Jul. 31st, 2014

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So I read this one really good fic while I was obsessed with blind!sam, I'm pretty sure it was sett in season 8, Dean had just gotten out of Purgatory but he couldn't find Sam. Meanwhile Sam had been kidnapped along with Jody Mills maybe? Anyway. he was kidnapped and being tortured by Missy (the little girl from the crazy family in season 1) she was all grown up and angry that her family was killed, she was working with some other people vampires or demons I think. She cut out Sam's eyes I think, I know he ends up blind and eventually Dean rescues him. There might have been non-con?
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I'd love any fics that deal with Dean's increasing depression in S9. I've read everything I can find on Ao3 but I'm sure there's some good ones posted on other sites.

Gen preferably, but if there is a ship please don't have the ship be the cure all for Dean's depression.
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I recently read Jensen Ackles Doesn't Exist, which is an amazing story. And I thought I had seen a podfic version of the story, but now I am not sure. I was wondering if anyone could tell me if there is an audio version of the story somewhere?

Thanks in advance!

j2 fics

Jul. 31st, 2014 03:04 pm
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any j2 fics where they are friends and J1 is in love with J2 but J2 is dating someone else. either J2 knows that J1 loves him or his gf or bf figures it out and asks J1 to stay away from him or something, maybe j2's significant other just doesnt like how close J1 and J2 are and tries to sabotage their friendship and make their relationship the more important thing in J2s life. eventual jared/jensen, bottom jensen only if possible. thanks!
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I keep hearing about how big Superwholock (Supernatural/Doctor Who/Sherlock crossovers) is or was and yet I've never even come across one, I've checked the Doctor Who tag and still nothing. so does anyone know of any great superwholock stories out there?
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I'm really new to LiveJournal (although definitely not new to the world of fanfiction) and was wondering if anybody has some fic recs for long, Non AU Jared/Jensen stories?

I like the kinda clich├ęd storylines like moving into each others houses or flirting on set (pretending to be a couple is also a personal favourite) and I enjoy a healthy dose of angst- although no deaths or abuse etc please!

Anyway, I'm not too sure how this works but any non au J2 fics will be greatly appreciated! :)
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I don't remember much from it because I didn't read much of it. Couldn't stomach it at the time but now I can't find again which stinks.
It is a Supernatural Au story where Sam and Dean aren't related or were split at birth but they didn't meet each other until later in life at school. I'm not sure what age they were, high school or college I believe. Sam's tires get slashed so he can't get home and Dean offers him a ride home. dean waits for a bit and sees Sam get hit on the head but not enough to worry him but of course it gets worse because he was late.
It isn't much I know but I only read like 2-3 chapters in so I'm sorry about that.
If you recognize it, but it has been deleted or purged please tell me that too!
Thank You!
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I've recently been more interested in femdom stories but have found it really difficult to find them in the supernatural fandom. I'm interested in any fics (self recs included) where Sam is being dominated by a girl during sex (doesn't matter if it's a character on the show or a oc) thank you!!! 
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I've been on a complete downer for the last couple of days (depression sucks!) and the stories I've been reading hasn't helped at all! So if you could all do me a big favour and help me out please...

Just looking for ANY and ALL stories (pre-series, during the series, after the series, AU...) that has protective Dean who's sweet and gentle with Sam and acts like the big brother we all know him to be. Or stories where Dean takes charge as the older Brother, puts his foot down and, like, Sam has no choice but to obey or he'd have to face a pissed-off Dean and just stuff like that. Don't care if it's only a little scene in a big story, just want to read something along these lines.

I've read all of Marianna Morgans stories on FanFiction and Heart's Desire.

Thank you for all the help you can give me!
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hey guys,
i'm looking for a specific fic that i've been looking for for quite some time. i found it on here a couple years ago but sadly didn't bookmark it and haven't been able to find it since.

i remember the basic plot--dean was on a camping trip with a few friends and got lost or hurt, and sam, who lived alone in a cabin in the woods. i think dean broke his leg. i think sam lived with someone who died recently. basically they stayed in the cabin until dean healed and then he went back to society. sam ended up following him but dean's roommate told him dean didn't care about him, or something like that. sam and dean ended up happy, of course.

i'm pretty sure it was wincest but it also could have been j2. i think sam was feral, or otherwise altered.

thank you so much!!


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