Dec. 3rd, 2011

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I'm looking for a pagans made them do it fic.  Dean and Sam are summoned to some mountain town by a woman who claims to have been a failed sacrifice, I think Dean mentions that she had to cut down all the plant life around her house because "it came to life" and tried to grab her.  I think when they get to the town she's missing.

Dean and Sam are separated and Dean stumbles on the ceremony and cuts the girl free.  He gets caught by the ring-leader and it's decided that he'll be a suitable sacrifice instead. In the meantime, I think they drug Sam and the god possesses him? Dean gets free and tries to run but like the girl said the forest tries to inhibit his getaway.

At the end of the fic Sam realizes that the ring-leader's amulet is the key to stopping the yearly sacrifices. 

I hope that rings some bells. I know there was a 2011 big bang fic that had a similar premise but I've checked and it's not that one. 

Thank you!
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Hello Guys, I'm looking for specific fics..

1. YED possessed John just like in 1x22.. He rapes Dean and after Sam shot YED!John, the demon escapes and Sam and John took the broken Dean into Bobby's.. Sam is overley protected and possessive while John is very guilty and also protective.. Dean is traumatized about what happen. (That's what I remember about and I'm sure it's not the Night Country)

2. Dark!Sam or Evil!Sam fics
3. Protective!Sam or Protective!Castiel or Protective!Jared or Protective!Misha for Jensen/Dean (Preferably Bottom!Dean or Jensen)
4. MPREG!Jensen or Dean
5. Delicious links for Bottom!Dean or Jensen
6. Abused!Dean or Jensen, Hurt!Dean or Jensen or Sick!Dean or Jensen
7. Low self-esteem or claustrophobic Jensen or Dean

Thank you so much in advance..
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Someone was kind enough to email me the file. I do need to reformat it for LJ again, so give me a few hours to get to it.

I'll post it up by the end of the day for those looking for it on my journal.
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Can anyone point me in the direction of some really good sick/hurt/falling Castiel fics? I really liked these:

[ profile] janie_tangerine's Nothing You Can't Fix (
[ profile] prophetesss's Bright Elusive Thing (
[ profile] strangeandcharm's The Envy of Angels (

So something along those veins. Or something longer? Guess I'm just looking for some good hurt/comfort.

I only ask no noncon, and prefer no dubcon. Oh yeah and I've read (and enjoyed) a lot of [ profile] strangeandcharm 's fics so I suppose I don't need any of her fics recced to me :) And I wouldn't say no to sick/hurt Misha either, I guess!

And while I'm here, any comprehensive, well-organized Castiel rec lists/delicious accounts?

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I'm seeking a fic from about 60 days ago, a coda of sorts to 7x02.

It involves Sam and Dean's ambulance ride to Sioux Falls General and an ambulance attendant who turns out to be a Leviathan.

Thanks for your help.

Found!  Thanks!
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Please tell me some-one out there knows of a good Destiel disney-style fic. Think Lion King (simba/nala or kira/kofu-though kovu might actually suit Sam better), Mulan (disguising their identity), Aladan (do I really need to elaborate) Hercules...the list is endless. Please please please help me find some of these!

Their Kid

Dec. 3rd, 2011 02:58 pm
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I just saw recently a video on youtube, the video was about Jared and Jensen losing their kid, he drown on the water.
That made me want to read a fanfiction like that.

I want them to have at least one child, they can have more, but on of them have to die, be kidnaped, or disappear. I just want to see Jared/Sam and Jensen/Dean has a couple suffering for their lost. It doesn't matter if it has a happy ending or not.
Bonus if they argue over the accident and who is at fault.

Thanks in advance ^^

ps: Sorry for my bad English
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Hello There :]
I  was wondering if anyone can recommend any Future Generation fanfics  that contain any of the following characters : Claire Novak, Lucus (Dead in The water), Emily (Scarecrow), Kat (Asylum)  and Michael (Something Wicked).
I'm  looking for any fics that deal with them being the next generation of hunters OR any fic that might have Sam and Dean raising them or helping them.  Completed fics only please 
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I'm looking for a fic called 'Dear heart, how you like this' (originally posted here at [ profile] hoodie_time).

In the fic, Sam and Dean are hunting a ghost who is killing sex workers. Through mechanisms of the 'hunt goes terribly wrong' variety, Dean ends up in hospital and that's how Sam finds out that Dean had traded his body for sex when they were young because sometimes the money ran out and Sam needed to eat. Cue an amazing paragraph in which Sam realises that even if he does get out of hunting and have a good life he's always going to have moments when he remembers that Dean sold his body for Sam.

The author was using the name [ profile] yamatai for a while, but that journal has been deleted, too. If anyone can point me towards this fic, or a cache of it, or anything I would be much obliged.

The Holiday

Dec. 3rd, 2011 07:01 pm
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So I read a fic by alreadypainfullygone over on, based on the movie The Holiday, are there any other Dean/Cas fics out there based on this movie. I know that there are several jared/jensen listed here on the site but I was hoping for Dean/Cas.

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Hey guys, a while ago I was on here and read a great Dean/Gabriel fic. In it they both worked in healthcare, Dean worked in the emergency room and Gabriel was a paramedic. In the fic a car hit Gabriel and he lost his leg. Dean helped him through it and I think some Sam/Cas also developped. Bobby was a physiotherapist and Jo worked with Gabriel at the end.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, Thanks!
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there's an author who writes loads of college AU. I can remember this one where Jared and Jensen have a lecture together and Jared sits in front of Jensen and it pisses him off until he befriends Jared (I think it's because Jared is failing his class and he needs to pass to stay in college on his scholarship, so Jensen offers to help him out.) There was also one where Jensen works in a music shop (it might have been the same one actually, I can't really remember)

thanks guys :D
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Okay, so I'm on a mission to find some fantastic stories of hurt!dean dealing with branding or burning.
These stories can be some rewrites from 'The Benders' episode, but I would like a little bit more burn-age than just the one he got. Or just overall stories that deal with burning (not so much the face if its permanent; please don't scar that drop dead gorgeous face!) Dean and Sam not knowing for awhile, but finding out later.
Also just throwing this out there, but if possible preference I would like to set this during Season 1-3 times. But it really isn't that big of a deal if its not.
OH AND ALSO, electrical burns are cool too.

This can happen through rescuing someone from a burning building, kidnap and torture, abuse, etc. All ratings accepted and I'm fine with most pairings, if any at all.

Thanks! I really appreciate all your feedback. *(:*
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I'm looking for a fic that I've read on FanFiction in the last week, which doesn't necessarily mean it's new. It was a Dean/Sam wee!cest fic and it was Sam's first time. Dean repeatedly called Sam "pup" during sex, Sam also referred to himself as "pup". Sam was definitely bottom.

At one point, Castiel meets with the boys at a diner, Dean was super protextive of Sam as Cas tells them that they're half wolf/demon, or something. Dean was to be an alpha... maybe? That detail isn't clear in my brain.

Thanks so much, I really appreciate any help :-)
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I am looking for genderswap Sam/Dean fics were one has to take the others virginity. Also genderswaps were they have to deal with female issues such as menstruation and such. Thanks
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Looking for any angry sex, dark fic set during Dean's time as a torturer in Hell, specifically with Bela, though Meg would work as well.
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Hey all I have a pretty simple request for today. I'm looking for any Wincest or J2 fics where they have easy gentle sex. You know the massages not too kinky or rough. I hope that's simple. LOL preferably with Sam/Jared as the bottom.



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