Mar. 7th, 2017

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Hi All,
okay I am going to try again: I am looking to you guys for help- I really hope someone can help me?

I am looking for a copy of a SPN Spanking fic:
Title: New Rule
Author: Atalantaj
Prompt summary: "You steal my baby, you get spanked"

from season 7 Ep.3 the girl next door

Does anyone have a copy of this or know the author and asked her if she does not mind sharing?? I've tried to contact her and send the author an Email in LiveJournal,since her account is locked?

It looks like her accounts been silent since 2011?

Thank you guys for all your help,
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Okay, so this is sort of a weird request.  I kind of want to read some fics where one of the brother's hurts the other one emotionally, phyisically whatever, maybe even don't realize that they hurt them or they do realize and don't really care that much initially.  Afterwards, they feel really, really guilty about what they did and try to make it right.
Something where one of them is hurt or sick and doesn't tell the other because they think they other one won't care and the other one finds out and feels really bad about their brother thinking they wouldn't care.

Below are some examples of the second kind (Sam being the perpetual victim but I'm down with either) I would include examples for the first but nothing really comes to mind.
So not death fic (not permanant death fic of either of the boys at least), happy endings and totes fine with just brothers and wincest but I'll shy away from the destiel, no offence, just not my thing.

Example:(I ALREADY HAVE THESE IN MY PERSONALLY ARCHIVES SOMEWHERE, I JUST DON'T HAVE TIME TO LOOK FOR THE TITELS ATM SO I DON'T NEED THESE ONES, JUST USING THE REFERENCE) After Dean breaks his leg and it's Sam's fault and Sam feels really bad and he works at a diner to take care of Dean who keeps taking cheap shots at him until Sam almost dies from an illness.  Or an early one after Sam shot Dean with rock salt Dean tells Sam he has to get his own motel room and when Sam tries the motel is booked up and he sleeps in the car even though is snowing and freezing outside and almost dies from hypothermia.

PS: Please lable anything from season 12 bcuz I haven't caught up yet.  THANK YOU!
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I'm just looking for any fics, preferably gen, where Sam and Dean party, go out drinking, or just do something fun together. Even if it's just playing together as kids. Would especially love to read about the two drinking together, even if it ends up turning morbid instead of fun (as things pretty much always do with them right?)



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