. I remember the mom hires someone to kill Sam so she could take the little girl, and John poses as the hitman. I also believe John and Dean find Sam while looking into a shtriga case. Sound like something you know? Please help!
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Alright, so I have this link to this hilarious story but, when I wanted to read it today, I find out the journal is deleted and purged. So, I come to you awesome people to see if it is somewhere else in the internet.

What I remember is that Sam, Dean and Cas are cursed to "live" in the internet. One was stuck in Twitter, another was stuck on Livejournal and I don't remember where the 3rd one was stuck. They could communicate back and forth (the one stuck in Twitter had to communicate in 140 characters). and that is all I really remember, so, if you can find it, that would be completely and totally awesome.

Please and thank-you
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I've got a hankering for some stories where one of the boys have wanted the other for a long time. Not knowing they were wanted right back. Looking for some first time or starting of relationship. If the fic continues past the first time, shiny. I don't care if it's wincest or J2. Thanks.
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Once I read some online description/overview of Supernatural that was really really funny. I would love to re read it, but of course I have no idea what or where it was. The one specific thing I remember was that they said Supernatural was the only show where one of the main characters killed and/or tried to kill the other main character with an ax, twice! I think it also cracked on the angst of the show and the gay subtext. Does any one know of this?

Edit: Found in comments!
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Hi everyone,

I'm curious as to whether anyone has written J2 fic that includes Cindy Sampson as a supporting character. I never particularly cared for Lisa, but I happen to think Cindy is fun and talented in her own right. If you know of any fics that have her included in it, I'd love it if you could send it my way.

Thank you!

(Mods, might this warrant a 'person: cindy sampson' tag?)
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Hi all!
So, I lurked around here for a while, and sniffed my way trough the tags and different recs, but somehow couldn't find what I was looking for. Well, asking never hurts - so here I am :)

Is there any slashy fics around -with bottom!Dean and please no RPF - where his partner (hell, it can be anyone, Sam, John, Castiel, totally anyone at all XD) so where is partner is really possessive/obsessive?
You know, the "Dean is mine, and mine alone" style. It can be dark!fic/dub!con/whateeeever or not, that doesn't matter either :) And AU/AR is cool too :)

I'd be super happy if you could recs me fics like that :]

(Ah, and I already read leonidaslion's fics - they were super cool, and part of the reason I'm looking for fics like this :D )
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I'm looking for recs that specifically involve Dean and Sam dealing with the aftermath of Sam's wall breaking. The longer the fic, the better. I've read "The Piper" by gretazreta and it's exactly the sort of thing I'm looking for. Sam having hallucinations, psychotic episodes, PTSD, self-harm, hurt/comfort with Dean taking care of Sam. Darkfics and deathfics welcome, I just really want something that focuses on the problems that result from the wall breaking, especially detailing the brothers trying to live their lives with Sam permanently damaged. Happy endings also welcome :) I am looking for Wincest recs, please, but I would also like to hear about good gen fics with a strong hurt/comfort relationship between the brothers.

"The Piper" link, if you would like to read it, I loved it!

Also, if there happens to be fic that fits the description here but not necessarily involving the wall breaking (some other tragic event that destroys Sam mentally) please rec that, as well!
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I'm looking for a story where Ben calls Dean while someone is breaking into his and Lisa's home.  Lisa ends up being killed and Dean takes Ben on the road with him and Sam and they teach him about hunting.
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the story i'm looking for is a Sam/Dean fic were Sam/Dean were a couple and Dean cheats on Sam, so Sam runs to Stanford to get away and Dean comes after him and sleeps with Sam's Boyfriends want i remember the most is where Sam breaks down and tell Dean he gets it that no one can love him.
i hope someone knows this fic thanks so much....

FOUND http://fic-freaknout.livejournal.com/2156.html#cutid1

thank you so much
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Hi! Need you guys' help again. 

I'm looking for a Sam/Dean story where Dean keeps showing up at Stanford and they have sex in Sam's small cot, or something like that. One time Sam decides to end their relationship, but only after they had sex, and Dean leaves feeling really hurt.

I'm also looking for fics, gen or slash, where Sam is showed flashs/memories of their lives as kids or teenagers, and sees how Dean took care of him, of how much he sacrificed for Sam.

Thanks again!
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Hey, me again.

I'm looking for a story where Sam gets whammied or something and is pretty mindless. All he seems to be able to do is focus on is having sex with Dean. They end up in Bobby's basement, with Bobby holding the chain that is linked around Sam's neck.

Ring any bells?
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Hey, I was just looking for a specific WIP fic, that I haven't heard of or seen in a LONG time. I remember it was one of the first ones I'd ever read, and I was very intrigued, but I think maybe it was being updated reeeeeally slowly or something, and that's maybe why I forgot about it. Anyway, I remember that John and Dean were dragging a young Sam around with them wherever they went, being super harsh with him, cuz they thought he was a demon or the cause of Mary dying or something close to that. I remember them tying him up in their motel rooms and maybe putting him in the trunk when they drove, and I think, maybe using him as bait and stuff for monsters? It was a seriously dark fic, and I can't for the life of me remember if Sam actually WAS what they accused him of, but I'm pretty sure his thoughts were innocent. He seemed really sweet and hurt about it all. And I'm about 70% sure it was Gen, and that neither John or Dean were possessed or evil or anything, they just honestly thought Sam was evil.

And hey, if you know of any other fics like that, by all means, throw them at me! *grins*

FOUND, thanks to korowjew26: It's  Come Home by [livejournal.com profile] corri_kun


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