Feb. 6th, 2017

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Hi all,
I was reading from a rec list and lost the page/history when my browser crashed, so I'm trying to find it again.
It was a larger, AU masterlist, i think it was rps specific. It was on lj, and had an image with words something like "this might be a blog" at the top. I think it hadn't been updated in a few years?
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1.) So I read this fic a while ago and it was on LiveJournal somewhere not sure if it's in ao3 or not. It's Stanford era and Deans feeling really alone. John left and Sam stopped calling him, on the hunt he goes on this witch made this sort of Sam clone/thing that was suppose to kill him in a month or so but the 'sam' ended up atttached to him. Months later the real Sam shows up and Dean is mind controlled by the 'sam' to try to kill him but Sam and Bobby end up killing it.

2.) I was looking for some hurt dean (probably Stanford era or Au Idc) where Dean gets sent to the hospital and wake up in a coma months later. But john and sam don't show up and Dean is tragically hurt by that. (Self esteem issues Dean feeling alone) any fic that has something to do with Dean being alone and hurt is good with me.

3.) So I never really see a lot of Dean and Sam fighting and Sam being wrong fics. I was wondering if there's some kind of fic where Sam says something super horrible/hurtful to Dean and ultimately makes him feel like shit (and thinks that sam doesn't care but he does) I just want a boys fighting one where Dean ends up emotionally hurt or right during the argument. I really want Sam to be kinda an asshole in it. ( love sam! But I just don't see many of these)

Thank you all!
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I forgot to bookmark it. Sam is at standford and Dean misses him. One of the parts of the fanfic is Dean is at a bar and Sam comes up to him but turns out it's a monster and not Sam


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