Sep. 5th, 2011

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I just saw the remake of Fright Night last night so I was wondering whether there are any crossovers in which Sam and Dean (maybe Cas too) meet up with Peter Vincent? Any rating or pairing welcome. *grins* Thanks in advance.
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I was watching the Iron Man movies this morning, and I was struck with how very funny it would be to see Jensen cast as a Tony Stark character in a story. 

Alternately, I have read one story out there where Jensen is Capt America (that he was not is Hollywood's biggest mistake today - well, that and maybe the entire second Transformers movie...).  I can't recall it right now (I'll post the link if I can remember it), but let's face it, RDJ is a character all to himself, in the flesh or on camera with a script.

So I'm curious: are there any stories in which Jensen has been cast as a playboy/superhero ala Tony Stark, and are there any other stories with J2 that have RDJ as a major character?

Gen or slash good.

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Huh. I don't even feel bad about my request. I've been craving the guys taking out their anger and bitterness by neclegting, mentally and or physically hurting, beating the shit out of the other one as long as they realize they really messed up this time. I've read authoressnebula's "You Never Forget Your First" probably over twenty times already. Just, something horrible, okay. Oh, and I'd actually prefer gen for this one.
Thank you.
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Hi everyone!

I'm looking for a Sam/Dean Fic set after Dean's deal came due. Dean wakes up and he's living with Sam, and they have their own house now. He's uncomfotable around his neighbors, and I think at one point some of them try and attack Dean? At the end of the fic Dean finds out he's in Hell and Sam is creating their house, and all his neighbors are demons, and I think Sam is the only thing keeping Dean from being tortured in Hell? And if I remember correctly, they're stuck in hell in the place Sam created forever?

Does this ring any bells? I feel like I should know who the author is, but for the life of me I can't find it..

Found by [ profile] monsterfan even though I had a few details wrong.
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Are there stories about one of J2 having stockholm syndrome for another J2?  Thank you for your help! :)
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I cannot find this fic: I'm 99% sure it's J2. Jensen and Jared are part of a spy network that is assigned to steal secrets off of a computer. Jared's specifically assigned because has a power that enables him to mentally interact with the computer network - apparently this is a rare talent in the 'verse. The last person that tried what he's been ordered to do went catatonic and there's no guarantee Jared won't, either.

Thank you!

ETA: Found! Butterflies and Hurricanes
Thanks again!
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Hi Everyone:

I have read almost evert single hurt!Jared fic out there so I am not necessarily looking for new fic, however; I thought it would be interesting to see what people consider their favorite fic's and check them out.

Please pick your very favorite hurt!Jared fic (yes, only one) and let me know what it is.

By the way, I think mine is Sincere Friends of Liberty Have Been Rare (a 2010 BigBang), but it is really hard to pick one.

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I have a request because I've had a rough couple of days having to work overtime 3 days in a row...and it sucked and I'm over-tired and need to relax.

So I need cuteness. In the form of Daddy!Dean.

I DO NOT WANT WINCEST OR SLASH OR MPREG, I know this greatly cuts down on fics, but please.

I want Dean as having a child, doesn't matter if by the good old fashioned way or adoption, hell I'll settle for him raising a deaged Sam as long as it's a good fic. The longer the better. Curtain!fics are fantastic, AU's as well, and fics where he raises his child as a hunter or on the road- whatever. The longer the fic, the better!!!

Bonus points if he has a baby.

More bonus points and hugs if you have self-recs.

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I'm looking for a specific fic that I read a while ago and forgot to save (isn't that how it always works).
This fic is an au, the boys aren't brothers. Sam has a little girl (not his) and is running from his abusive boyfriend, and he has the impala. Dean run's a salvage company (kinda like bobby) and he use to be a hunter before his leg was hurt and had to move back to support and information. Dean lives in bobby's house (not sure if bobby actually owned the house or what). Sam and the little girl are passing through town when the impala breaks down. Dean goes and gets them, Sam and the girl end up staying with him for a while. Sam's a masseuse. At one point in the story Dean thinks Sam's being chased by a demon and has Sam drink holy water coffee, and touch a silver spoon. And at the end of the story Sam and the little girl stay with Dean.
Any one know what I'm talking about?

Found in Comments
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I'm trying to locate a story I read ages ago and promptly lost. It comes back to me every now and again when I'm skimming through other works, and I always think, "Damn, I never did find that story, did I?" So now -- trying to make things right and give a good author his or her due.

All I can clearly recall about this story is that Dean and Sam were chilling at a motel somewhere, Dean went to get food, and suddenly he jumped forward about a week or so in time. I don't think he realized anything had happened (except, perhaps, the sun had moved in the sky?) and slowly comes upon the horrible realization that something awful has happened, and particularly, that he's been forcibly pulled from Sam for at least a week and his brother has no idea where he is.

I believe this took place within the timeline of the show (i.e., they are both adults), and I don't think it was slash, but who knows.

I hope this is enough for this awesome community to go on. Thanks!

EDIT: Found! This community rocks! The story is Short Trip Down a Long Road by K Hanna Korossy, and huge thanks to [ profile] de_nugis for the crack detective skills.
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So, I finally saw Watchmen. There were things I didn't like, but right now my overall opinion is that I liked it.  

So I'm hoping that there might be some crossovers out there? I've never actually seen one before I'll take anything. 



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