Dec. 20th, 2011

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It's a pretty long story that's from sam or dean's point of view(maybe?) that shows Castiel trying new things and learning how to live like a human because he is slowly losing his grace, but it takes the boys a while to realize that's why he is doing it.

One scene that I remember really well is Gabriel taking Cas to a chocolate fair or something and Cas being on a major sugar rush. Dean tells him that he should be bouncing off the walls not vibrating himself into oblivion and Gabriel said that Cas would take the house down if he started bouncing.

Thank You so much in advance.
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Can anyone rec me any stories where Jensen is dealing with his feelings about Jared/OMC which eventually leads to Jared/Jensen? Like he finds out Jared is having a secret or open fling that stirs feelings of hurt and jealousy in him?

Maybe Jensen and Jared have been fooling around a bit as well and he's surprisingly hurt to find out he's not the only one Jared's been fooling around with. I like a story with plot, but anything will do at this point!

1. Bottom!Jensen for this search.

2. If Bottom!Both, that's ok.

3. Any and all stories!

Thanks In Advance!

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Hi guys!

I've never actually done this! Been a member of this community for years, but never made a request. Now I have one! A very specific one, actually. =)

I'm looking for Jensen or Jared character bleed where there might be like a ... Wincest/J2 crossover type thing? Not where Jensen or Jared meet Sam or Dean. But where Jensen or Jared either confuses reality, forgets who they are, roleplays as their chars, etc.

Self-recs totally awesome (of course). =DD

And thanks in advance. =D
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Hey y'all,

I'm looking for some J2 fics that have any of the following themes:

1. Bully Jared/Jensen
2. Possessive Jared/Jensen
3. Mean Jared/Jensen
4. Stalker Jared/Jensen
5. Obsessive Jared/Jensen
6. Serial killer Jared/Jensen/ any horror J2 recs
7. J2 stranded in desert island
8. Wooing Jared/Jensen
9. Jealous Jared/ Jensen
10. Dub con Rape with Jared/ Jensen

I want all types of fics. Including lighthearted ones where Jared/Jensen is just misguided and doesn't mean any harm (harmless stalker). I prefer Jared in all of these as the bully/stalker/etc. but I don't mind Jensen in that position either.

As an example, some of my favorite fics are the Black Cartel verse with evil Jared and You and me, Sand and Sea with J2 on an island - both feature a possessive Jared.

And the specific fic I'm looking for has the following description:

Jensen is on an airplane and he thinks he's about to die. He starts telling a stranger (Jared) all of the things he still wants to do. Jared turns out to be the CEO of the company Jensen works for. This was a really funny crack! fic.

On the same note, I'm interested in any laugh-out-loud funny crack fics y'all know about.

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I'm hoping someone can help me find this fic because it's been driving me nuts.

Behind a cut for story spoilers and to ease my paranoia.  )

I've seriously been scouring the internet for DAYS using every search trick I know to find this fic. I could've swore I saved it somewhere but apparently not. I know for sure it was on so that helps narrow it down. Thanks for all your help!
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Hi there! First time poster here. I'm always seeing fics (and requests for fics) where Sam is in love with/lusts after/wants Dean. Something I hardly ever see is the other way around, where it's Dean that wants/is in love with/lusts after Sam. That's what I want! It could be requited by the end of the story, or it could stay unrequited (which I prefer). NC-17 fics are FINE (preferred.) Long fics, short fics, drabbles... I want it all, as long as it contains unrequited feelings on Dean's part. (Although, again, if it's requited by the end of the story, that's fine.) (If it is requited by the end of the fic, I prefer botom!Dean, but I'll take bottom!Sam too.) Give me those fics!

Mods: I really hope I tagged this correctly. If not, please do fix it!
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Hi hope someone can help me. The fic I'm looking for is set in high school and Jared and Jensen are BFFs. Jensen has a crush on Jared who doesn't know about it. Jared then falls for Sandy who is the new girl in school. Angst ensues. Also Jensen designs posters for his friends band.

Thanks for any help.

Found Link in comments
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I'm looking for fics where J2 come from different social class backgrounds.

One family loses everything and now they have to go from a private rich school to a state school (lowest of state schools) where they meet each other.

I would love to read stories similar for Destiel and Sassy.

Thank You.

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I am sitting here with a bad back (since Thanksgiving) and am spending my time going through posts.   I think I have checked all the tags that pertain to my request but I need more!  What I am looking for are WeeChesters or TeenChesters where:

1. John just does not understand/and or abuses Sam and he runs away.
2. Sam is kidnapped and is not reunited with his family for months or even years.
3. Sam is missing and no one knows what happened to him
4. Sam is taken by CPS and grows up away from his family only to reunite later.
5. Mute, deaf or blind Sam

I would prefer GEN only for these requests please.  It would also be super if Bobby, Pastor Jim, Caleb or Joshua were in the story.

Thank you in advance for saving me from total boredom.
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I'm looking for a Sam/Gabriel fic Post-Tall Tales, Sam goes back to the room where they killed the Trickster, because something didn't seem right about it. Gabriel is still hanging out there and it goes into why Sam still thought the Trickster was alive. Gabriel tells Sam to call him 'Gabe'. Then Gabriel keeps whisking Sam away for things he deems fun. Gabriel always takes Sam back to the same time Gabriel took him from. Towards the middle of the fic Sam makes a pass at Gabriel which Gabriel freak out about, because he doesn't want Sam to sleep with him for favors. They eventually work out that Sam shouldn't ask him for anything. I'm sure there's a scene in there where Gabriel shows up and helps Sam where Sam says, "I didn't ask." It ends with Gabriel being BAMF in the Azazel killing scene, and nipping the Apocalypse in the bud. 

Please and, thank you.

FOUND! Link in first comment. 
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What I remember about this fic:

Supernatural had been over for years and J2 weren't in touch anymore, Jared had a daughter, I *think*( I might be confusing with another fic) his wife (Genevieve or Sandy) had died during delivery.
Jensen became a director and insisted on having Jared in his first movie or he wouldn't direct it, Jared took the role but didn't know who the director was until he was interviewed on Oprah and Jensen was the surprise guest, they hugged really long and Jensen met Jared's daughter there, after the interview Oprah told them that they obviously needed to work things out because there was a lot of tension between them or something ... and I don't really remember how it goes from there but I have this particular scene (the Oprah interview) in my mind and I need to re read this fic like I need air xD

Please Help! 
Thanks :)
Found, link in comments.
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Hey guys!

I'm looking for J2 and wincest fic wherein one is sick and the other taking of him, schmoop fics are more than welcome :)

many thanks :)
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One is Dean/Sam, and involves the brothers having to get inside an exclusive gay club to investigate a case. In order to enter, they have to ‘prove’ they’re gay, and a kiss alone won’t cut it. The story is told from Sam’s POV, and it also had a link to a sequel. This story never gets around to details about the actual case, so I don’t think this qualifies as a casefic.

FOUND: The second is based on two characters from the third season’s “Ghostfacers,” Ed and Corbett. It’s an AU where Corbett didn’t die; his fake ghost echo was used to make everyone believe he’d been killed, but Ed’s profession of love broke the Morton ghost’s façade. Now everyone is home and recovering from the experience, and Ed is trying to figure out how he truly feels about Corbett. It’s a two-part story, Ed’s POV, and also has plenty of Harry/Maggie references.

FOUND: Another involved a type of magic that made Sam and Dean “mates,” strongly tuned in to each other right down to reacting to each other’s scent, and even as they’re resisting it Dean is so possessive of Sam he growls when Castiel studies Sam for too long. I remember a dialogue exchange when Dean tried to explain what was happening to them according to Cas, and it included so many “blah blah blahs” that Sam finally demands (in all caps) to know how Dean has survived this long. The story turns with Sam leaving the motel room while Dean sleeps: Dean wakes up, trails Sam’s scent to a bar, and has to chase Sam through the woods to finally claim him while calling him “Sammy Mine.” It ends with their eyes taking on a glow; Dean’s green, Sam’s yellow. Dean’s POV.

Note:  #3 found with the help of [ profile] hellesofbelles , #2 I found with this site's "genre: ghostfacers" tag.  Thanks so much.  Only one to go! :)
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I really hope that someone will be able to help me because googling did not yield any results (well, it was me vs. a search engine, so I'm not too surprised T-T).

I'm looking for a Dean/Castiel fanfiction where it turns out that Dean is, in fact, God or becomes the new head honcho in heaven. (But I would settle for him becoming the new devil as well, or a pagan god or a kick-ass angel).

I have found (when I was NOT searching for it *headdesk*) the story "Named" by R. C. MacLachlan, but now I crave more.

Any pointers/help would be highly appreciated!

(I apologize if I didn't tag that right - God!Dean is not in high demand, it seems, so I settled for "not human").
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1) Lucifer.  As in, Jo/Lucifer, Sam/Lucifer(/Gabriel).  Just not Cas/Lucifer, or Dean/Lucifer.  I am intrigued and have noticed the pairing(s) around, so let me know what you've got (I've read Somewhere to Begin, Gastonberry, This Is All Life Really Means, Detente, And Only You Could Get Me Out)

2) RPF... just not J2.  Preferably Misha/Jensen; or Misha (or Richard)/Jared or something along those lines.  My first time actually seeking out RPF (so I'm sticking to the RP counterparts to my favorite pairings).

3) Resurrected!John and/or John finds out about Dean/Cas (or Sam/Gabriel).  I've read Back Seat Driver/Clean Slate/Killing Time/Onstermay (that series was great) and A Few Small Repairs. 

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Hey everyone :)

I'm looking for 2 types of fics :

1) Werewolf fics with Alpha!Jared/Beta!Jensen.  I want Jared to be super dominant and extremely possessive over Jensen.

2) Wincest fics with Castiel pov.

I don't read :
Bottom/Jared(or Sam)

Thanks in advance !
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Howdy ya'll!

So I'm on the hunt for a stash of animalistic fic. So anything from werewolf boys to barbarian boys. It could be demon!boys or angel!boys, anything where they have beast characteristics. So large amounts of sniffing, grunting, animal shape shifting, you name it. Kinda like HigherMagic's Khaleesi fic.

Also looking for genderswap!Dean fic, basically like Felis Blanco's. (forgot the name of the fic)
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I had this up earlier, but got no help and am really desperate to find this story. SO, if you know it, please help? 

All I remember is:

J2 are flight attendants, I think in first class.
They might not like each other at first.
Tom/Mike have sex a lot in the plane's bathrooms.

I know it's not a lot, but it's really all I remember. PLEASE HELP. *hugs any of you forever*
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Hello all :)

I remember reading a fic some time ago in which Sam is mentally - but not physically - regressed to infancy. I don't remember why, whether it was a curse or what. It might have just been a way of coping with trauma. I know it was a slow process: first he needs diapers, then slowly starts losing the ability to walk and talk, etc... Eventually he's completely helpless, totally dependent on Dean. I think he even sleeps in a crib (although how you get a 6'5" man into a crib I don't know).

Dean takes care of him with the help of (if I remember right) a friend who works in a local convenience store? It may have been slash, Dean/OMC, but that part I'm not sure of.

Really hope this is familiar to someone. Thanks in advance :)

ETA: FOUND! Link in comments.


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