Jan. 2nd, 2017

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Happy new year !

I try to find a story where Gabriel and Sam are in University and Gabriel is too short to take books on shelfs and Sam help him. Then Gabriel always finds Sam to take books for him, and Sam thinks than gabriel are making fun of him so he reject him. Then Sam's friends make him understand than gabriel was trying to flirt and they finish together. It was a one shot I think ( something short ).

I hope you could help me ( and sorry for the faults but I'm French ... I do my best ! )

Thanks ^^
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I am looking for the story "Yes, chef!" by SloeDjinn. Unfortunately it was removed from live journal and archiveofourown. If anyone has a copy please post it here!

Edited: This has been found! A million thanks!
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Hello! I'm looking for a specific fanfiction that I just can't find anywhere! I think it's based around 9x13 The Purge, after Dean and Sam have their fight, but I can't say for sure. Sam leaves the bunker, and Dean is left heartbroken. Sam goes back to college, gets married, haves a kid I think, and he calls Dean once a month or so. That was until Dean smashed his phone. Cas isn't in this story, and in the end Dean does something terrible, and Sam doesn't find out until 4 months later or something? It could possibly be a one!shot, but I'm not sure. The whole story describes Dean's depression and is very well written. Thanks in advance!

(Found by the lovely person in the comments who knew the title of this amazing story.)
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I seem to have lost/forgotten where I read this fic. Jensen was in college and went to a party with Danneel, the college had some kinda taxi service that they called to get back and Jared was the driver. Jared misunderstood the relationship between them and laid into Jensen for her being drunk. I think there was a panic attack in there somewhere? Also Jared may have been famous? I'd love to read this again if anyone knows where I can find it.
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Hello I am looking for a copy of the fic called Jingle, I don't know who wrote it. I found a link but it was dead and I haven't been able to find another one. Here is the summary:
Jared knows his 14 year old neighbor Jenny is staying all by herself in their house. Her parents left for the Christmas holidays. That particularly early morning, he knocks on the door to "check up on her" and Jenny opens it, all gorgeous and rumpled in just her overlarge shirt barely covering her legs and ass. The cold is making her nipples erect.

Please let me know if you know the story.
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Hi so i'm looking for an au destiel fic. It had alpha/beta/omega dynamics in it. Anyway Dean was a cop or a detective and got called to investigate cas' home because an alpha had broken into it and released alpha pheromones? and that is a very offensive crime to an omega. I remember cas wasn't home at the time and cas' neighbor (meg I think) had called dean. Dean volunteers to look out for cas until they find out who broke in and they develop feelings along the way. I remeber Cas was an omega and had a baby with a rich omc, because he used to be his secretary (I think) but they had no hard feelings and cas actually set up the omc with his soulmate who was adam. Another thing is that Zachariah had kidnapped Cas and his child in an attempt to claim cas and get rid of his child. Fortunately Dean came just in time and saved both Cas and his child and arrested Zachariah. So as you can see i'm a little spotty with all the details, but hopefully someone knows what fic i'm talking about. Thanks in advance!!
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Hi everyone,

I'm looking for a fic I read a while ago and like usual I seemed to have forgotten to save it somewhere so that I could read it again. Here is what I remember:

~The Js were not together in the beginning of the fic
~The story took place in a cozy little beach town
~If I remember correctly either Sophia or sandy called Jared up to persuade him to come visit (I think the caller had cancer) but he doesn't find out about that information until later on in the fic.
~I think Jared moved away to go to college leaving all of his friends behind.
~ I remember that the usual CW gang was also very much a part of the story (I.E.) Tom,Mike,Chad.
~ I can't remember how Jared and Jensen ended up together but it was definitely a slow build.
~ I think there might have been a wedding happening and that could have been the reason sandy or Sophia gave to Jared to make him go there to see her but I can't remember who it involved.
~ There also might have been a part were everyone is talking about the good old days when everyone was around and always there to hangout.

I hope this sounds like a fic that someone recognizes!

Thanks in advance


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