Mar. 29th, 2017

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Here's what I remember: One of the Js is a... writer? Who moves into a small town and meets the other J in a bar, takes him home, and sexy timz, and at the end it implies that he's winter personified, or Jack Frost. An important theme was something like he needed to be asked to stay.

I thought the title was "Frost", but googling that with variations of J2, Jared, Jensen, but not coming up with anything.

Thanks in advance!


THANKS SO MUCH!!! That's it exactly.
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I'm looking for a story/series that has Dean and Sam in a relationship, but Dean is going away to college and he takes Sam's virginity during a road trip they are on with their parents. In the same series Sam dresses up in drag and visits Dean at school.
That's all I remember.
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Just realized that [ profile] jellybean_slash seems to have taken down all their fic. D: Does anyone happen to have copies of any of their work? (If the author has requested they not be shared, please let me know!) Any help would be really appreciated. I'm specifically hoping to re-read:

Whatever a Moon Has Always Meant (and Whatever a Sun Will Always Sing)
Summary: Stanford-era, Jess POV. Sam has this ring that he doesn't wear. It'd probably fit him, doesn't look too small or too big, but he keeps it on a worn-down leather cord around his neck instead.

In a Little Bit of Trouble (And I'm In Real Deep)
Summary: Big, bad mob boss!Jared knows that his shy accountant and lover is actually an FBI agent. ...Would love a happy ending, minimal angst, focus on Jared thinking Jensen's little attempts at subterfuge are actually kind of cute.

Edit: FOUND, under the username of formalizing. Works are here on AO3
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The specific fic I'm looking for is one where, unknown to everyone, Dean is actually the fallen Michael. During the fic these things do happen: Ellen gets a dragon for the Roadhouse. Ruby shows up and becomes something not!demon eventually being sent to Heaven. Gabriel takes Dean and Castiel to Heaven. Gabriel eventually binds his grace to the Roadhouse to protect everyone there. There is a Ghost Fair where a demon gate is located and the ghosts open it for kicks. Michael!Dean's grace was in the Impala all along. After Castiel restores Michael God promotes him above all others. Michael!Dean and Lucifer talk after Dean accidentally permits him back into Heaven. Castiel eventually starts creating his own universe becoming God in his own right. The energy Castiel uses to create it comes from Dean and causes Dean to forget he's Dean and only remember being Michael. Gabriel turns his vessel female to make Sam more comfortable with the idea of their future. Though their pairing is not prominent in the way Dean/Castiel is... A lot more, but those major points stick out in my memory.

Found: Sky Verse by starandrea


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