Mar. 17th, 2017

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Hello, I can't seem to find a story. It's where Jared and Jensen are going to get engaged or mated but Jared (at leas I think it's Jared) gets raped on or in a police cruiser by Morgan. He then becomes Morgan's mate, verifyied by a social worker. Jensen, after a while, challenges Morgan for Jared to be his mate. The story is Alpha/beta/omega. Please let me know if anything similar. Thanks.
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Posted with [ profile] kruel_angel's permission, and with apologies for the wall o' text:

The Delicious Bookmarking Service Is Dying

As many of you may have noticed, since Delicious was purchased and reverted to its terribly clunky format, Delicious's bookmarking service has become incredibly unstable, and often spends weeks at a time down. Tech support is 100% unresponsive, and their Facebook page hasn't been updated or responded to inquiries in about 9 months. What you may not have noticed is that they have disabled the ability for users to export their bookmarks. This means it's likely that tons of users bookmarks for thousands of fics are in danger of being lost forever unless something stops the site's current lurching, neglected spiral towards a total breakdown.

When I first entered the fandom, my gateway to tons of great fics came from users who had bookmarked them in Delicious. They are an incedibly precious resource and I have very strong panic attacks feels at the idea of them just vanishing at some point.

There Is An External Way To Backup Your Bookmarks

Right now is back up, and another Delicious user has figured out an external way to export your bookmarks. Over on Facebook, on the delicious page, user D.A. Gutierrez, ( has figured out a workaround so people can download their bookmarks. He's offering to help export their links so they can back them up and/or import them to other bookmarking sites. I HIGHLY encourage folks to do this now, while they can.

Edit Your Tags Before You Export

Even whimpering its way toward an undeserved death, Delicious still has the most easy-to-use tag editing system. The one thing I discovered the hard way was that some bookmark systems interpret tags with spaces in them as separate tags. Which leads to a lot of grumpy editing with swearing, or at least it did on my part. Half an hour of checking your tags can save a lot of frustration later, unless you were smarter than me and did it the right way the first time.

Replacements For Delicious

As far as replacement services, there are two I found that most closely mirror what I loved about Delicious - Diigo and Pinboard. Each has pros and cons.

Diigo has a free level of service which is basically identical to Delicious, but allows for far fewer tags per post. So your bookmarks will be able to integrate seamlessly into Diigo but you lose ALL tags past the limited on each bookmark. The site is geared toward scientists and researchers, so you may feel a little weird letting your freak flag fly there, but... it's not bad. And the more folks who move over to it, the less weird it will feel.

Pinboard costs $11 a year and has its own quirks that are different from Delicious, so there is a pay barrier and some ramp-up time before you can get the hang of it. However, it allows for much more extensive tagging than Diigo, albeit with a much clunkier ability to change tags. For $25 it will also save a back-up copy of the bookmark page, which can be awesome, but... the backup engine is stymied by anything that has to be logged in for, so LJ entries and locked AO3 entries will not be backed-up properly, and links to masterposts will only give you a backup of the masterpost.

Ultimately, I went with Pinboard, but if you want to get a feel for the different flavors, you can check out my lists on all three services: / Diigo / Pinboard.


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