Mar. 3rd, 2017

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1. I'm looking for any established Destiel fics where Dean's family doesn't approve of their relationship for some reason... Mostly along the lines because Cas is an angel but it could be because he is a guy (canon or au) I have read a lot of the ones where John comes back to life and doesn't approve of Dean and Cas together so I'm hoping for other family members such as Mary or her side of the family.

2. Established Destiel where Dean left the family behind (it can be canon or alternate universe) and maybe he reconnects with them later and introduces Cas or they try to find him and realize he is in a relationship with a guy and are shocked or worse.

3. Any really good established relationships Destiel fics really

I would appreciate any help guys, thanks so much!
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I don't remember much about it other than John kills the YED early, I believe with Bobby and Jim. Castiel is sent by Zachariah to stop him but is detained by Meg. Gabriel shows up out of curiosity I think and ends up killing Zach. When John gets back to the hotel Dean keeps thinking he's possessed because he's being too nice but it was because Jim and Bobby had given him a talk about how he'd been treating the boys.They end up heading to Bobby's and John discovers that Dean has been going hungry sometimes to make sure Sam has enough to eat. Bobby gives John holy water with a lot of salt just to make Dean feel better. I think Dean is 12 or under but I'm not sure.
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Hey guys,

I've been trying super hard to find an old fic I loved. It was gen (maybe?), set early on int the series. Sam and Dean went up against yellow- eyes (possibly) and Same ends dup flinging- or creating a new reality- Dean back into childhood.

But didn't go with him. Sam got adopted, and Dean grew up with a sister. They have all their memories and Deans spends a lot of time looking for sam (and a lot of time talking about him during his childhood).

Any help you guys can give me would be super appreciated.
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Hello all!

I read a fic years back and I absolutely loved it but, like a numpty, I then lost it and havent been able to find it since. Im a little hazy on the exact story but I remember it was an AU where the boys weren't related. Dean and Sam had to marry (not entirely sure why) and Dean hated Sam because he thought Sam was only in it for the money - 'cause Dean was loaded - had a mansion and everything. But Sam actually did like Dean at first. After years of being unhappily married, Sam asks Dean for a divorce but Dean refuses. Bobby is furious at Dean over this but Dean suddenly decides he wants to make things work with Sam. Does anyone know this fic? Thanks. =D


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