Dec. 8th, 2011

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You know how it happens when a link gets you to some place, and there's a link and at the end you have no idea how you got there. Well this happened to me:
I remember I was reading about free speach and someone saying that chan was disgusting, there was a link to a story and I'm 95% sure it was in Supernatural (Sam/Dean), I read it because I wanted to know what 'chan' was... I found out, but I had no idea what this fandom was about or the relationtip between the boys, so I didn't finish reading it (and made me feel a little unconfortable). But NOW I want to read it because I have no shame I know a little more about the twisted, strange, co-dependent relationship the boys have.

This I remember )
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I'm looking for either Sabriel or Destiel kidfics (not mpreg) where, somehow, Dean and Cas or Sam and Gabriel end up having to take care of a kid that isn't their own. One specific one would be where Sam gets de-aged back to being an infant and Dean and Cas have to take care of him as the spell slowly wears off and he grows up by degrees.
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Until very recently I stayed away from romantic SPN fics- I'm not a fan of slash and I've never liked the women in the het fics.

But then I read a few Dean/Carmen fics which I absolutely adored and now I'm wondering if there are any other really good Dean/OFC fics out there with well written female characters.

I want fics that make me smile, I want fics where Dean gets everything he's ever wanted, and I'm fine if Dean continues hunting while remaining with the OFC but I would also love if he leaves hunting for her.

I don't want a story where the romance doesn't work out or where Dean tries to take her hunting with him (not that she can't be involved in the hunt, but I don't want her doing the hunting). I don't want a story about a badass female hunter. Unless it's really well written (In most of those I've read the OFCs are super cliched). Please no PWPs :)

I know this is all subjective, but I want clever dialogue, cute interactions between Dean and the OFC, I want likeable characters and a happy and/or hopeful ending.

And I love verses and multi-chapter fics and creative plots.

Extra love if it's a fic with lots of hurt/comfort too... oh, and angst is awesome  :)
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A while ago I read Felisblanco's heartstoppingly amazing "In A Mirror Distorted and Indistinct" and am now in the mood to read similar J2 fics where either of the guys is extremely insecure about themselves and their relationship.

I don't mind Sam/Dean fics if it's completely AU (I haven't finished the SPN series yet (I'm getting there!) so I want to wait a bit before I start delving into fics based on SPN-canon). Wincest is okay if the incest is actually an issue. Happy or hopeful endings preferred. 

Well-written and well-told fics are a must. And over 8k, please (minumum). I want to read something lengthy. 

Thanks in advance!

J2 AU Fics

Dec. 8th, 2011 04:28 pm
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Hi! Can anyone rec me their favourite or just really good J2 AU fics? I'll read pretty much anything, but happy endings are prefered =)

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I'm hoping someone can recommend me a fic where Lucifer is very brotherly.

I've been thinking, and in the show he was actually quite polite to Castiel, and genuinely happy to see both Gabriel and Michael - even making a move like he was going to hug Gabriel. So now I really want to read fics that portray him that way - caring and brotherly to the other angels.
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Recently bought a new computer and I lost the link for the following story:  "Beyond the Illusion".  Can anyone help ?  Thank you in advance.

Lost J2 Fic

Dec. 8th, 2011 08:22 pm
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Looking for a fic that was AU College, where Jared was a college student that had a broken leg/ankle and Jensen worked as a PT for the college campus health center.

Thank you!!
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Hi! I'm looking for one Sam/Dean story that takes place after 6x22 (I think).

Read more... )

I wish I could describe the scene better because it's in my head but it's jumbled. I hope someone knows what this story is because I remember really enjoying it. Thanks!

ETA: FOUND! Link in comments
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So, I'm a HUGE fan of Alpine skiing and right now, the boys and ladies are in the US (Beaver Creek, Aspen, Lake Louis okay that's in Canada) before they'll come back here to Europe, AND whenever I'm watching them ski, I HAVE THIS CRAVING to read:

1. Sam, Dean or J2 in one of those ski resorts, doing whatever, I'm not picky.. maybe they just stopped in Aspen to get some coffee and are watching all those people walk the streets... LOL... ya know? Or there could be a whole story happening there... :)

2. Sam, Dean and a CASE!FIC happening in one of those ski resorts... gimme blizzards, and monsters, and avalanches that are supernatural in origin, gimme skiiers swept away by an invisible force from the ski slopes... :)

I just want to read the boys (SPN or J2) on a ski slope (they can ski or slide down the slope on their tushie, idc), or a cabin somewhere in Aspen dealing with a case... idk catching a snow monster! I don't care... or a haunted ski slope, or a haunted cable car (oh that would be cool), you know what I mean? Gimme monsters terrorising skiers!

self rec's are awesome, BUT PLEASE NO WIP's, NO DEATH FICS, NO CASS or MISHA in the story. :)
All else is a go, even hurt!whoever, or a crossover with something, or wee!chesters, or slash, or no pairing at al!! And if you are doubting your rec, if you think it's not what I want, just... rec it anyways :)


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Yes I am looking for a story where John rescued the boys from abusive relationships. Dean first from a hunter who used him as a sex toy and offered to pay John for helping him in a hunt (werewolf I believe) by offering John the use of Dean. Then years later John saved Sam from his father who believed Sam had killed his mother at the age of 6 months and therefore was a bad boy beatings etc.

They where both raised in hunting and then it followed the cannon (hope that's the right word), with Dean going to Sam at stanford asking for help - the replay was words to the effect of "How would you understand. Your his real son. He kidnapped me." That is where Sam learns that Dean was rescued too.

A great story but unfortunatly I did not bookmark it - thought I did but now can't find the bookmark

Please help.
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Looking for J2 or Sam/Dean Christmas fics, preferably first time with a NC-17 rating. (No mpreg, please!)

If there are any codas from A Very Supernatural Christmas that lead to Wincest, that would be especially awesome. :-)

Thanks everybody!
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what it says in subject line, and really anything goes for Fringe, because I wasn't able to find even one (so if there would be Balthazar in it - that'd be fantastic ). As for Smallville, I am sure there are more then one of those around, but what I'm actually looking for is  AU of Smallville S4, where Jason is actually Dean with all the consequences. i really hope someone wrote it, because if there isn't  one I had to write it. Save me from plot bunnies, plz? it could be het, slash or gen, so I do like Lana/Jason.
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Hello everyone,

I just read the first part of 'Never Be' at [ profile] fluffandfold by [ profile] rejeneration, but I when I click to read the second part, it says that access is denied. Is this a mistake or...? Because why would we be able to read the first part and not the second one?

I really really like this story and I wish I could finish it. It was an AU version of WIAWSNB.

So if someone knows some place else where I can read it, or maybe could tell me why access is denied to this (awesome) fic, I'd be really grateful.

I would also like some Bobby finds out about Sam/Dean fics, and also Wincest with very (overly) protective!Sam. So you can rec me your favorites :) I only read top!Sam with bottom!Dean.

Thanks in advance !

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Hi everyone,
I've been searching the j2 recs but no one seems to have anything, so I don't even know if it exists but...

I'm looking for an AU j2 fic where Jared and Jensen are forced to be married. As in they don't know each other and there's a law or just some weird promise that matches them up and forces them to get married. I'd like to think something like this would start out with them sorta hating each other and then slowly growing to love each other but I don't know lol

Thanks for the help! :)


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