Dec. 16th, 2011

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OMG IT'S CHRISTMAS BREAK! So since I have a month off of school to do nothing but read, I have a HUGE request for you all. Any and all help is appreciated! All lengths, ratings, and kinks are welcome for the general searches. No WIPs please, but self recs are happily accepted.

1. My first search is for a specific fic I read the back in, like, May. It is a Sam/Dean/Cas fic where Sam and Dean are in a pre-established relationship. Cas is human and Sam and Dean are trying to help Cas out. Cas is kinda, like, coming on to Dean and Sam (Dean especially) but I don't think he really knew it. Dean and Sam both decided they aren't threatened by Cas because he is innocent and harmless and they both end up sleeping with him as well as some threesomes. I remember a few scenes - There is a sex store and Cas wants to buy porn but Sam and Dean don't think that's a good idea; They are at Walmart buying Cas new clothes and the woman working by the dressing rooms is hitting on Cas. When she realizes they are gay she goes all crazy Christian on them; They are at a bar and there's a brawl Dean is fighting in and Sam and Cas are at a both watching. They tell the waitress they're both seeing someone and when she asks who they both point to Dean and she says that's "kinky". I hope this is enough to go on because I'd really like to reread this.
- FOUND by the amazing [ profile] jadekirk, it is "Angel In Exile" by [info]huntress69 found here:

2. I have requested this before, but I didn't really get much for it, so I'm going to ask again. I am looking for some cute, adorable wee!chester fics where Sam has a blanket and sucks his thumb and Dean teases him about it. Maybe John yells at him for it because he views it as a sign of weakness? It can be any age, but it would be a bonus if Sam still does it as he gets older and he becomes very secretive and extremely self conscious about it. It can be gen or wincest, but I would love you forever if its a sweet wincest fic.

3. I am looking for crack fics. Rec me the best, funniest fics you have. I don't care what other genres they are in, I just want to shoot milk out my nose. My fav pairings are J2 and wincest, but I will take anything as long as it is slash.

4. I'm looking for any fics based around music. By that, I don't mean where they are musicians in a rock band. I mean I want something where the boys play musical instruments, like in an orchestra, wind ensemble, choral groups, ect. I'm talking about classical music. Bonus points if the story is set where they are studying this in school (yes, I am well aware of my obsession with school fics and that I throw it into every request I make). You are a God if you know of a story where they are at a private music school (something similar to the manga 'Alice the 101st', if anyone's read that). J2 and wincest are preferable for this.

I apologize for the length of this request :/
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Hi!  I'm looking for a fic I read a while back that took place around Christmas time.  Teenaged Dean told Sam to stay in the Impala all night to watch somebody while he went out with a girl.  Sam caught hypothermia and Dean had to carry him to the hospital, and Sam was taken away from John's care because of it, and for the next few months John and Dean go crazy trying to track him down.  This is kind of a vague summary, but the story was a one-shot that was written out of order and played around with time, if that helps.  Thanks so much in advance!
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So finals are finally over and I have a three week break!!  I am looking for a couple stories that I have lost somewhere along the way and I'm hoping someone here can help me.

1. J1 lives alone in the woods for some reason that I do not remember. Jeff buys him groceries. J2 stumbles across his house. i'm really not even sure how or why he finds his house I think he is walking through the woods but I don't remember why. I do not think that this one is a werewolf fic, but I could always be wrong.

2. Dean has a son he didn't know about until the lady he had the child with calls him and says she doesn't want to be a mom anymore. Sam and Dean go to pick him up. The mother has been abusing the boy, he is underweight, locked in his room, left in dirty diapers, ect. Sam and Dean are horrified by this and take the child. Sam uses his powers to make the woman think and confess that she has killed her son so that she will spend the rest of her life in jail. They take the boy to Bobby's and have a doctor that knows Bobby come to the house and check him out. Sam and Dean are in an established relationship, but it's still fairly new.

3. Jared showes up at Jensen's house, with some boxes? They are suppose to work on a case together maybe. They have never met. Jensen is drunk or very hungover when Jared shows up the first time, not a good first impression. For some reason I think that there was something about a wall that has names of vet's carved on it...but that might be something totally different.

4. Sam is dead, Dean buried him, I think he died in a fire? One year later Dean is ready to join his brother because he can not deal with Sam being dead. I think the only reason he waited a year to kill himself is because he promised Sam he would give it a shot, that he wouldn't just follow him. He finds out that Sam is not dead, that he faked his own death and was just staying away. Bobby knew.

5. I love some where Jared, Jensen, Sam or Dean works on a ranch, can be for any reason, maybe there is a supernatural case that Sam and Dean check out and decide to stay for a while after the case is over or it's actually one of the boy's job and the other shows up looking for work. 

6. Anything where either of the J's or Sam and Dean is a sheik, the other can be a sheik also or a slave, doesn't matter which ever way.

7. Sam and Dean or Jared and Jensen are transported through time, for whatever reason. 

Self recs are great, Wincest deffinantly okay, either can bottom with the Wincest, J2 great, I am partial to bottom!Jensen but if it's written well I will read bottom!Jared. It can be dub-con or non-con. Adult rating prefered. The only thing I won't read is underage, they have to be 18.

Thank you in advance ;)

Edit: #1,2,3 found. Thanks for the great recs for the other requests. Still looking for #4.
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Hi there,
I'm looking for any fics where Sam and/or Dean have the power/are cursed with Empathy. Preferably with an emphasis on feeling each others emotions. Wincest is greatly appreciated, but I'll happily take gen. Hopefully something like this exists!

Thanks in advance!


Dec. 16th, 2011 10:12 am
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I'm looking for a fic I read a while back. Jensen and Jared's father arranged for them to get married when they were very young. Jared had been hit by a car and wore a brace on his leg, which was kept a secret. The two of them never met before the wedding, they got to know one another through e-mail and maybe talking on the phone. When they meet, it turns out Jensen is an ass and keeps up his playboy life. At some point he realizes he loves Jared and grows up, they are happy and then find out that one of the women he had sex with had a child by him. Jared and Jensen end up taking the baby and finally having a honeymoon at the end. Thank you!

Vid Recs

Dec. 16th, 2011 12:23 pm
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I'm looking for vids that a Supernatural fan must watch. It can be on actor interviews, conventions, etc.

Also, can anyone rec me fanvids with Dean/Castiel and/or Sam/Gabriel.

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So, I'm a first time poster, long time creeper here on spnstoryfinders. And I was wondering if y'all could help me out!
I don't have a specific story I'm searching for, just hoping you guys could help me satisfy my kinky appetite.

Things I'm looking for in stories:
1) Top!Dean is preferred. Dominate!Bossy!Dean is even better.
2) Cross-dressing. I like to see Sam in drag/panties more than Dean but either way is good.
3) Needy!Bottom!Sam is awesome.
4) Weecest is fine, even encouraged.
5) Slight angst is okay. But I'm mostly just looking for smut.
6)Pleaseeeee no J2.

Thank you guys!
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Long time lurker, first time searcher.  Hope I do this right.

What I'm looking for are any recs for fics where Dean and/or Sam discover their feelings for each other through some form of bond.  I'm not talking fuck or die type scenarios but things like amulets that let them hear the other's thoughts, a forced mental bond because of a curse/idol, one of them getting powers, a spell binding them together.  Anything along those lines would be good.  I have a couple but I really love that kind of story and want more.

Self recs are fine, any rating is fine, though I would love some R or NC-17. XD  Schmoopy is good too.

Thank you in advance for the help!
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I'm looking for a J2 fic where Jared and Jensen use to be together,It also had all the usual people in it.I don't remember a lot I think Jensen and Chris leave town and come back a few years later to work on a case. They left to protect Jared and Steve. The title of the fic is named after the town I think but the name of it escapes me. Hardly anything to go on but maybe someone might know what it is called.

As soon as I posted this it came to me it was Cherish.
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Hey Guys;

I just got back from my vacation and seeing as I was on a plane, I couldn't help but think of this story I read and can't find anywhere, even on my delicious. I've looked on J2-recs, so it's not there, so if you could help me, it'd mean a lot. Basically, it's J2, where the boys are flight attendants. I'm positive they don't like each other at first. Those are the only two things I remember about the story.. oh, and Mike/Tom had a lot of sex in the bathrooms of the plane a lot, LOL. So, help with this would be nice.

For my generals:

Are there any stories, J2 wise, like Modern Family or Mr. Popper's Penguins? Those were the entertainment we were given and I enjoyed both incredibly. 

It'd be nice for these, thanks guys! :)

mods: i couldn't choose from many tags, so I did the best I could. :)

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Hi all,
I read this story ages ago and I cannot find it anywhere.  God comes to visit Dean and Cas and decides that by touch to knock Dean up.  Dean and Cas set Sam up on a blind date with Jesus.  I think that Dean and Cas name the kids after the car. (pretty sure, but not really).
Hope some one can help with this!!
Thanks in advance!!
It has been found!! Thanks to flawed_x_design and morgandawn for finding it for me!!
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I am looking for the a fic that has Jensen being a vampire and him kidnapping Jared. I think the fic has Jared waking up in a strange house naked and Jensen is the one who kidnapped him. Smexin ensues but Jared wakes later in his own bed thinking it was all dream and he ends up going to a club where he meets Jensen again who saves him from a guy who wouldn't leave Jared alone. 

Thanks in advance!

Found -
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So I'm looking for a few things now that my Sassy Minibang post is up and done and I'm so tired of writing I just want to read.  Looking for almost any slash paring (Dean/Sam, Sam/Cas, Dean/Cas, mix it up with Lucifer, Balthazar, Michael,, don't care)

1. Mind reading that leads to sex.  I've always wanted to write a story where Dean could read Sam's mind and all he see's is filth and he's like "holy shit Sam's a filthy pervert" and eventually they bone. Haven't gotten around to it. Any one else?

2. Fic's with lots of Angel interaction. Good Guy Lucifer, maybe? Or Michael being the weird-Angel instead of Castiel. 

Help a girl out?
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So I'm normally a hurt!Sam girl, but I remember reading a fic a while ago where Dean was in a mental institution/care home due to having a breakdown of some sort. I've been searching for ages but I can't seem to find this one at all.

Here's what I remember:

- I'm sure it was something to do with YED, but the staff seem to think that the reason Dean is there is because of a fight/fights that he was in, I think maybe the he was the victim of a mugging gone wrong as far as they think.
- He won't go outside at all at first, and gets really nervous when Sam take him out
- He was in a wheelchair during the fic (I'm not sure if this was permanent)
- He thinks there's a demon in the place that he's in, or the demon is after him.
- There's a scene where Sam questions Dean about trying to commit suicide and there's scars on Deans wrists.
- Sam insists on staying with his brother on or two nights to try and help him as he seems to be better when Sam is there.

This is an older fic, I'm sure it was written around the same time as Dawn Ns The Edge Of Madness as I seem to remember reading them around the same time...

I'd love it if someone knew of this fic, or any similar ones really. Thanks guys!
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Hi everyone!  Happy Holidays :D

I´m looking for a specific were-fic. I love this fic, but I can´t find the marker aagghhhh!! and  its gonna make me crazy.
I hope you can help me find it.

-Jared´s father is a major alpha in a very important pack.
-Jared or Sam is the Alpha in the relationship with Jensen.
-I think Jared turned Jensen and his father is angry with him.
-Its WIP, well it was the last time I read it.
-Jensen is pregnant with more than one were-babies,
-He´s kidnapped  in a accident car caused by some evil doctors or someone like that. Jared goes to the police when Jensen is missing but they don´t believe him until they find the car with some blood.

Please help me!!!  Thank you very much in advance. Have a very nice weekend!!

FOUND its the Breath you take by alienat,


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