Dec. 18th, 2011

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I'm almost positive it was Sam/Gabriel, and/or Dean/Castiel.  All I remember is Bobby sends Sam and Dean out on a hunt to a haunted house, and it turns out it's haunted by a bunch of ghost cats (Bobby knew this, I'm pretty sure, he just wanted them out of the house).  One of the ghost kittens winds up coming home with them.

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I am searching for the story, That's all I remember:

Jensen has been hurt. He makes it to a hospital where he kidnaps Jared.
Jensen makes Jared drive to a cabin while holding a gun to his head. Finally there manages to activate the lockdown which prevents anyone from leaving or entering the cabin.
I remember Jensen had a little daughter?

thanks a lot for your help :*
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can you help me find some bottom!dean or bottom!jensen podfics 
(i dont care who hes paired with i love all the pairings) 
i cant find them very easily
pretty pretty please 
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Hi Guy's!!

I read this fic awhile ago but what I can remember was Sam and Dean are working a case. Sam gets cursed, (can't remember who does it or why.) which makes anyone who see's him fall in love with him. Dean thinks it funny at 1st but then Sam get's attacked, he try's to get Sam to safety, till the spell/curse wears off. Also I don't think Dean was affected but it is a Sam/Dean story.

I know that's not much information but there is two parts of the story I can remember.

Sam calling Dean on the phone and telling him people are after him, Dean thinks Sam is joking so starts to laugh/Joke about it.

Also there was something to do with Monks, I think they help/save the boy's from Sam's admirers.

If anyone can help that would be awesome!! ^_________^

J2 Au

Dec. 18th, 2011 11:13 am
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Hi. I'm at a lost with what to read, so I’m going to post some random requests hoping you can help me.

1. J2 Au with UST. The boys are not together for whatever reason, but the want, the tension, the flirtation is there between them. And they get together eventually.

2. Fighting!boys ending up with sex. If this would be the first time they hook up it would be awesome. But I'll take whatever.

3.Boys cuddling, snuggling, sleeping in the same bed before they are together. Roommates or best friends ending up in this situation and liking it. They end up as a couple.

4. Also, any all-consuming, mind blowing J2 Au fic that you can recommend. Nice build-up, intense atmosphere or cuteness overload.

As far as rating, I prefer NC-17 (I guess it's ok if it is R, but I need at least some serious make-out sessions :P). And no mpreg. Long, short, new, classics, self recs, not well known, request away.

Thank you.
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Hello, I'm looking for two fics.

The 1st is Sam/Gabriel. Sam is locked in the panic room doing a detox from the demon blood and it's very bad. He calls out to Dean, Bobby and Cas to help him but they don't help. He finally calls to Gabriel and surprisingly he comes. He gets stuck in the room with Sam and Cas won't let him out. He helps Sam through it. At one point they are both sitting on the floor and Gabe has snapped a bowl of soup up for Sam and Sam fall asleep on Gabe's shoulder. 

The 2nd one is a Sam/ Lucifer. The only thing I can remember is that Lucifer shows Sam his wings and they are black I think but they are very tattered and torn. I think Sam finds them beautiful still and Lucy can still fly with them. I think there was something about  demons trying to hurt them while Lucy was in hell and Sam being horrified about it.
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Hi everyone, I just want to start off by saying it was extremely difficult for to try and find a way to post a note on here. I feel really silly lol, it was simple but now worried my post might be rejected, theres so many rules. please bear in mind that it was hard enough for me to figure out how to post as I have never  used  LJ other to leave comments on certain stories so aplogies if I make a mistake.
Now I have done the following  searches googled  , Imdb many things & it never comes witht hte right one so I think it may have been

About a year ago there was LJ site titled 'those who favor fire'. Now when googling this, I come up with various stories with this title, but this was the tittle of the LJ site and on the first page was a black and white picture of dean looking out of the car with his hand on the window...( I remember this detail but the authors name completely fails me even when I looked on this site under deleted etc..)

There was one particular story written a few years ago now probably.
End of the the world, Sam has died. Dean finds a girl in the motel cowering away from demons who have abused her. Dean ends up taking her with him on the road.
-- This story was a part of a series and had the word 'song; somewher

This authour would post quite a bit on prompts, asking readers to post possible prompts on stories she could write. She also loved Gendolf from LOTR and stated many  times about not having enough time to post  because she was studying...Thats about it, probably describes a lot of authours out there but hope someone can point me in the right direction!
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I'm looking for a particular fic that I read ages ago. It has Sam/Gabriel and Jo/Lucifer. The two couples are on a double date at a carnival or a fair. Something along those lines.

I'd also be grateful for any Jo/Lucifer recs. I think I've read everything kijikun has written for the couple at this point. :D

(Why is there no Jo/Lucifer tag?)

Found - Date Night
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it was jared/jensen and in this world when a beta chooses an alpha they hit their knees in front of them and thats essentially how they announce who they've chosen.  I had this bookmarked but for the life of me I cannot find it.  Anyhoo, there's an altercation between jared's bestfriends mom and jared when he chooses jensen instead of bf (does that make sense?).  I'd really appreciate the help guys!  Future thanx for finding it!
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Just curious, since it is christmas/holiday season and all.....

Are there any nutcracker stories that feature Dean/Castiel as the main pairing (w/ Dean as the prince and Cas as clara preferably?)

Or any other christmas like stories that are like that, whether they are based off of actual christmas stories (Scrooge, Grinch?, etc..) or are fics based in the actual SPN universe during christmas?

It would be really awesome to read some since my family doesn't celebrate christmas very much, so i shall live vicariously through my fandom!! :D

Thanks in Advance if anybody can help me out!

mods: i may have gone a tad bit nuts on the tags......
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I'm looking for two kinds of fics.
One where Dean finds faith in God.
And another where Cas falls as a child/baby and Dean raises him.
Interpret however you want. :)
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I was reading a story a while ago, I don't know what case it was exactly but it had something to do with the town from House of Wax and Sam and Dean question the siblings in the movie because they were the only survivors? I do know that it was Wincest and the Twins from the movie were hinted at being together.

That's all I know about the story, except that the siblings split up with the others and Sam and Nick fell through some sort of hidden room in the ground?

Found! Here's the link if anyone's interested Thanks [ profile] starryfif2!
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Hello! You all were so helpful last time I thought I'd drop by again. I'm looking for a specific fic and doing a general search/rec. Any rating, any ship. I prefer Wincest or gen, but everything will be fine.

Specific story I'm looking for had Sam going away to Stanford and John leaving Dean. Dean ends up at Bobby's and basically talks about how he's only useful when he's protecting something and since both John and Sam are gone he has nothing to protect. It has Dean asking Bobby if he can be one of Bobby's gaurd dogs or equating himself to the same value as a dog.

General recs:

1. I'm looking for a story in which Dean is adopted and Sam is the biological son of John and Mary. Bonus points for Sam being John's favorite and or Dean being treated like a weapon/lesser son.

2. Any stories that show case how differently both boys were raised, like if John is harder on Dean than Sam, or how Sam is allowed to get more involved in academics and Dean shaped more into Daddy's little blunt instrument.

3. Any sotries in which Dean is treated like a gaurd dog/soldier/weapon.

4. Dean appreciation fics. Outsider POV, Sam POV, any of the cast, whatever. All I want is that someone sees the sacrifices Dean has made, or how BAMF he is, or Sam realizes just how much Dean has done for him, and that the story shines on Dean's character.

5. I'm also looking for fics where Dean metaphorically or literally takes a bullet for Sam. I want some good H/C with Dean jumping in and taking the hit to protect Sam.

Thanks so much guys!
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Hey! I'm looking for a fic where everyone is a werewolf. Here's what I remember:

-Dean is an Alpha
-Sam is a Beta
-There's a scene where Sam goes into heat for the first time and is in the infirmary crying when Dean comes to get him
-Their first time is in a forest. Sam is in heat and Dean knots inside him.
-The fic is mpreg
-John is not impressed about his boys shaking up. They have a falling out but later make up -after Sam has had his first child (a girl?) and is pregnant with the second.
-Sam's scent plays a role in enticing Dean

Those are the major points. I really hope you can help me out! Thanks!


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