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What i'm looking for are stories that feature Dean/Sam or John/Dean or John/Sam in a dub-con relationship. Coercion, force, rape- just one doesn't want to be in the relationship but for one reason or another is compelled to stay. It can be canon-verse or AU, it's all okay for me. Really, i just want one who is completely into having the relationship, and one who is not so okay with it.

No J2 please. i want it to be Wincest, only.

Additionally, does anyone know of any good Bobby/Dean fics? It's a pairing that i am really infatuated with, and i'm having a hard time finding any.
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I'm in weird head-space again.  I'm looking for polyamory (group or communal marriage) stories where Jared, Jensen, and preferably at least one female-type person enter into a state of domestic unity at some point.  Could be the plot of the story is bringing the third in or just that the story revolves around the family unit -- think Heinlen's communal groups in Stranger in a Strange Land or McIntyre's Starfarer series' 4-person domestic partnerships.

I am hoping for something with Katie, but I'll almost take any "real" communal marriage fic as long as it doesn't have Jeffery Dean Morgan. 

(Note: Polyamory is not the same as polygamy.  In polyamory, if there are three people in the marriage, each person would exchange vows with the other so they were all committed in equal amounts , but in polygamy, the marriage is usually hierarchical -- for example, a husband and two wives where the wives have no bond to each other.)

Anyway, here's crossing my fingers...


P.S. I'm really not sure of how to tag a M/M/F since it's both slash and het...
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Found!  Thanks to storyspinner70, who was able to take my one measly, little description and find the story -- which actually turned out to be a crack/comedy Jared/Jensen story, not Sam and Dean. 

Also, thanks to the anonymous person who recced Somersault...I have not read that verse, but it looks interesting and I'm bookmarking it to read this week.  Thanks again to all.

Hi everyone!

You've all been so great with helping me out the couple of times I posted here looking for stories, that I'm hoping my luck holds out :) ...

I'm looking for a specific story that has a mentally regressed (mentally around age 5-7) but still adult 23-26 year old body, and/or brain damaged (mentally around age 5-7) Sam with Dean taking care of him.  I don't remember if I read it at someone's LJ or off of or if it was a big bang.   I believe it was a fairly long chaptered story

The one thing that I remember clearly is that Dean is taking Sam to a swimming pool (or water park), and they have to buy bathing suits there and Sam sees a SpongeBob one that he wants and Dean manages to find one that barely fits Sam.  Also, the sales girl there thinks it's really sweet the way Dean takes care of Sam, and also helps them find swimmies (arm band floats) that will fit Sam.  Basically, the story focused on how Dean took care of Sam.

I know it's not a lot of description to go on, but any help or suggestions will, as usual, be greatly appreciated!   Thanks.

(Mods:  Hope I got the tags ok...I didn't see any for mental regression or brain damage/trauma, so I used the deaged and mental illness ones.  Please let me know if I need to change/delete them.  Thanks.)
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Hi there! I've recently read a Wincest fic called "Me and the Devil Blues" by britomart_is, where Dean is a demon who possesses Sam, and I was wondering if you could rec me any other stories that deal with the boys somehow sharing the same body.

The fics can be about Dean as a demon possessing Sam, or the other way around, they can be ghost!fics, curse fics or even fics in which the body inhabited is not one of theirs. Or any other scenario. The only thing that counts is that they have to be Wincest fics and some kind of body sharing has to happen.

The main pairing should be Sam/Dean or Dean/Sam. No Dean/Castiel please. All kinks are welcome, and all genres. Self recs are welcome too.

Thanks in advance, I really appreciate any help you can give me! :)
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Hi there! I'm looking for a fairly long fic I read months ago that features Jared and Jensen acting in Supernatural, but Sam and Dean aren't brothers in the show. The show was reworked to have the boys as ex-boyfriends because the producers felt there needed to be more romantic tension. The fic has 'canon' Sam/Dean within the context of the show in it, but the true pairing is J2.

Sorry if this is a confusing summary. Hope someone knows what I'm talking about. Thanks!
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Any and all fics where John is an awesome father, please.  General fics perfered, though Sam/Dean is welcome.  Wee!Chesters, TeenChesters! or grown boys, all are fine.   Nothing too AU such as Mary lives or John lives.
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I'm looking for a fic that I've read several times but 1) can't remember the author or title, and 2) can't find in my bookmarks. It's J2, where Jensen's an executive and Jared's his assistant.Jensen brings Jared to a business event and Jensen's boss mistakes them for a couple and they have to keep up the charade by attending other events together;
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Anyone know of any Sabriel fics where Sam get's hurt and Gabriel is like 'shit just got real' and goes all badass on whatever hurt Sam?

Also does anyone know of any fics that are Sabriel but don't ignore or focus on the brotherly bond between Sam and Dean (but preferably NOT Wincest)? I notice sometimes that Sabriel/Destiel fics tend to ignore or destroy the relationship Sam and Dean have as brothers.
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Rec me any and all Sam/Dean fics where the boys are brothers but not hunters. I'll take raised apart or raised together. Basically I'm thinking of something along the lines of  [ profile] mickeym's The End Is Where We Start From

Thanks! :)
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Oh my Gosh, I have a craving for some sweet Mpreg, really.
Dean has to be the pregnant one but I want it rocky but sweet. Willing, thanks. Like the Melon Strolling Verse which I fell in love with.   I want mood swings and food cravings, morning sickness and sweet sex and labor. I prefer Sam/Dean.
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Hey everyone,
I've been thinking about a story I read a pretty long time ago. I cannot remeber a lot, so here goes... It was a J2 AU, following the Js through school (they were either childhood friends, or neighbors or sth.)
and later college. I think they were both attending the same high school. Chris also goes there and they eventually become friends. I don't remember if it was a special school with emphasis on music, but I think they meet Chris in music class. At any rate, I think they stay friends with over the years. Later Jensen moves away (I'm pretty sure it was New York City) for college were he lives in an appartment with another guy maybe Chad or Misha? and Jared stays behind. They try the long distance relationship, but Jared thinks Jensen cheated on him, although it was a misunderstanding. I know it isn't much, but feel free to rec anything that seems vaguely familiar.     I did already look through the college and high school recs at J2 recs but there were so many I gave up ;-) Thanks again in advance, you're alwasy sooooooooo awesome!!! 
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It appears as if [ profile] letsgetstarted has deleted her journal. I'm just curious as to why and if she set up another one.

I'm looking for one specific fic of hers, Obsessive Deception. Does anyone have that on PDF? Mind sharing if you do? I would certainly appreciate it. Or any other of her stories I would also be interested in obtaining the PDF if you guys have them of course. Thank you!

Downloads links for fics under cut )
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sam/dean stories

1: a story where sam accidentally lets slip out that he likes beards but only on other guys and dean teases him about it

2: a story where sam threatens dean with no blowjobs and dean isn't worried because "you love my cock more than I do"

3: a story where sam and dean stop at a restaurant in California that sam's friend recommended and it turns out its a vegetarian restaurant. Sam finally gets up the nerve to kiss dean in public

Two maybe three of these are the same story

This Is Ourselves (Under Pressure) by clex_monkie89.
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1. I'd like some sex or just story that shows Dean smaller then Sam.
2. I'm in a cuddly mood! Cuddles and Love for all! I want a story that shows love and sweet affection. Wincest or Gen, just lovey dovey! lol. Long or short, PWP or long plotty novel, whatever. Just sweet.


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