Jul. 3rd, 2014

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I was hoping to reread BJ Wolf's Supernatural/Iron Man crossovers. Unfortunately, Bj Wolf's lj account has been deleted. There were several different series and fics. I know one of them was called "Baby Mine," but I'm not sure of the names of the rest. These fics are favorites of mine, and I'd really like to be able to read them. Help? Please?
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ok! I've got one for you!

Jared and Jensen get together and they end up at a fair/carnival, they decide to get their fortunes told. The fortune teller tells them that in their past lives they have get in love but they both end up dying. The good news is that they will live happily ever after this time! in between all this is flashbacks to their previous lives and how they meet or how they end up dying (I believe in the beginning of the story they've been in a fatal car crash one's alive while the other is dead/dying, then they pass.)

thank you!!
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1. Dean/OMC. I don't know why but I suddenly have a craving. The parameters I have for this are; Sam knows (or finds out), canon setting, not pre-series/Stanford and no non-con. Just Dean/OMC, no wincest, but if it ends in destiel instead that's okay. I'm dying to read Dean/OMC set in a later season.

2. Sam finds out Dean was a hooker during his youth in order to put food on the table/pay for things for Sam. Major Sam guilt please, as much as possible. Bonus points if Dean views it as just one more thing he had to do, and Sam is horrified at Dean's lack of self esteem.

3. Any other guilty Sam fics, any pairing, any subject, but please warn for non-con and other triggers. Bonus points if there's any fics out there about Sam teasing Dean about his eating habits, until Dean admits he eats so much because he starved as a child making sure Sam could eat. The more of a jerk Sam is, the better - as long as Dean stands up for himself and makes Sam work for his forgiveness. I hate stories where Dean just rolls over and takes the abuse in an OOC manner, and then forgives him like it was no big deal.

Please no: Death fics or permanent changes (deafness, boys not brothers etc)

Thanks in advance!
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Hey guys!

I am looking for stories where someone discusses Sam and Dean's closeness with either one of the brothers. Could be out of awe for their strong bond or because they are jealous or because they don't understand the complicated relationship the brothers have...

Maybe like Ben or Lisa being jealous of Sam for taking Dean away, or Adam for not having a big brother to take care of him while growing up and then initiating a conversation. Anything like that would be great!! :D
(Could also be OC) Only gen, please!

Crazy Sam

Jul. 3rd, 2014 09:27 pm
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Hello, I'm looking for any fics where either Sams crazy comes back after 'The Born-Again Identity' or Castiel isn't able to fix his mind. Any rating and any pairing is fine. Thanks!
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I just finished reading killabeez's lovely stories And The Devil Makes Three and Siren Song. SPOILERS FOLLOW!! The fact that Dean and Sam and the OFC end up together and the scene near the end where Sam and OFC have unprotected sex (Dean already has kids with her) made me itch for a fic where Dean and Sam have kids with the same woman. They can end up in relationship, ideally, or if not I'll even take whatever, surrogate or weird demon hoodoo, however it happens. Also, it doesn't have to be an OFC, can be Jess/whoever from the show.

If that doesn't exist, I'll also take more Dean/Sam/SomeGirl threesomes. Longer fics not required but also a plus. No mary sue type stuff, please.

.... I guess I'd also take creative interpretations vaguely related to my request e.g. where one of the boys is genderswapped and has kids with Dean and OMC; or they're both girls and have kids with the same guy? Idk....


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