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A couple of months ago I read this fic and didn't save it and now I can't find it. So, this is what I can remember. This fic is set in a small town, everybody has normal jobs, nobody died. The reader is Jessica Moore's sister, and she's Dean's childhood best friend. They grew up together and when she wanted to go to New York, he was the one supporting her. She kind of had/has a crush on Dean and he had/has a crush on her, he dated Lisa Braeden, she dated Castiel Novak. In New York, she started a company and made some friends. A couple of years later Dean and the reader hook-up in Las Vegas. When her dad dies she returns to her hometown for the funeral but leaves quickly. A few weeks later she returns again for some reason and when she arrives she finds out that Dean is marrying Anna Milton. Dean asks her to come to his wedding. Her gay best friend is also invited. She doesn't want to go because it's too painful. When the wedding is about to begin the reader overhears Anna talking to someone on the phone about selling Dean's bar asap and then divorcing Dean. The reader crashes the wedding in the church, declaring her love for him and quoting Whitesnake. Dean storms out and takes Lisa with him. Dean returns, the reader opens up an office in her hometown so she can work there and they live happily ever after, or at least I think they do.

(the tags didn't work, I don't know if they're visible)
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