Feb. 24th, 2017

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I'm looking for a specific wincest fic where the boys have settled down (temporarily?) and Sam is writing novels about two hunter brothers who are in love with each other. Which sort of clues in Dean to the relationship between Sam and Dean. Dean lives with Sam while he's writing / publicising the books, and enrolls into cooking / baking classes. It's a gorgeous piece which progresses into Dean realising Sam's feelings for him, and ends with the brothers getting back on the road in baby.

I really hope this rings a bell, I'm desperate to read this again. Thank you so much !!
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Hi, guys!
I am looking for a specific wincest fic, where Sam forces (kind of) Dean to have sex with him, then they have a fight and and Sam goes to Stanford without telling him. After that Dean stays at Bobby's and stop eating and talking at some point. Then he has some relationship with a hunter that visits Bobby and then I don't actually remember how, but he gets a little better. John comes to take Dean on the hunt. And they continue hinting.

Thanks in advance!
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A second post today - so sorry !! There's this wincest fic that I've been looking for ages - in that story, Sam is in love with Dean, but Dean isn't into Sam. But he goes along with the physical relationship for some reason - in the dead of the night / complete darkness. Sam is happy with this in the beginning, and keeps waiting for Dean to acknowledge the relationship, but he doesn't, so Sam realizes that Dean is just going along with things for his sake, and puts an end to it. But by this time, Dean is beginning to come around too. This story may be illustrated - I think one scene has Dean sitting alone on a cot / bed.

Another wincest fic that I'm looking for has the boys settled down somewhere near the seaside. One of them is doing a radio show (I think Sam?) while the other is suffering from acute depression, and is pretty suicidal.

Sorry for being so vague, any help would be greatly appreciated !!


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