Dec. 12th, 2011

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So I really like Lisa's character, and while I realize het never had a chance in the spn fandom, all the Dean/Lisa stories I've come across end up with Dean leaving her and Ben and no happy ending for the couple. So are there any Dean/Lisa stories out there that end with them together?

Also, I would welcome any Cas/Dean/Lisa stories.

Thanks so much in advance!!
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Ok, so I read this WIP fic and forgot to tag it a week or so ago, and now I can't find it. It was a Jensen/Jared, in which Jensen was a twin, who's twin was getting married and so was sent into the mountains, only climbed the wrong mountain and was found by the God Jared, who was known as Hunter. I'm pretty sure Jensen was female in this fic too. Any help?
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Looking for a specific fic about Dean leaving because Sam won't stop seeing Ruby/drinking blood/being sneaky. I can't recall much but I do know Sam goes to Bobby's to try and clean up and I think Pam comes and helps him with his powers. It's wincest as well I believe. Anyone got any idea of the fic I'm talking about?

Also a general request for any Dean/Sam revolving around season 4 please, more so with Ruby regardless if Sam is still sleeping with her or not.
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I am looking for long, slash Fantasy AUs with Dean/Jensen as the bottom. I've been reading a lot of Grimm!AU fiction lately and the idea of wizards, princes, goblins, and blacksmith Jareds are really appealing now. My only stipulation is that it not be pure fluff, every fairy tale has at least one villain.

Any recs will be lovingly appreciated.
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I'm trying to locate a Buffy crossover where Xander reveals to Sam and Dean that Bobby, who has just brought them some needed information, is a former Watcher who had a falling out with the Council and is actually British and worked to change his accent when he moved to the States. That's only a small part of the whole story but that's all I recall right now other than Xander, and through him the new Watchers Council/Scoobies, helping out the Winchesters.
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What the title says, just some gen taking-care-of-each-other-fics. Bed-sharing, shaving, showering, I don't care, holding each other's dicks while pissing as long as it's gen.
Uh. At first, anyway?
Thank you!
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First thing i'm looking for is Christmas-y Sabriel, pretty simple, yeah? I've already read "I'll Be Home For Chirstmas (But Gabriel Might Not Survive the Trip)" and loved it!

the rest is under a cut for spoilers for season 7!

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  hey guys i just wanna ask if someone have read a fic where the boys get supernatural powers or like mutant powers kinda element control and stuff like that i like the boys with powers XD! and of course is has to e wincest XD!

and im looking for a fic too where theres a dean´s twin and both are supposed to be part of a legend to kill all evil, the demons send a creature to kill them but the boys get powers, i cant remember the name and i think theres some jealous!sam and hurt!dean but i cant remember and i didnt finish it T_T if someone know this fics please let me know 
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I just watched 6.16: And Then There Were None and I'm suddenly craving Rufus fics. Are there any that has Rufus in a main role? Maybe even something to do with Omaha, because it seemed to be a big event in Rufus and Bobby's past, and we never found out why.
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Hi guys,

Just wondering if anyone knew of any fic that included the demon Casey from Sin City? I absolutely loved her; wish they'd kept her around as a recurring character.

My dream fic would be if anyone knows of an antichrist!Sam fic where Casey stuck around as a supporter of him (and supporter of Dean as consort) but I'm sure that's a long shot, so. Any recs you've got that include her character would be much appreciated! ♥

Post 7x10

Dec. 12th, 2011 04:05 pm
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Hey guys,

I'm looking for Wincest fics that are post episode 7x10 (Death's door).I prefer top!Sam with bottom!Dean. It can can be any genre, but I don't read non-con and mpreg.

It would be wonderful if some one could help me out :)

Thanks in advance !
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After 7x10, I am really craving some Bobby fic, specifically ones where Bobby and the boys first meet, when Sam and Dean are really young. I really want anything that has Bobby stepping into the Father role for the boys.
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Not quite sure how to premise these requests, so I guess I'll just cut to the chase:

1. Are there any fics out there in which John and Bobby work together to do what's best for Sam and Dean? Basically, I'm looking for them to be on a united front, whether it's for Sam and Dean to live with Bobby full time, or to get Dean to eat his vegetables. 

2. Anything with West Collins???

3. Ties into my last request, but is there anything with Misha being an awesome father to West? (Present or future fic is fine)

Any and all parings are acceptable, as are self recs.

Thanks for the help! 
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Hi, I'm looking for stories that focus on how Sam and Dean are soul mates.  Wincest or gen would be great.  Thank you!
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I'm getting really sick, so as a result

1) I would like to see one of Team Free will sick (preferably Dean) and preferably with some sort of lung/throat illness. I'd like the focus to be on someone helping the affected character through it. Also, I'd suprisingly only want gen for this, or just preslash Destiel or Wincest.

I've already looked at hoodie-time, and love the community.

2) I'd also like to see fics were one of the Winchesters is struggling in school (high-school, univercity, middle-school, etc.)

Thanks for looking. (curls up with hot tea)
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I'm a to-the-point gal, so I'll just cut right to the chase.

I'm looking for your fav Wincest fics. I don't watch Supernatural avidly so ones that aren't episode focused are a must, though them persuing new cases (that don't require much background knowledge) are fine. I prefer fics where we get to see our boys get together as opposed to ones where the relationship is already established. All genres are fine though I do tend to prefer fics where Sam is the one who bottoms.

I also love anything AU (set in another world, creature!fics, separated-at-birth, special abilities or powers. Whatever you got!) as long as my favourite duo are still brothers. I have a thing for the angst that tends to inspire.

Since I'm pretty new to this fiction and there's so much to go through, I thought I'd ask for your favourite stuff so I didn't have to trall through. On that note, feel free to direct me to your personal rec lists or a well known rec list. With regards to ratings, the higher the better and, as for length, I'm not picky. I love a good long read, but some one-shots can be amazing so don't discriminate. But please, NO J2! I tend to shy away from fics that involve the actors.

Thanks in advance!
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I just read the Wellspring Verse and LOVED it, but its a WIP and she hasnt updated in a while, and it got me real interested in Dark Angel and Supernatural crossovers. So here are some things I am searching for that Im hoping some of you lovely people can help me with. I love Dean and Alec.

1. Completed or regularly updated verse or story where Dean and Sam find Alec and Ben as kids and raise them? I know Alec didnt escape with the other X5s, but either he did, or Ben escapes and Dean, Sam and Ben go after him?

2. Alec finding Sam and Dean and them basiclly adoping Alec into the family.

3. Alec is actually Dean and his secret comes out to his family.

Id prefer longer fics, but if the oneshot is an amazing oneshot, then Id accept it. Thank you!

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Hi there,

I've been reading a lot of Wincest and J2 recently, and some included references to episodes in which Wincest is mentioned, directly as in the "fan-episodes" or indirectly, when the brothers are taken to be gay, for example.
I'd really love if you could point these episodes out to me, in which Wincest is mentioned directly or indirectly. I'd also appreciate any fics that include these episodes in their plot.

Thank you so much!
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Lost my entire fanfic archive a month ago when my laptop crashed, and now I'm trying to track down this one story...

It's Dean/Castiel, with them either being in an established relationship at the beginning or soon after.
Dean pisses Cas off by implying their relationship isn't interesting, and Cas leaves. When he comes back, it's like a 'sex or nothing deal', and Dean's desperate, so he takes it. Sam is really worried, and mentions something about winning the most fucked up human-nonhuman relationship award. Pretty sure the fic ends with Dean summoning Castiel and finally explaining to him that he'd never meant they were boring, etc.

So yes, I remember pretty much everything about this story except for the title. Would really appreciate it if somebody knew...

EDIT: Found, Left Hook by Lielabell!
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Hi all. I'm looking for two different types of J2 coming out fic. 

1. Stories where one of the guys want to come out, either publicly or to family and friends, and the other doesn't.

2. Stories where they are accidentally or unintentionally outed, either by themselves or someone else.

For both, it can be the focus of the fic or just a small part of a larger story. I'm not picky. I also don't care about outcome, length, rating, AU/non-AU, etc. I'm easy.

Thanks in advance for any recs!

mods: I didn't see anything along the lines of a coming out tag, so just went with the pairing.
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Hi Everyone,
I am looking for a story I read a while ago. It was about Sam having a one night stand with a man and becoming pregnant, Castiel initially figures out he is pregnant and Sam wants to keep it from Dean because Dean isn't aware he's into guys. Dean finds out and they go to Bobbys. It turns into wincest and Sam gives birth. As far as I remember it was maybe 3 chapters long and was on I really want to read it again so would really appreciate if someone knows this story.
Thanks, Shiv.

ETA: FOUND - link in comments! 


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