Mar. 10th, 2017

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I can't really remember much because it has been at least 4 years since I read it but, Dean is on a show like The Bachelor because John makes him, they were important Sam had a drug problem and ruined their name so Dean has to repair what Sam ruined. Gabriel is the host of the show and Castiel is a camera guy but Gabriel makes him fill in for a contestant who dropped out and the only other contestants I can remember is Bela and an OC who I think ends up liking Sam.

Castiel stays on the show, even though Gabriel said he would be gone that day but Dean likes him so Castiel stays. John gets mad about Castiel still being on the show and because Dean and Castiel are getting close
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Hey guys! So I read this wincest fic where Sam was either in Stanford or working as a lawyer in the Palo Alto area. In this fic Sam lives with Jess (who doesn't die) and Dean works as a firefighter in town. Dean lives close enough that he sees Sam often and even sneaks money for Sam and Jess' rent into their mailbox and he's been pining after Sam all the while. Anyway Dean gets sick and stops showing up at work and starts missing hang out sessions with Sam and it turns out that he's been cursed by some creature similar to a succubus/incubus that's been visiting him in his dreams and invariably draining him of all his energy in the real world. The succubus (incubus?) takes on the appearance of Sam and gives him what the real Sam doesn't so Dean starts to sleep more and more. Sam gets concerned and does his research and falls into Deans dream world to rescue him. When he realizes that Dean has been pining after him he reveals his feelings and they leave the dream world together?? Any help??


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