Mar. 1st, 2017

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Looking for an old fic that I think is by kroki refur, that is titled, I think, "Make Do and Mend."  I know there are already several posts for [ profile] kroki_refur's fic on this site, and I have scrolled through them, but haven't found this particular title.

Anyway - if it's NOT by this author, the plot is this:  Sam has a book that he loves, that is falling apart, and Dean finds it.  Only to fix it by rewriting the last few missing pages - I think he turns a Jack Keruoac novel into a vampire story, or maybe it's SE Hinton.  Memory fails!  Which is why I need help.

I don't have access to kroki refur's LJ page, nor is this title on her page, and I just downloaded the zip file someone so graciously linked a while back, and it's not there either.  So I'm out of places to check if this is her story.

Hopefully someone can set me straight!  Thank you!

Edited:  Story found in comments!
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A long time ago I read this great fic, 'To Honour Losses', think it was on ffnet. Don't remember much of the story, just that it really was amazing (and that there were some great scenes with Dean's biological family). Does anyone have a copy of this? I can't find it on ffnet anymore. Tried ao3 as well and... Nothing. :p
Can't remember the author's name, but I'm guessing she/he deleted it. :(
If anyone saved the fic, please, please send me? My mail:

Thanks in advance.


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