Dec. 7th, 2011

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I'm pretty sure I've asked about this fic here before, but I either lost it again, or no one knew what it was, because I can't find it now, lol. I've looked through the tags, but I can't seem to find it.

Anyway, here's the fic.

Jensen and Jared are in high school together. They used to be best friends until apparently Jared found out that Jensen was gay and he wanted nothing to do with him. He picks on Jensen because of his sexuality, and Mackenzie and Megan hate Jared for what he puts Jensen through. But Jensen says it's okay, because he has the best boyfriend in the world and he makes everything else alright.

On the day of their high school graduation, Jensen has a surprise planned, and he starts singing some really cheesy pop song on the stage (I think it was 'When You're Looking Like that'). He's singing to Jared and their brothers and sisters are panicking, wondering how they're going to deal with the fallout. But it turns out that Jared is Jensen's boyfriend and they've just been hiding it because I think they didn't want to deal with Jensen's parents blaming Jensen for corrupting Jared - could be the other way around, Jared's parents blaming Jensen for turning their son gay. 

The fic ended with Jensen and Jared driving off with Chris and Steve. Chad, Tom and Mike were also part of the fic.

EDIT: Found. Link in comments.
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I am looking for fics which are h/c but more focused on the comfort part. They should revolve around Dean having been tortured/kidnapped/raped/hurt perhaps for long periods of time and then rescued. I'm looking for fics which are about his physical, mental and emotional recovery. I especially like it when they focus on the psychological outcomes.

I would prefer that they are not Wincest but I do like Dean/Castiel. The more characters involved in Dean's recovery the better. I like it when they all rally around and look after him.

The longer, the better!
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Hi, I'm looking for FTM fic or art in SPN fandom. RPF or FPF is a-ok, Dean/Cas is all right as is Wincest, J2 or Jensen/Misha or any other kind of rarepair within the RPF or the FPF realm. I know someone asked a few years ago for FTM!Dean fic: but it's been a while since then and any of the characters being FTM would work for me. Any recs or links to compiled lists are welcome.

Mods: I used the genderswitch tag because it comes closest in case someone is looking for the same in the future. I didn't want to choose all the person/character tags; let me know if there is a way to express "any" in tags.
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I’ve just started to read J2 fics which I love. Which makes me want to read Sam and Dean Stories, but I just can’t get past the incest. Please can you rec me fics where the boys are not brothers.  I don’t mind if they think they’re brothers to start with but find out later that they are not blood related.

I would also love to read ‘friends with benefits’ Jared and Jensen. Please rec.

~ Thank you.

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It's non-AU in that the boys are working on SPN. Something happens to Jensen (an accident, but I don't remember what kind) and he develops amnesia.

Spoilers Under Cut )

Does this ring any bells for anyone?
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I'm looking for a Dean/Castiel fic, with minor Sam/Lucifer (I think) told from Sam's third person POV. I don't remember much of it, because I read it before I was into the show, but I think it might be AU during season 5. Castiel fell from heaven and walked and walked until he found Dean, like a homing beacon, but he couldn't really remember anything. There were like four to six chapters, but it was long. Sam had these dreams of Lucifer seducing him, I think, and Dean, Sam and Cas were driving around to find this church that Cas knew he was looking for, or something. I know it's sort of vague, but I'd really appreciate it if you could help me find it - it was amazing.


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