Dec. 1st, 2011

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Does anyone know of any fics that have been written in the first person?

Like, 'I said,' or 'he kissed me', things like that.

J2 AU only please. I prefer long, NC-17 fics, but I'll take anything that you can find.

No dub/non-con or death fics, please. Apart from that, I think pretty much anything goes.


Sorry, Mods. My internet crapped out on me when I was posting, so I hit the back button so that I didn't lose my post and hit 'submit' again. I didn't know all my tags had been wiped until it was too late to abort.
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I read this Sam/Gabriel story awhile ago and now appear to have lost it. The part I remember is when Sam falls asleep he goes to a room where Lucifer is in his mind, however he can leave the room but when he does he ends up fighting all the monsters they've ever faced until he wakes up. Dean wants to help him sleep so he drugs Sam but it ends up trapping him in the dream room with Lucifer and he tries to escape out a window but it would have killed him in real life had he succeeded. Cue Dean!angst and super!pissed!Gabriel. I'm pretty sure it was a long multi-chapter fic on archive of our own. Please can anyone tell me what fic this is? Thanks in advance.
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1) Dunno if this is out there, but does anyone know of a fic/have a fic where Jared really is scared of clowns, and has nightmares or whatever from the Season 2 episode? Popped into my head and got me curious, and I'm not really finding any coulrophobia fics.

2) Again, don't know if this is out there, it'll probably be rather OOC if it is, but are there any fics where a girl helps Dean or Sam cover up bruises? Can be from a hunt, training, I'll take John-abuse for this, whatever. If not, are there any where Jared or Jensen get roughed up on set (missed a block, stunt gone wrong), and try to cover the bruises? I dunno, just in the mood for boys covering bruises with foundation. :/

3) Are there any Wincest vids based on Dashboard Confessional's "Secrets In The Telling"?

Thanks guys. ^_^ As usual, any rating, any genre but horror and deathfic, self-recs welcome. :) Would prefer slash, but happily takes gen (except for #3).
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So I have bits and pieces of a story stuck in my head but they truly are bits and pieces and I can't even remember teh main characters but I just can't get it out of my head, and I have a big essay to write today so if I could read this story and get it out of my head it would be much appreciated.

So what I remember:
-one character (I think either Jensen or Misha) loses all his family, but a younger sister, and is forced to enter into an arranged marriage
-that first character bonds well with the other two (who are the lead actors on a show called Supernatural) and they are slow to consummate the marriage
-the first character helps one of the others rehearse for a a scene and when an actor pulls out that first character is on the show, and shows how amazing he is,

thanks in advance,

Note to mods: not sure what tags to put down because I don't remember the exact characters
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Hi, looking for a fic I read awhile ago and can't believe I didn't mem...It's Sam's birthday and he buys a dress and lingerie for Dean to wear. Dean ends up sort of liking it.

It's not Fragile.


Um, I hope I did the tags right...nothing came up for Sam/Dean or wincest...
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Hi! First time posting, so hopefully I get some answers :D

So the fic that I'm looking for has Jensen at the beginning being roommates with Sandy and then she moves out to live with her boyfriend, and then Jared moves in with Jensen. I think Jared used to be the 'cute, hot gym guy' that went running with Genevieve or something like that and Jensen kind of stared at him from work. They fall in love, etc etc.

Hopefully, I get this right! Sorry for any confusion.

Thanks so much in advance! :D

EDIT: found! In Becoming Who We Are by [ profile] elizah_jane
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Hi everyone!

I'm looking for fic recommendations that are simultaneously specific and unspecific. See, I don't care much about plot or genre. The only things I'm looking for are the following:

- fics showing the beginning of the relationship, how things get to the point of being past platonic
- hot sex
- in-character thought, dialogue, and action

I prefer completed fics, because I'm impatient and don't want to wait for updates. I'd also prefer not to be super depressed when I'm finished reading. I'm all about angst, but I like it best when everything works out in the end.

Thanks so much, guys! Happy hunting!
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Hello folks!

I'm looking for a wincest-teen!chester fic that I found a few months ago but sadly lost in the mists of old age. I believe Sam was around fourteen or fifteen. It started on Christmas Eve and Sam and Dean were sharing a bed and Sam was trying to deny his feelings for Dean. He eventually hooked up with a guy from a youth center or team who was a few years older than him. And Dean threatened this guy with a gun or something before he and Sam had sex for the first time.

I do recall at one point that Sam locked himself in the bathroom and Dean forced his way in to comfort Sam who said something to the extent of "I'm what's broken."

Hope this is enough to go on. I'd really love to find this soon.


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