Dec. 11th, 2011

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Hello I'm looking for a fic which starts with Dean in bed, Sam is dressing to leave,  he is married to Jess (unhappily) and sees Dean infrequently.  Dean pretends to be asleep.  Anyhow something happens and Sam gets to live his life again and chooses Dean.  The story ends the same as it starts but Sam doesn't leave the bedroom.  Now it's ages since I read the story so I may have gotten some fact wrong.  Can anyone recognise it from my incoherent ramblings?  Any help would be appreciated as I'd love to read it again.
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I'm looking for a wincest that was posted in Dean suffered amnesia and couldn't remember that Sam was his brother. Sam gave in to the temptation and had a relationship with Dean while he didn't remember who he was. When Dean rememered, he started saying Sam shouldn't have done it. In the end, the boys end up together. Does anyone recall it?
Found it:
And if you haven't read it, check this one out too:

The general one I'm looking for, does anyone know a story where Sam killed John on that cabin, in the end of season one? And, please, I'd like it to be finished or being written. I've read a few that were never finished and the writer wasn't writing anymore. Please, help me out with this one too!

Hope you can help me!

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I was wondering in theres a dean/cas fic like the gay movie beautiful thing.
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Hey all,

I'm looking for a story that I read a long time ago (at least 2 years, I think), which was an AU crossover with the X-Men.

I might be wrong about bits of this because it's been so long, but here goes:

Either Dean or Sam is traveling around (possibly with Wolverine or another X-Men character?), and they find the other (I don't think that they're brothers in the story), who travels with them. As they travel they figure out that one of their "mutations" is to copy the powers of other mutants, which gets dangerous pretty quickly. They go the the academy, and no one likes one of them for some reason, which ends in some female character getting jealous and trying to do them harm. I remember that it was a WIP, and that the most recent chapter (at the time) ended not too long after this, though I have even more vague memories about someone being kidnapped by evil people.

Sorry about the fuzzy pronouns, I can't remember which character is Dean and which is Sam. I hope that my vague recollections will be enough to spark someone's memory. Thanks in advance!
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I finished watching the sci-fi mini series 'Neverland' a few days ago and of course it gave me the strongest urge to go back and watch the Disney movie :D My request (which has been driving me insane and slightly hopeful) is if anybody knows any j2(or wincest??) fics based (either loosley or pretty strongly) on Peter Pan? I've been looking everywhere but couldn't seem to find anyway :( I hope someone out there has a rec for me :))) Happy hunting?;)
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I posted this a while ago, but thought of it again when I was re-reading some fic.

Jensen is talking to someone about Jared's type stating blonde, tall, and something else. He's upset cause he likes Jared and Jared's dating someone else at the moment (maybe Chad?). The person he's talking (possibly Tom) to refrains from saying that Jensen fits Jared's type. I also feel like they may have been in a school setting.

Overall I'd love finding the fic since I feel like I reread it recently.

Also, any unrequited love fics that end up requieted would be amazing.

Thanks for your time and help!
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Okay, I read this story a while back and I thought I'd saved it. I didn't though.

Jensen and Jared are driving somewhere and their car breaks down. Jared offers to blow Jensen, who is reluctant because someone might see them. Anyway, Jared persuades Jensen and then the magic happens. Just as they're done, a vehicle comes by and offers to help them with their car.
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I'm looking for some really good Dean/OMC stories to read this week. It seems there are so few of them, or at least that I've found anyway. I want the Dean/OMC pairing to be the main focus of the story, not a side pairing (unless it can't be missed).

I've already read the Keepsake series by Leonidaslion & May You Find Some Comfort Here by [ profile] merihn.

I prefer for this request that the genre not be really dark. I'm looking for stories where Dean finds some bit of comfort in someone else in order to deal with life when it gets to be too much, or something similar themed. AU's, Angst, Stanford Era, First time, Hurt/Comfort fics or anything else works though. Any length is good, but I prefer longer stories.

Thank you. :)
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Hello again,
I was searching for this fic I read a while ago and tried to look at all the related tags but still haven't found anything, so I hoped you could help.
So, basically, Castiel goes to the rescue during Dean's time in hell, he tries to convince Dean to follow him but Dean is Alastair's pupil and he's unfortunately used to tortures now, he's also convinced he's too damaged to be worth something.
It's a very graphic story, wherein Castiel stays in hell ('til he manages to earn Dean's trust), Dean tortures Castiel (there's also non-con if I remember correctly) but all through the fic Cas never loses his hope that Dean will remember he's not evil and he never loses faith in him and his soul.
I hope someone knows what I'm talking about, I don't remember much else.
Thank you in advance :-)

eta Found: it's The Forty-First Year
and there's a related story in the comments
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I remember this fic from a while back. Jensen's parents wanted him to get married and his Mum picked Jared who wasa bit of a klutz. Jared's 'protector' or alpha was Fred and Jensen didn't like him.

In the end, Jared confessed that he met Jensen's Mum and put himself forward for the marriage.

Any help would be great

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I'm looking for a specific fic in FanFiction.Net

The author has written two one-shots on dean/castiel and sam/gabriel. Sam and Dean are still brothers as are Castiel and Gabriel. Dean is in Gryffindor, Sam is in Ravenclaw, Castiel is in Hufflepuff and Gabriel is in Slytherin.

One of the one-shots had Dean helping Castiel keep warm in the cold snowy outside part of the Hogwarts castle.

I'm not sure if Castiel and Gabriel are adopted by Bobby in this fic.

I've been searching for it and I can't seem to find it. The fics of the author are always one-shot.
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Sorry if this isn't right - first time posting.
The story that I am looking for featured Jared as a tattoo artist. He only tattoos certain people because he has a bad back, he can't lean down to tattoo someone for long periods of time. He does tattoo Jensen in the begining of the story. It is a J2 fic. That is all that I can remember about the story though. :( If anyone can help me it would be greatly appreciated!
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I recently got sucked in the boys being royal, but it seems that my talent of finding fics is failing me. Hopefully, all you wonderful people out there are able to help me.

Basically, I'm looking for fics in which (preferably) Jared is some kind of royal or other important person (e.g. prince, king, politician). He either knows or does not know of his status in the beginning, either way is fine. Jensen should be included as well, preferably as a boyfriend or boyfriend-to-be. I prefer bottom!Jared.

Thanks in advance.


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