May. 11th, 2014

Lost Fic

May. 11th, 2014 01:12 am
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Hi! I am looking for a fic, I thought I had saved. But have looked through everything and can not find.
So I am hoping someone will recognize tis. I can't remember the author or title of the fic. But here is what I remember about the fic:

- It's a world with same sex couples. It's against the law for heterosexuals to be together. The penalty is prison or death.
- Jared's father is ruler of this world and his great grandfather is the one who made the law.
- Jared falls in love with Sandy. They sneak around to be with one another.
-Jensen is a pianist whose father has kept him sheltered.
- Jensen plays for the Padalecki's.
-Jared's father finds out about Jared and Sandy so he arranges for Jensen to be in a relationship with Jared.
-Jared is not happy and is cruel to Jensen at first.
-Jared becomes the ruler at the end of the fic.

Hopefully this will help. It's been a while since I read it and would really like to read it again.

Thanks for your help! :)

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Hey guys! Got a couple requests this time. I'll try and keep 'em brief: RPF, Self-recs, and wincest are all welcome.

1. Specific Search: Werewolf fic. Fairly short. Dean was a werewolf and chased Sam into the woods (and I could stop right there and be happy with every rec, but I guess I'll keep going)... Sam twisted his ankle and hit his head. Dean caught up to him, but didn't attack. Sam passed out. Dean came back, half-dragged him into a cave, transformed back into a human in the morning, and heavy wincest ensued. FOUND in comments.

2. General search: Really in the mood for guilty!Dean and/or fics where Dean cheats on Sam. Who knows, he may not be guilty. He may be kind of a jerk. But I'm looking for fics where Dean punches Sam, or cheats on him, or drugs him, or does something that makes Sam react in a hurt way. Mean, potentially-apologetic Dean. I've even got a rec for this one: Ticket to Ride.

3. How about some long, relatively light-hearted case fics? Doesn't need to be humor. Tiny bit of angst okay. Lots of brotherly love wanted. I miss those moments in the show, guys. I still feel like Sam and Dean haven't completely reconciled.

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Hello everyone, my last two requests didn't show up for some reason so fingers crossed for this one.

The specific fic I'm looking for is Destiel with winged!dean. What I remember is that Dean had terrible backache and he&Sam didn't know what was going on. At some point they we going somewhere I guess I remember Impala being in the scene, Sam looks at Dean's back and rips out the wings? But they were not developed enough and covered in something sticky? and it was burning? I also remember Castiel coming down to help Dean. To be honest I'm not sure there was a relationship between Castiel and Dean but there probably was. Hope you can help me find this fic.
I'd also like other fics like the one I just described. Dean getting wings and Castiel helping him.
And lastly fics where castiel is really protective and possessive towards Dean.

Thanks in advance.
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I read a story awhile back where Jensen found Jared had a playlist on his iPod filled with songs all about Jensen. Now, I would like to read any similar fics, where one J has a playlist about the other and they find out. Anyone know of any fics like that?


J2 or Sam/Dean pairing only and I strongly prefer bottom!Jensen is there is any sex.

Prank war!

May. 11th, 2014 03:37 pm
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Hello people!!!
Today I am in a mood for pranks. Does anybody know some prank war fic? Boys doing pranks to each other, to somebody else, to John (haha you see them making a prank to John??), anyway anything where is a prank. Doesn`t matter if there are consequences or not. I would prefer that John is in the story but I take everything.
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I would really like to read stories where one character calls another "Little One". It can be between lovers (Cas to Dean, Gabe to Sam, Dean to Sam), between family (John to Dean, or Dean to Sam) or in a playtonic situation (example: Bobby or Ellen to one of the boys, an angel to one of the boys) like Michael to Dean in OTP_Destiel's Unexpected Destinies. I am really open to any situation, any or no pairing. I just want a character being called "Little One". Thanks for any you can find.
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Hi guys!
I am looking for a fic I read a while ago that featured Dean having to cut off Cas's wings.
I think it might have been set in 2014 (end!verse), but I'm not sure. It was probably Destiel (but it might have also been Gen). Sorry, I know it's not a lot...
I am also interested in reading anything similar, with Castiel's wings being cut off. Any pairing is fine.
Thanks, you are awesome!



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