Apr. 26th, 2011

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Hey gang, hope you all had a nice Easter.

Right, are there AU fics where the J's are childhood/highschool friends or maybe a little more. Either Jared or Jensen has to go away for a long time, maybe their parents have to move away for a job or something. When the moved away J gets, reaunited with their old buddy, they are a really dark sad angry person, completely changed  because of something that happened while they were away. (I hope the dark tags are what I'm on about.) Bonus points if they are changed phycially too, their hair, style or angry tattoo's etc.
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Sorry if this is tagged wrong... first post here!

I'm looking for any fanfictions in which Sam/Dean or Jared/Jensen have Huntington's Disease?
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 Hey y'all

I was wondering if there were any stories with Sam or Dean having MPD (Multiple Personality Disorder) or DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder).  They're the same thing, but the name changed  a few years ago.  I'd prefer if Sam has it, but I won't be pick if Dean does.

I'll take Sam/Dean, Sam/Castiel, Sam/Gabriel, or Dean/Sam/Castiel.

Thanks guys!! 
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Idk why but I'm suddenly wanting stories that feature Jared taking the dogs for a run in the morning and coming back home after and getting into bed w/Jensen. I just love sleepy, early morning cuddling, so fics that feature that even w/out the dogs are welcome also. Thanks so much for any suggestions!


Apr. 26th, 2011 05:24 am
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I know I saved it, but I forgot where and under which name so here I come looking for:

plane crash while on their way to/back from a Con
jared behaves oddly- taking the leader position, making people hate him, ordering jensen around, having freak outs
jensen was sick at one time, I think,
there were other characters on this island as well


FOUND: http://sometimesophie.livejournal.com/63441.html
You and Me, Sand and Sea

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Hey everyone ^^

I ran over the 'jealous section' and I didn't notice fanfic like this so.... 

is there a story about Sam being jealous of the car? Like... he's jealous cause Dean's spending too much time with Impala, pays attention to his baby etc? Wincest preferably, but it wouldn't matter X

Thanks ^^
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So I just finished listening to 'The Fetters of Fenrir' by leonidaslion. I downloaded it without reading the summary, and I'm so glad I did, because I might not have read it based on that but I was totally enthralled. Now I'm converted. I never thought I'd be making a request like this, but....

any more lengthy, well-realised transhuman AU? Mythology inspired?



Dean being protective/possessive of Sam pushes my buttons like a button-pushing machine.


Apr. 26th, 2011 03:11 pm
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All Season 06 references MUST be behind a cut!!!

Don't spoil people or Sammy will hurt you.

(Or your post will be rejected)
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Supernatural got renewed for a 7th season!

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I would like to ask for a help.

1)I'm searching for fics with J2 and Sam & Dean.Meeting eachother or crossing the worlds.Anything will work.It's really hard to find something so I would be very very greatful.

Also I looking for some fics with:

2)Misha or Chris being friends that are protective of Jensen

3)Misha or Chris fall in love with Jensen
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Hey guys!

I had a fic by [livejournal.com profile] breea1 titled Cherish in my favorites to read later on. When I went back to read it today, I found that her journal had been deleted. Does anyone know if she may have posted it anywhere else, or if anyone has saved it?

PLEASE help me, I am dying to read this story!! Thank you!
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I have the one where Dean's baby breaks down in Ensenada, Mexico and is taken to Dom and Brian's garage.  Then there the twosome by Khaleesian where Dean runs into Brian and Dom on the roads in Arizona and New Mexico.  But are there any other SPN/TFatF crossovers where Dean and/or Sam interact with Dom and Brian?  I'm a big slash fan but a good gen or het story is just as good.  (I remember reading one where Sam is zonked out on pain killers when something in the Impala's engine goes pop! and they call Dom and Brian's garage.  The pair get weirded out when Sam spears an iguana or lizard with his switchblade.  Now I can't find it.  Help!)
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I am looking for fic where Jensen was Sherlock and Jared was Watson. It was set in the modern era and Jared was a reporter. It may have been slash. Thanks.
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A while back I read a story where the boys where in a boot camp, that for the life of me I cannot remember the name or the author.

I'm searching now for similar fics with J2 in boot camps, even any story dealing with them in the military or the navy.
I'll take normal camp (though I think I read everything on this last subject from J2 recs....). N-17, long, short, happy, angsty.

Also any stories that have one of the boys as an authority figure for the other, of any kind.

Please help.

Thank you.


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