Dec. 6th, 2011

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Hey guys,

I’ve always had great luck searching for fics here before and I’m starting to drive myself a bit batty just in times for finals. So, any help or recs are massively appreciated.

Fic One is actually a short series, I think. Castiel/Gabriel, Dean/Castiel, Dean/Castiel/Gabriel from what I remember. Gabriel knows that Cas has a thing for Dean and convinces him that having sex is a good idea (showing him the ropes?) and then Dean walks in on Cas and Gabriel, cue instant jealousy and possibly romantic confessions. The next part that I remember, they’re trying out a threesome with some rough patches. Castiel is bottoming and wants both of them; Dean isn’t sure how on earth that is going to work and Gabriel explains the mechanics. He also tells Cas that it’s not something everyone can do and to let them know if it became too much. Any of this sounding familiar? Found: Tricks and Kicks 'verse by [ profile] csmartin. Thank you tons, [ profile] isasminion

Fic two is an AU with werewolf!Castiel and werewolf!Lucifer, who was kicked out of his former pack for killing a human. Dean has been hunting Lucifer; the story starts with Dean being dragged into the cabin where Lucifer and Cas live. Cas stays in wolf form (Lucifer hasn’t let him take human form in a while, I think) and Dean doesn’t know he’s another shapeshifter. In the end, Cas decides to rescue Dean, sneaks out to shift and then tells Dean his name is Jimmy and that Castiel, the wolf, is dead. The story was a one shot that ends with them leaving.

Fic three is a J2 AU where Jensen volunteers at an animal shelter. He grows very fond of a stray that was brought in (Harley or Sadie, I can’t remember who) and has managed to push back the date for them being put down. Unfortunately, he’s run out of time and can’t adopt the dog because he’s a student and living in the dorms/an apartment. He takes the dog out to the park and tries to encourage him to run away; unbeknownst to Jensen, Jared has finally turned up at the shelter to claim his dog and is heading towards the park. I think there might have been a few timestamps to this, as well. Found: Numbered Days by [ profile] audrarose. Thank you so much, [ profile] corbyinoz!

Thank you so much for your help, everyone!

(Mods, I didn't see a tag for Dean/Castiel/Gabriel; I apologize if it's there and I just missed it.)
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Hi I lost the name to a fic that I really liked.
Okay here's what I can remember: Dean and Cas are on a case involving the FBI, Dean has raped and bound Castiel in the past. Castiel gets caught at their hide out by the FBI. I remember something about a Murder hoard or something like that. anyway Castiel is psycho-analyzed by the FBI, Dean Confesses to the Murders after turning himself in. I think the case had to do with a Ghost that was bullied and an old school gym.
that is all I can remember.
Oh and I know it is on so I don't know. I faved it but I can't remember the name.


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Annnndddd... I feel kind of a jerk to specify this request this way (especially this is the first time I've posted here) but... Anyone have any good fics where all the guys are tough? Not the emotional "oh they are so tough because they are nice anyways" but tough as in "I'm king of this mountain"

I've just got into SPN fics again after a few years away and I'm finding there are a lot of fics where one of the guys ends up taking the... feminine role of the damsel in distress (which is ironic because I hate when girls take that role too, so lets add the girls in the tough guy catergory) I'm good with someone needing saving but I don't need anymore 'I'm so helpless, oh save me my love'. This is what I like about the show, the boys keep on kicking even when they're screwed.

Any and all characters can be involved but I love Dean as much as I used to love Indiana Jones so hint, hint. I'm mainly looking for slash, but het works too or no pairing at all even. Can be action, dark, humor, romance and everything else but bring on the manly men (and yes, they can even be in tights too)
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I don't know if it's LJ being screwy like it has been for a while, or if these are people new to LJ who don't have their email authenticated. If it's the latter please authenticate your email, because we can't approve it and when we reject it it doesn't allow us to leave a note. Thank you.
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Good morning/afternoon/night everyone:)

I am looking for J2 recs today.I checked the tag and am now just looking for fics in addition to those listed.

I would like bottom Jared and any of these things:

1.ShyVirgin Jared, with a more experienced Jensen showing him how it's done, literally.

2. Or they could both be virgins having their first time together. That would be adorable.

3.Clumsy Jared.

4.Fics where Jared is just shy in general.

5.Any fics where Jared is just coming out and Jensen helps him through it.

6.Any fics where Jensen stands up for/fights for Jared.

7.Any other J2 bottom Jared fics you just feel like reccing.

My only requirement is that they be bottomJared.

Also, no deathfic please.
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I'm looking for a fic that a read a few months ago. In it, Jared is a famous artist and has a daughter. He meets Jensen, who is his daughter's teacher. Jensen is a big fan of Jared's art, but doesn't know that it is Jared painting the pictures. At one point, Jared's ex shows up and causes problems between the J's. Does this sound familiar to anyone?

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Hi there
I'm looking for weecest and teencest stories, preferably not established relationship. 
I was reading "How to survive in the woods" by candle_beck (and by read I mean I listened to the fantastic podfic she recorded) and was wondering if there were similar fics. In that fic Dean is touching/jacking off his brother while thinking Sam is asleep and later beating himself up about it and thinking he molested his brother. Years later he finds out Sam was awake the whole time and actually liked it and then there is happy wincests ever after.

So I'm basically looking for fics where dean thinks he's a child molester for wanting his little brother while Sam is perfectly fine with the whole incest thing.

But any weecest/teencest fic is welcomed :-)
Thank you in advance.
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I'm looking for a Lucifer/Sam fic where Lucifer tracks Sam down at the bar he's working at after he and Dean split during Season 5. Lucifer introduces himself as Nick and has a bit of a fling with Sam. I remember it having a pretty hopeful ending--I think Lucifer changes his mind about wanting Sam as his vessel.

Help, please?
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First, Can I get all the favs. Anything, favorite stories, from anything from PWP and drabbles to Long stories. I'll admit though, I am a perv, I'd love N-17
Second, Dragons and mythical beings like that. J2 or Sam/Dean.


Dec. 6th, 2011 07:20 pm
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Hey I need help. I'm searching for fics where Dean gets hurt on a hunt, and Sam has to try and get them both out. Sam can be hurt too, but I'm not fussed about that - but I would like it if Dean doesn't fall unconsious right away. Either Gen or Sam/Dean, I don't mind. Preferably not pre-series... I'm in the mood to read about manly men.  

This is killing me 'cause I'm sure somewhere these fics exist, I just can't find them! *anger-rage fit before sobbing in corner*

Any help is mightily appreciated. Thank you.

Destiel AU

Dec. 6th, 2011 07:29 pm
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Okay, I got to thinking (dangerous! lol)... What if Dean and Castiel's roles in SPN were reversed? As in... Sam and Castiel are brothers (or even just BFFs) who hunt demons and Dean is the angel who pulls Castiel from Hell. And they still have the same personalities we know and love (Cas= awkward. Dean=Dean, lol)

Are there any stories like that, with a Dean/Cas pairing preferably. Especially if it takes an episode and uses this twist. I mean, can you picture how some episodes might have gone if that were the case? Would "The Rapture" have been as intrigiung and sad? How about "The End"... would future!Castiel made the same decisions that future!Dean did? How would Castile have reacted to Sam's relationship with Ruby?

Thanks in advance!
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Hi guys i need your help once again.
I'm searching for the following fics by [ profile] letsgetstarted she has deleted her journal and sadly taken some of m favourite fics with her.
The fics i'm looking for are:

The goofy cotton candy verse
The tree house
Baby steps

If anyone has copies of any of those fics please let me know and i will pm my email address.

I have a copy of obsessive deception if anyone needs it
I have removed who you are from the search as the author apparently requests it not be shared/distributed. 
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Hey, ISO any fics where michael weatherly is not a douchebag, especially to jensen. I've seen a lot of them where he's the main antagonist. I would prefer it to be j2, but I'll take other pairings too. Thanks in advance guys!

(I have aready read bjjones fic guest appearance.) X
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I was wondering if anyone has working links for Sacrifice and The Bond by cynicl.  I found these two stories through a Delicious list but the links lead to a purged and deleted account.

Thanks in Advance!
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I'm looking for fics where Lucifer turns out to be (or is converteted to being) one of the good guys.

If there is a pairing, I would like Destel. I'm completely ok with Sam/Lucifer, as well as other slash pairings.

Thanks for your help.
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Recently, I read a piece of wincest in which Sam played a violin. I really liked the idea! I went through old requests on here for them playing instruments, and haven't found much. Does anyone have anything else?

My only request in this is that it not be a guitar or a piano. Those are the bulk of what I've found. 

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Hi guys,

I'm looking for a J2 AU that was based off of the show Las Vegas where Jensen is Jared's personal assistant and Jared is getting ready to marry somebody else (*gasp!shock!horror!*).  I've looked everywhere and my Googlefu just isn't strong enough to find help.

Help please? Thanks

Found (really quickly by [ profile] m14mouse): Ante Up by [ profile] truelyesoteric
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I just got finished reading the most awesome Dean/Carmen fic, "Grazed Knees" and I was wondering if there are any other Dean/Carmen fics out there?

What I do not want:
Fics where Dean's in a djinn induced dream. I want it to be set in the real world (well, "real world" meaning, the real world for Dean)

What I want:
A happy ending
Bonus points for multi-chapter but it doesn't have to be.
Self-recs are awesome :)

And even though I want a happy ending, it doesn't matter to me how much hell the characters are put through before the happy ending. So yes, angst is good :)


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