Feb. 3rd, 2017

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Hi again! In this fic, john has just died and in order to support himself and Sam, Dean seeks out Cas to join his pack. He's human at this point but Sam is a wolf, an alpha, thanks to Yellow Eyes.

Dean gets repeatedly harrassed by the members of Castiel's pack because he is human. He gets attacked at one point and Cas is forced to turn him. There was alao a scene where Dean grabs the scruff of Castiel's neck and he attacks him on instinct only for Cas to realize that is how Dean interacts with Sam so he didnt know any better. Needless to say, Sam and Cas do not get along but there is some Sabriel, too.
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Guys, I'm looking for a specific story where Dean is kidnapped and forced to fight. Dean is kept in an underground cell and his kidnappers, pretty sure it's one very rich man, make him train for the fights and then transport him to the fight venue in chains.

I remember big bodybuilder type guys are Dean's minders and I believe that the man has also kidnapped Sam and is keeping him in a separate location to use as a hostage against Dean, he makes Sam hold up a newspaper as proof of life.

Sorry I can't remember if this is Gen or slash but I sure hope someone out there recognizes this because I'm keen to read this again.

Thanks for you help and fingers crossed.
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Hey everyone

Ok, so I'm looking for a new link to a story that was on Samdean archive. I can't remember the Title or author, and stupidly just added a note on my own list which just reads "Dean blind, John's fault". Not helpful, lol.

In this fic, Dean got kicked in the head by a lesser demon wearing a teenager, during the a showdown with the YED, and John is too obsessed with killing the YED to even notice Dean was in trouble.

I think John had drugged Sam or something to keep him out of the fight.

Dean is now blind and suffers from seizures. John tries to send Dean to some nursing home or something, but Sam steps in. Sam and Dean move to a small town where Pastor Jim helps them set up a home. Jim knows about the boys' sexual relationship.

Dean goes along to a kindergarten class and tells them stories. There's a scene where the boys are ice skating on a pond and John is spying on them and sees them kiss.

Can anyone help, pretty please?

To clarify; I need a link for this fic that's NOT to samdean archive.

The brilliant Calysta has now posted this story - "Love is never blind" on AO3

Thanks, lovelies.
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I'm looking for stories with Sam or Dean being deaged to a child. For any reason they stay that way and the other brother decides to raise him as his own. They could change back, but I would prefer either of them to stay a child. I've read some a while back,but for the life of me I can't find them or anything similar. Please help.
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I've been looking for a specific fic.
I remember that Castiel is a doctor at a mental hospital, and he meets patient Dean.
Sam works at the same hospital as a nurse or something.
Dean thinks he and Sam are brothers, but they aren't.

I think I read it at AO3, but I'm not sure.

Can anyone help me?
I'm going out of my mind.


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