Mar. 18th, 2017

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Dear friends,

I am asking for your help one more time. I just found out that our beloved minchout has made her journal private or has deleted her stories. I was about to start re-reading her stories.....
The stories i am looking for are:

1. Slip the mask & Sequel: Sweet Like Cinnamon
Jared has more reason than most to dislike vampires, but when he takes Jensen, a vampire fresh from the prison camps, on as a ward, Jared learns that the line between human and vampire is not as stark as it had always seemed.

2. Midnight Radio
Jensen is all alone in a cell, but sometimes he has Jared's voice to keep him company.

3. Fate And Luck Walk Into A Bar
Jensen and Jared grew up in the same neighborhood. Jared’s life went one direction, Jensen’s life another, but the two are still tied up in ways neither can escape.

4. You've Got Me
Con-man Jensen Ackles is released from prison into the custody of FBI Agent Jared Padalecki. The two have a long history of playing cat and mouse, but now that they’re stuck together, things between them change.

5. Five By Five (+ sequel)
In a world where slave trafficking is normal, Jensen is captured and kept in a “dog” shelter. Jeff finds him and takes him home as a gift for Jared.

6. Weightless Summer
Jensen is on his way to the beach one hot summer day, but when he meets shamelessly flirty bus driver!Jared, his plans change.

7. The Evening Routine
Jensen loves his evening routine with Master Jared.

8. Roman Holiday
Jared and Jensen are in Rome for the JIB con. Jared gets a little jealous when he sees Jensen flirting. Things get heated.

EDIT: It's been 10 days since I contacted the author but I haven't heard from her. Therefore I am unscreening the comments. Please don't share ''Midnight Radio'' as the author has told me she wouldn't upload this particular story again for personal reasons.


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