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So, i'm in the mood for BDSM fics, however I'm looking for fics that deal specifically with the aftercare.  I want to see one of the boys being a good Dom and taking care of his sub after the fact, maybe even checking in a few days later, that sort of thing.  It doesn't have to be the entire focus of the fic (because I do love BDSM fics :P) but I want more than a sentence about it too.  J2 or Sam/Dean and I don't care who the dominant one is. 

Wincest, J2.  Self-Recs.  All these are love :P

Thanks in advance!
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 Hi everyone, I'm looking for 2 things, please help me find them:

1. This is an old fic I read about one or two years ago, but now I cannot find it anymore. This is kind of a post-apocalypse fic with an outsider's POV. The brothers are now a legend. Sam is a Prince/Lord of Hell, while Dean is a General or some kind of leader of the angel. They go to a bar and meet a bunch of hunters. The hunters try to kill Sam by the Colt but they get Dean instead. Then Sam is angry and kill them all, but I'm sure Dean is not dead in this.
This is a pretty good story. I really want to read it again so please help me find it. Oh, I believe this is a wincest.

2. I am looking for some wing or angel wincest fic but I can't really find what I want because most angel or wing fics I got are Dean/Cas. Thus, I really need some help finding these fic, please. 
I already read all wing!fic in ifyouweremine delicious so please don't rec them. And I prefer bottom!Dean, but If you have a really good story and it bottom!Sam then give me a warning please.

Thanks in advance. 

FOUND: 1. On a Wing and a Prayer by sinestrated, link in the comment.
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Hi! Is there any J2 fic based on the movie Just Married with Jared as Kutcher's character, Jensen as the late Brittany Murphy's character, and Christian Kane as... Christian Kane? :D

Thank you!
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I'm lookin for a "What happens in vegas"  movie remake with JA as Cameron Diaz and JP as Ashton Kutcher.  I read this a while ago and now i can't find it anywhere, lol.

Thanks :]
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Okay, first all, I apologize for my english and second, It's my first post here, so I hope I do this right

I'm looking for a J2 Fic that I read one or two years ago, and don't remember much things, but I do hope that someone could help me.

In this fic, Jensen & Jared must live together ( don't remember well but I think they're force by someone.) They don't like each other at first ( I think they're exes with a bad break up). I'm remember the scene where one of them gets that he's in love in the kitchen or during a meal together ( I think they meet and eat together every day so this just a day like another but no ). I really obsessed with this and impossible to find it again.

And I was wondering if some fic based on the movie " Life as we know it " was made ? I really have a kink with remade of Rom-Com, so others is good, but I already read a lot ^^

Thanks for reading
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Hello there,

I am looking for a story I read years ago, I remember one scene very clearly, J&J were eating in the craft services tent and Jensen's food had something in it he was allergic to. Everyone knew he was allergic to whatever it was but I believe there was a new caterer who didn't know. Anyway Jared had to get his epi-pen and give jensen a shot so that he could breathe again, after that Jared realizes how much he cares about Jensen and eventually they fall in love. It was a great story and I really want to read it again!

Also, if you could suggest any j2 or wincest fics where there are similar circumstances I would love to read those as well!

Thanks in advance. <3
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I read this fic a while back, but cannot find it again!

Jensen worked in a coffee shop and Jared kept coming in and ordering nutty drinks. But on the last time when he came in, they could only make black coffee as the machine was broken. Jared was like OMG, thank God and his comment was that he did it to stop himself ordering a Green Eyed Latte or something.

Any help will be re- paid in cookies


EDIT: Found, link in comments
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Hi! I can't remember the author or title of this fic, and I haven't been able to find. It's really frustrating because I KNOW I know, but I just can't remember.

It starts with Dean, Sam and Castiel in a diner. Castiel and Dean are discussing the fake flowers on the table, which makes a homophobic woman end up throwing a rude note at them just as they get their food. Castiel gets offended because it says "God hates" gay people and follows her out, ending up showing her his wings in anger. After Dean scolds him for it, they go back to the hotel and turn off all the lights (even the alarm clock) so Dean can feel Castiel's wings (since seeing them would burn his eyes out). I think it ends with Sam walking in on them.

I hope someone recognizes this, and I really appreciate any help.
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Am looking for wincest fic I read ages ago.  a witch curses Dean with perpetual hard-on, but unable to orgasm, and the only way to break the curse is if he has sex with Sam.      Dean hides what the "cure" will be until he can't stand it anymore.

I remember Bobby remarking that its strange that the witch that cursed him, didn't also say what could break it.  I think the title of fic also made reference to a day of the week.
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There are two fics I've been looking for:

1. Dean has been hit with a curse that leaves him out of his mind with the need to have sex. Sam ties him to a bed and tries to wait it out but it doesn't work and they eventually have sex with Sam saying something along the lines that he's not just a hole for Dean and that he wants all of him. The fic starts with Sam talking to a female motel clerk about his sick brother and the clerk keeps flirting with him.

2. A humor fic where Dean cries after every time he has sex.

Any help would be very much appreciated! Thanks!


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