Dec. 28th, 2011

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I'm having a crazy craving for hurt!Dean fic, but not the "oh no I tripped and broke my leg" kind, more like the "and now we delve into Dean's previous messed up emotional trauma and whump him some more kind"! (Yes I know, I'm a disturbed individual...)

One request though, I want the REALLY bad stuff, like the stuff that made you cry so hard you couldn't see the computer screen through your tears, or that made your stomach and/or heart hurt, or that was so awful you had to stop reading and look at fuzzy kittens before you could keep reading. I particularly like betrayal, abuse, emotional trauma, neglect, guilt, abandonment issues, you know all that good stuff :) . Oh, I almost forgot, NO death, I can't take just about everything but that is just beyond the pale...

EDIT: I HAVE read The Bright Lights of Disturbia as well as just about everything else by leonidaslion :)

Examples of the kinds of fics I'm looking for
Sins of the Innocent by reapertownusa
Broken Boy Soldier"
Images of Broken Light by ameresu
Steadfast by rivkat
The Wellington Fort by Rafikiven
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I've been looking for this fic for quite a long time 

In the story, Sam was the king of hell and Dean was his consort, or maybe pet or something
they were both evil, I remember them killing/playing with a hooker in first part but I'm not sure if she was a hooker
It was mostly wincest in the first few episodes but after they kidnapped(?) some angels for their breeding experiment
It became more like dean/castiel and Cas gave birth to a boy and they named him Malachi 

I would really appreciate if you could kindly help me :)
I needed all of my courage to post this one
since I have some kind of morbid fear of posting something on the internet -I know it's weird-

So obviously, It's my first post here.
I read Sticky Post but If I've done something wrong please let me know

*It's found!
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I'm trying to locate a fic where Dean has had a kind of compulsion to work out mathematical problems in his head when he's anxious. Due to a spell or a curse Sam cannot help but hear his thoughts and it annoys him.

Thanks in advance.


Dec. 28th, 2011 02:50 am
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I've been searching for some pirate! fics.
I've just watched the 'pirates of the caribbean' series and just wonder if there are some pirate stories version of j2 or sam/dean.
If you know any fics involved pirate, please let me know :)
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Ok I have just two simple requests for today.

1. Mommy!Dean fics. Meaning fics where Dean acts motherly or does things that a normal mother would do for their child.

2. Visions. Fics where Sam has a vision and Dean comforts him through it/takes care of him. Could be episode tags or anything basically.

I prefer Gen for both but Wincest will do as well.

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Hi everyone! I started thinking of this story a while ago and I've searched everywhere and I cannot find it.

Read more... )

I really hope this sounds familiar because it is bugging me! Thank you!

EDIT: found! link in comments
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Does anyone know J² fics in which the Jays only ever meet occasionally and their interaction is cut to a minimum? But over the course of the story they find each other? Nothing too schmoopy, please. Rating doesn't matter but I prefer R or lower.

Thanks, guys!

2 requests

Dec. 28th, 2011 12:44 pm
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Hi ya'll!

1) Are there any good RPF het pairing stories out there? In the mood for some reason. Will take long or PWP but prefer something R/NC17. Would prefer Jensen or Jared to be the male main character...and I'll even take one of them as alwaysagirl! But I'm not really into genderswap.

2) Any good RPF femslash stories? I just read an amazing Danneel/Genevieve one and would love some more. Again, long or PWP, doesn't matter as long as it's good.

Thank you!
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can anyone rec a fic where Sam (or dean if you dont know any sam ones) has to deal with coming out or has to come to terms with the fact hes gay?
also i read a fic where Sam finds out hes pregnant but doesnt tell dean and a hunt goes wrong and he miscarries and dean finds out and has to comfort him sorry not nmany details (slightly tipsy sorry) anyone know it? or something similar characters may be mixed up but was mpreg
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I have come across two really good fics, What Remains by [ profile] walkawayslowly, and Memories of Me by [ profile] gillianinoz. Both stories use the idea of a supernatural force temporarily erasing Dean’s memory, leaving him free of his lifelong emotional baggage, stripped of his typical defense mechanisms and able to see Sam as something other than his little brother.  Of course, since both these stories are also NC-17 Wincest, the crap hits the fan when Dean regains his memory.

Now my appetite is whetted for more amnesia fics (and yes, I am scrolling through this site's amnesia tag in the meantime.) They don’t have to be Wincest, although I’m obviously open to those. It also doesn’t have to be Dean who’s affected; the idea of a Sam who’s not wringing his hands over his destiny, who’s not afraid every person he falls in love with will die, and who thinks being psychic is cool also sounds like a nice change.  And are there any fics where the memory loss is permanent?

I once read a story where some curse or other forced Dean to tell the truth, and of course Sam took full advantage and asked Dean all kinds of personal questions. I’m not looking for this story in particular, but I was wondering if there are more "forced to tell the truth" fics out there (I don't see a tag for that.) Once again, it doesn’t have to be Dean who’s afflicted, and I like both gen and slash.

Thanks for any and all help finding some good ones.
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Hey guys,

A few months ago I read this humorous one-shot fic here on LJ and wish I could find it again. I can’t remember the name of it or who wrote it.

It had Castiel, Crowley, and the Winchesters, and was slightly Dean/Cas. From what I can remember of the fic, in one scene they were all in the Impala together and Crowley got his phone out to make a call and thought Cas was going to smite him. And later Cas was showing off his wings and Dean was going all fanboy on him. I think it might’ve even been from Sam’s PoV.

If you guys know what this fic is, please let me know. :-)



Dec. 28th, 2011 07:31 pm
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Think of it like this, you don't notice the mosquito bite, so it doesn't itch. As soon as you are aware of it, you try not to scratch until you finally can't take it anymore.

My itch seems to be Gabriel/Trickster related. As I was rewatching disney movies (Aladdin in this example), I made the mistake of comparing the Genie to Gabriel. Now I really badly want a youtube video of Gabriel to the song "friend like me".
If there isn't one out there, do you know were I could go to request one?

On an unrelated note, I'm looking for a Destiel fic were Sam and Dean visit a town were people are forced to sing about how they feel/what they did to others/etc. I think Dean sings about his love of Cas.

Thanks for helping!
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Looking for a fic where Dean and Jensen, Misha and Castiel, or Sam and Jared switch universes. I'd prefer for it to be only one of those pairs that gets switched. Context doesn't really matter, but it would be cool if they were forced to switch places to learn more about themselves. :) (I'm leaning toward Dean and Jensen).

Thanks in advance!
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I can't seem to find this one fic I read once...

In it, Sam was cutting because of his incestuous thoughts/feelings for Dean. I can't remember much else. 

Anyone know what it is?


Dec. 28th, 2011 10:12 pm
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So I'm looking for any stories, short or long, wherein they're still actors on the show and they're doing a press conference, red carpet event, something where there's press or interviews going on. I'm looking for anything where they're affectionate with each other, or, they sneakily touch each other or something while in the spot light. 

If anyone's seen something like that, I'd love to take a look :) 

Thanks in advance :)

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You guys have helped me so many times before so I thought I would ask for aid again. I just finished school and have LOTS of free time looking for a Real job! LOL I have been filling my time reading fan fics.

1.I was reading one in which the brothers are raised apart. The parents knew about hunting and talked to each other. But kept the boys apart. But the boys find each other at Sandford. Please help!

2. Any fictions in which Dean is taken. It could be for bait or just taken from his family. I would like it to happen when he was older. But anything would be great.

3. Any fictions were the boys are hurt infront of each other. Used as bait to froce the others hand. Just basic brotherly love used to hurt them. If and I know it is a HUGE IF anyone knows of fics were the boys are used to hurt/control JOhn that would be AWESOME

Thanks in advance.

Number 1 Found! It was Folk Lore 101 Thank you so much hammersxstrings!!!
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Hey all! Hope you all had a great christmas!

I recently read 'I'd Gladly Lose Me to Find You' by flawedamythyst. The summary is: 'Sam takes a vow of silence in order to pull Dean out of Hell, but by the time Dean comes back, Sam's lost more of himself than just his voice."

It was pretty awesome and its got me wondering if there are any similar fics out there, where Sam sacrifices something in order to save his brother. Wincest would be preferable, please.

Thanks again!

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I'm looking for fics in which Jared is made aware that Jensen is more popular than he is with the fans (in the looks and acting department) and his reaction to that. Or fics in which Sam feels like the ugly duckling compared to Dean or feels like he always falls in Dean's shadows. He can be insecure about it or totally confident in himself. For example: Maybe Jared is worried Gen will like Jensen more when she shows up and he shows an interest in her? Or maybe he knows exactly how to work his charm when he spots her so she falls for him? Or an insecure Sam, worried his dates will leave him for Dean once they catch sight of his big brother(maybe the story behind his dream about Bela, yet being so shy/awkward around her? Maybe he felt he didn't stand a chance against her interest in Dean?), or a completely confident Sam - lays back when he doesn't want to be spotted, let's Dean handle the girls- but knows exactly how to turn on his charm when he's interested in someone. I just want some sort of reaction from Jared and Sam. 

There is something so appealing/sexy/adorable about a confident, knows how to get what he wants, knows when to lay back or turn his charm on full blast!Jared/Sam. ;) But I'm also dying to read Jared/Sam's hidden insecurities about being perceived/thinking he is second best to Jensen/Dean.

Thank you. :) 


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