Aug. 11th, 2011

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I have a couple of general requests

So, I've read a lot of fics the focus on how J2 got together. But now I want to read something about what happens after. So I'm looking for any long established j2 fics :) I'd prefer AU. But I want the fic to be focused on them actually being in a relationship, not just how they got together.

Also: Highschool J2 fics! Even better if I can get a College!Jensen dating Highschool!Jared (or vice-versa)

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I'm looking for some good Dean/Cas AU fics (in which they are not hunter/angel respectively) where Dean is the same angst-monster we know and love from the series proper. Dean does not have to deal with demons and Hell, but there's still the fact that he's an orphan, that he was never good enough for his dad, that he raised Sam all by himself... and so on and so forth. Anything is which Dean is still chock-full of abandonment issues or a martyr complex. I've read the fantastic Asunder by rageprufrock and 300 Things by cautionzombies and I would really love anything similar!

Pretty please with sugar on top?
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Hey ppl! So I kinda found myself in the mood to read some fics with J2 pairing in which it deals with their relationship being affected due to Social Class. And by social class I have a pretty broad def for the it so i'm basically up to read anything of the sort. :P

Also I was wondering if there were any types of fics in which the J2s were having a secret relationship or something maybe like one of the two guys is married or in a relationship but he is still seeing the other guy...

Yup so just to let you guys know I am DEFINATELY Okay with mpreg :D but if theres no mpreg then I'm DEFINATELY Okay with that too!!! :)

Thanks so much for the help!
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I remember reading this somewhere but I can't find it:

This was an au where Cas managed to get to Dean before he broke but Dean came back deaged. Bobby got a call from an orphanage(?) about a kid who knows him and it turns out to be Dean. He takes him back and Cas is there and confused about why Heaven is angry that Dean was saved even though that was the reason they laid siege to Hell.

And then they found Sam but he was with Ruby and they told him not to come back till he got rid of her?

I hope someone knows what I'm talking about.
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OK Just been watching a whole bunch of Misha and Jared clips on youtube from the BosCon 2011 and I'm really in the mood for some Misha/Jared love!! ;)

Anything is awesome, AU, Friendship, Slash it's all good.

Thanx in advance.

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HI! I’ve been searching for a Tarzan J2 au and The Emperor’s New Groove J2 au as well, but I can’t seem to find any. So this is my last hope. If one of you can’t help me find it then I’m at a loss….

Nc-17 is better but I’ll take any rating.

Ps. I’ve already read Jungle King and I loved it :)
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 So I was watching this wonderfully amazing video and it made me crave some fic from the episode It's a Terrible Life. I'm looking for sort of AUs, where they never discover their actual identities and live the rest of their lives as Dean Smith and Sam Wesson. So something along those lines would be fantastic! Sam/Dean, puh-lease, any rating (i'm a perv!).
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 Hello all, I am trying to find this specific story for days, and with google I got no luck. Anyway, the following is the plot I remember (hopefully right): 

Jensen did some porn before he joined SPN, with a stage name “Sin” or something.. Jared broke up with Sandy, and then Sandy started sending him Sin’s tapes. Jensen eventually found out Jared’s hot for him, but was confused who Jared was really in love with, Jensen or ‘Sin’
The fic has a one word title… a strange word.. which I can never remember.. Please help?

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Ok, I think both of these took place around season 3 and concern the demon deal, but I'm not positive.

1. Dean's deal comes due and he dies. Sam drives out into the desert/middle of nowhere, digs a grave and buries Dean, then plans to drive to turn himself in to the FBI. He's furious that Dean's brought him back just to watch his brother die, furious he couldn't save Dean, and wants nothing more out of life than to suffer in prison.

2. I don't know if it was the deal or not, but Dean dies. Sam starts telling anyone who'll listen about his big brother and describes Dean in specific detail. He creates a website with pictures and his description of his brother. This website also contains an image of the sign which can be meditated upon to create Tulpas. Eventually Dean, just as Sam remembers him, returns to Sam.

Does anyone know where these fics can be found. I don't know the authors or the titles, and that's making them practically impossible to find.
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Hey all I'm looking for some general boys taking showers with each other. Can be J2 or Wincest either one will do. Preferably bottom Jared or bottom Sam

Thanks XD
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I come looking for assistance I am looking for a story that Featured Jensen in college while Jared was still in High School. Jared came out to his family was disowned and then his mom tried to have him killed. it was complicated story so much angst for Jared but jensen and his family were very supportive. I know this is kind of vague but if anyone can remember the name or even just the author cause I am pretty sure I had saved the author but now I can't seem to find it.

Thanks for any help.
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1) Are there any fics focused on Nick, who was the first vessel for Lucifer? I feel a little guilty for not really remembering the character's name until recently, lol. I'd love to read anything related to him, as his character really does have a lot of potential. It would be even better if there are any fics about what happened to him after Swan Song. I'm not picky about pairings.

2) Kind of related to the above, but I'm looking for RPF based on Mark Pellegrino, who plays Nick/Lucifer. I loved his acting on SPN, and he is one hot and funny guy in all the convention videos I've seen. He has great rapport with the other actors. And, according to wiki, he has a stepson named Misha. Like, what? o.O Either slash or gen with anyone else is fine.

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Hi. I'm looking for a certain J2 college AU. I can't remember the title for the life of me. Here's what I do know:
-Jared and Jensen meet in a college drama class
-Jared has a lot of tattoos and piercings
-Jared is an art major and Jensen wants to be a police officer
-Jared is in an abusive relationship with JDM, who is a police officer
-The drama class deals with plays with difficult/sensitive subject matter, i.e. discrimination, domestic abuse, etc.
-Jared and Jensen are paired together to perform a two-man play about an abusive homosexual relationship. Jared plays the role of the abuser and Jensen the victim.
-I'm pretty sure that it was posted (where I ready it anyway) on

Please help me find it! I'm dying to re-read it!


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