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Dec. 24th, 2011 12:14 am
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Here's some useless info from the world of Words Fly By. I don't understand why I'm still up. I'm really kind of bored and it's theroeticaly the next day, but I'm still not asleep..(shrugs)
But I am feeling better now! :D

Anyhow, I'm looking for Destiel fics. Well-known ones, hidden ones, kinky ones, shmoopy ones, Aus...Anything excepl death!fic actually (I can't read them-not my cup of tea (It's actually Jasmine tea))

I've read all of Gedry's and otp-Destiel's (huh, look-at-that). I addition, I've also read tons for Swingset's Epic AU list.


Happy Hoildays people!

(Note, I actually editied this, not too sure why...)
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Not sure what 'Remove the poll for my post meant', sorry, but I have resubmitted anyway.   I read this a while ago and have lost the title and author. The story goes, Jensen is a werewolf who hasn't found his mate, and if he doesn't find him by the time he reaches a certain age he'll go insane and have to be killed and he is beginning to feel the affects. The story has Jared and Christian in it, but I can't remember who else is in it. Has anyone read this, if so please let me knew the title etc. My thanks to anyone who replies.

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Looking for fics where Sam and Dean or Jared and Jensen have sex in, on or in front of the impala. Also J2 playing Wincest-Fics.

They coul be together yet or can get together (fics where they´re have feelings for the other but the other dont know).

Also: PWP, Oneshots, and normal/epic stories.
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I'm eating frozen peas alone on Christmas, so anything like that with Sam and or Dean. None of that fluffy escapism.
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Thank you to each and every one of you who rec'ed a fanfiction or gave input otherwise! Thanks to your help, I'm now absolutely convinced that this ship is great and worth  shipping, so you totally did what I was asking of you ^-^
I was hooked after reading "Last Outpost Of All That Is" (some of you might have guessed ^-^), but I will read everything else too and then search for more on my own.
You're all great!

Phew, just got my first fix here and now I'm addicted to the comm and back for more already ^-^

I'm really open minded when it comes to pairings but so far, wincest held no appeal to me. Now I would love to jump on the bandwagon, but I need your help - convince me that Dean/Sam or Sam/Dean can actually work - give it your best shot! ^-^

But - here are some things I need/don't want:

1. I would prefer if the boys were not in an established relationship, first time would be better.
2. I love long stories, preferably with more STORY than sex, so please no pwp.
3. No non-con between the boys, although dub-con would be okay, because of the issues with incest, I guess.
4. I'm bored already with this seme/uke, dom/sub concept, so bonus points if the boys try for equality ^-^ But if I must choose than I would prefer bottom!Sam.
5. No MPREG, AUs (in the sense of High School and such stuff), total crack, (major) character death. Angst and H/C would be great. But anything else goes, too.
7. Sorry, should have said that sooner, but I don't like crossovers...

Anyone up to the challenge to infect another fangirl with the virus of wincest awesomeness?
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Greetings and salutations, happy holidays and merry Christmas to my favorite group!  Here's what I can remember: there's some entity that preys on very pretty people.  I think Dean and John had gone up against it before but failed to kill it.  The only way to kill it is to let it manifest inside you and do some kind of ritual, I think that entity makes you really sad or something.  Dean's in some bar when it comes for him (he set himself out as bait) and is sitting there crying when some guys are trying to pick him up and Sam comes out of nowhere to come and get him.  Dean didn't tell him what he was going to do, I think Sam found out from Bobby.  Anyhoo, that's all I got, sound familiar to anyone?


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