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Mar. 13th, 2014 10:25 pm
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I'm looking for some awesome Dean centered fic recs. Anything with Dean or Cas going back in time, purgatory!Dean, Michael!Dean , being the central heroic figure etc. Something long and plotty would be ideal. I love fics where Dean meets Cas before being pulled from Hell, or when Dean doesn't go and get Sam from Stanford and Sam learns about everything later. I'll take anything gen, het or Dean/Cas, but no Wincest, please. Thanks in advance!

Date: 2014-03-14 05:02 pm (UTC)
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michael!dean and super plotty - but temp. genderswap? (good one though, not a 'het wand') a blessing by valyria (
michael!dean and plotty but the dean/cas is preslash mostly. Really good though. best michael!dean fic imo. shine by zatnikatel (
time travel, teenage hustler dean remember me as a time of day by trieduntrue (

Date: 2014-03-14 08:39 pm (UTC)
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Try these - all Dean as a central heroic figure, long and plotty, gen or Destiel. Most of these are fandom classics though so you probably read them already, but on the off chance you haven't...

Night of the Hunter ( by [ profile] gaelicspirit. Hunting isn't something Dean can simply quit. Even if his family walks away; he's survived worse than loneliness. He's survived Hell. But when an ancient and dangerous breed of vampires and a mysterious hunter cross his path, Dean learns that Hell was just the beginning. (gen)

Wake Up and Fight ( by [ profile] gaelicspirit. When Sam is attacked and marked for possession by a 'Hell Bearer,' Dean will stop at nothing to save his brother. Pain and exhaustion he's handled before; however, adding to that the horrific memories of Hell may be too much for this world-weary hunter to bear. (gen)

Named ( by RC_McLachlan. Jesus Christ is dead. Somehow, that isn't the worst part of Dean's week. (Destiel)

Absolution ( by [ profile] wolfling and [ profile] omphalos. Against his better judgement, Castiel offers Dean a way to save Sam. (Destiel, Sam/Pamela)

On the Wings of War ( by AlchemyAlice. The four Horsemen are not just people with fancy rings. They aren’t even demons with fancy rings. They are another species entirely, a force unto themselves, and Lucifer is kidding himself if he thinks that they are at his beck and call. They are separate. They are neutral. Dean Winchester is not built like them. (Destiel)

The Burden of Being Me and You ( by Aecoris. Dean clawed his way out of Hell as a demon intent on stopping the apocalypse and the plans for his brother. Sam refuses to believe that this creature is Dean. They'll have to work together in order to stop the end of the world. (Gen)

Date: 2014-03-14 08:41 pm (UTC)
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Here you go! Have fun!

Long and Lonesome Highway (
(warning! Dean goes to hell, but Cas get him befor he breaks)

Make It Right ( (timetravel! BUT Gabriel does the timetravel)

Wolverines, Wendigos, Winchesters (
( long, verry plotty, het, Dean ends at the Xavierinstitut fighting the demon)

Learning How to Fly series (
(mainstory:"Learning How To Fly" crossover SPN/SGA, gen)

Date: 2014-03-15 12:47 am (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
Convenient Husbands by Annie D(scaramouche). AU. Creature!Castiel. Dean/Cas.
Summary: "It's only temporary, right?" Dean says. "Just until you're healed up, and then we'll never have to see each other again. So what do you say, Castiel, do you want to marry me or not?"

By [ profile] miss_annthropic :
- Set Me Free. Summary: “I’m the one who gripped you tight and raised you from perdition.” There was a story there… this is it. Pre-slash.

- The Lord’s Prayer. 05x04 "The End". Summary: Dean asked Castiel once if he could point to the last straw… the tipping point that pushed him off the edge. The final blasphemy that made him fall. Dean/Cas.

- Saving Grace. AU after 06x10. Summary: With everything that was going wrong in Dean’s life, it took him a while to realize that the person close to him that really needed the most help was Castiel. Pre-slash.

- The Shattered One and its sequel TSOII The Unbroken Ones. AU after 05x08, mpreg. Summary: When it struck Castiel, he was in mid-flight. It dropped him out of the sky like a sparrow buffeted by gale-force winds. Castiel set down the first place he could find. He ended up standing in a field in Switzerland, swaying on his feet and staring down at his body, dazed by what it had just done.

Angel 'Verse by [ profile] seraphim_grace.
Summary: Dean wonders how much is too much when you've already past that line and just how changed he is from being in hell.

Fire in the Hole by [ profile] big_pink . Gen, lots of violency, not John friendly. Stanford era.
After Sam leaves for Stanford, Dean falls hard and John doesn’t catch him. Their long bloody year comes to an abrupt end in the silver mining district of western Nevada, where both father and son must face their worst fears.

Stopping the Apocalypse and Other Acts of Awesomeness by Darth_firefly ( [ profile] bluetoastfics ). Gen. Wee!chesters. Character death. Remix challenge.
Summary: A cautionary tale of being careful what you wish for - and for some, lines you shouldn't cross.

Birds of a Feather - Deaf!Dean Verse also by Darth_firefly. AU.Het. Dean/OFC.
Summary: Dean Winchester was born deaf. His mother loved him all the same and assured him that he could do anything. Sadly, John didn't feel the same way. After a near fatal incident with a shtriga when Dean was nine, he knew that a deaf person had no business hunting and that his eldest would only be a burden. When he leaves Dean behind in a hospital, he tells himself he did the right thing. Turns out John was right. Dean Winchester became Dean Coulter - and found a new life to go along with his new name.

Date: 2014-03-15 02:33 am (UTC)
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This fits Dean meeting Cas before Hell (non-au): Sing and I Will Hear You ( by [ profile] oatmeal_queen Castiel is cursed to be a kitten every day of his life (a small, gray cat, very cute and fluffy) from 4am to 8pm sharp until he finds his true love. Dean finds him one day after a group of teenagers were basically torturing the poor thing. He takes care of him (and he's hurt real bad) but Castiel runs away to transform when Dean leaves him unattended. During the night, Dean finds Castiel in human form, still weak and weary from what happened to him in kitty form.

There's also a podfic for it here for mp3 ( and here for m4b (, if you're interested.
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Date: 2014-03-15 04:54 am (UTC)
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We Build Our Own World. Summary: What if instead of Mary, John died in the house fire? What if Castiel, to protect Anna, fell much sooner? What if Dean and Cas meet during Sam's first year at Stanford and start hunting together?

Date: 2014-03-15 11:14 am (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
Title: Unexpected Destinies
Pairings: Dean/Cas, mild Dean/OFC, past Dean/Lisa & Dean/Alastair
Rating: overall NC-17
Word Count: currently WIP
Warnings: AU, slash, wing!fic, bare backing, oral, torture, mild het, attempted non-con, past non-con, frottage, Grace!sex, food!sex, character death
Spoilers: up to and including Exile on Main St., AU from end of season 5.
Summary: They thought It was over. They thought they'd averted the Apocalypse. They thought they'd won. They were wrong...

Date: 2014-03-15 02:09 pm (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
Fire of Heaven by [ profile] trinityofone. Dean/Cas.
Summary: Five years after her run in with Azazel, Mary Winchester makes another deal.

Torn by Misachan. Dean/Cas.
Summary: the angels hurt Castiel; Dean goes down the path of revenge.

Date: 2014-03-15 03:57 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I have a bunch of time travel recs here ( They are all labelled for pairing or gen.

Date: 2014-03-18 08:30 pm (UTC)
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Anything by Sharlot is recommended, but most especially for this request, ( "Dust Devils". The summary doesn't do it justice -you will weep. Very long and extremely well-crafted.


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