Nov. 20th, 2011

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Hi there
I have two requests today.
1: Fics where one (or both) of the boys is deaged (don't really mind to what age, though the younger the better). I especially like fics where Castiel (or Gabriel, if possible) makes an appearance or that are even from his pov. Additionally I'm looking for good Deaged!Castiel fics.

2: Fics that can introduce me to Wincest. I've never read any, so I don't really know where to begin. I would prefer pre-slash or at least       not established relationship fics.So if you could rec me your favorite Wincest fics or direct me to rec lists, I would be eternally               grateful ;-) 

Thank you in advance :-)
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Good evening peeps. First I want to appologize because this has probably been asked for a million times and I'm sorry it's been harped on about again, but here I go:

I would love to read some amnesia Sam where his entire momories are wiped clean, I don't think I've read many if any. Extra hugs if:
  • He has a head injury rather than it being something like a spell. Medical rather than supernatural.
  • Wincest but Dean is afraid to tell Sam they have that kind of relaptionship.
  • The whole 'monsters are real and we hunt them' thing is difficult for Dean to explain and for Sam to take in.
  • They still hunt...eventually.

Thanks everyone!
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Hi, I've been searching for this fic I read awhile ago. I know I saved it to my favorites, but don't recognize it by name if I did (*whines*, why do I have 700+ favorites, anyway am I nuts?), and my google- and deliciousfu has failed spectacularly.

Sam and Jared (they're teens) just all of a sudden start switching places. Sam and Jared start leaving each other notes as to what happens when they switch into each others lives. It takes Dean a bit to figure it out, but once he does, he and Jared start a relationship. Sam decides to stay in Jared's place, and Jared wants to stay with Dean. John grudgingly accepts it, and they train Jared to hunt. Either in the epilogue or in a sequel, Jared is pregnant with Dean's baby and John loves coddling him.

Help, pleeeeeeeeeeeease. I'm dying for this fic!!!!!!!!!!! *cough* Er, excuse the drama. I've been looking for awhile and it's driving me nuts. :D

Thanks for the help!

ETA: Fic Found! It's Ripples in the Water cowritten and found in: yahnknshadows. Thanks to beatlemaniac9 for the super quick find and shall0wbay (one of the writers) as well!
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I remember reading this one J2, non-au story a long time ago, and it's been rattling in my head for quite a while now. Ive tried everything to find it, google, delicious, AO3, everything! Except here. So here I am :) And Im sorry if it's confusing D:

The plot of the story was simple and it wasn't that long that i can remember,maybe a couple thousand words or so, and it was all about Jared and Jensen and their mental images they used to get themseleves to cry for Supernatural scenes. For Jared there were some about his dogs and his family- and it was family for Jensen, but only at first. As the story goes they talk about what image they use and such, but that changes over time. EVerntually its each other that they are picturing. The one clear scene I remember for the whole story was when they were just finished filming a scene (probably All Hell Breaks Loose when Jensen had to cry like a lot) and Jared hugs Jensen and Jensen says "It was you" or some variation of that- that it was Jared that he imagined losing that got him so upset. And yeah- that's all i can really remember :P I hope someone can help me!

Found: The Incredibly Low Expectations of Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki--
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Hi guys!

So, I read a fic awhile back and, like the doofus I am, I forgot to save the link to the fic and am now combing the internets looking for it. *sighs* But! That's where you all come in! :D

The basic idea of the story is simple, really, and has been done before, but I'm looking for a specific one, though I have no idea what it's called. The story starts out with Sam and Dean in season five three, Sam's heartbroken by the crap that's going down and can see Dean giving in a little more each day, winding closer to saying "yes" his deal coming due by the minute. Sam makes a deal, goes back in time, and wakes up in class, on his birthday, at eighteen. He packs up his stuff, hightails it to Bobby's, tells him everything, does a test on Sam's blood to confirm the demon blood thing as proof for John, and then Dean, John, Sam and Bobby call the YED to Bobby's house. Dean gets the shot off, kills Ole Yellow Eyes, and Dean and John start celebrating with lots of alcohol. Somewhere in there, Sam's burying YED's meatsuit and names him Fred?

Anyway, any help would be muchly appreciated. Thanks in advance, everyone! <3 <3 <3 <3!!!!11!1one

EDIT: Found! Regrets by Jassy.

Thanks for your help, guys! *squishes*
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looking for fics in which

1. J2 were actors for SN (yeah really?) and Jared/Jensen fell in love with the other J. so like "Come together-stories". Also jealousy and secrets play a role. Maybe with a shy part of them.
2. like 1. but AU-Career
3. Being together yet but fight because of cheating or unproofed jealousy.
4. Winceststories where they come together (like Sams or Deans view of telling what he feels about the other)

could also be PWP ;) BDSM (also 24/7 BDSM) , hurt/comfort, deathfic.

Can have sad endings but I love happyendings ;)

Looking for stories in english and German.
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I'm looking fics where Sam and Dean pick up girls, either to add some variety, or as an excuse to be together. Basically, I want a threesome, but for the main pairing to be Sam/Dean. That pretty much leaves Jess out unless it's AU and she's just a friend. Also, please not Mary, Bela, or any demons. Any other cannon characters and OFC's are welcome. Bonus points for length and plot.
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I was looking for Sam/Lucifer and Sam/Gabriel fanfic recs and Character_Bleed's work came up but the journal has been deleted and purged. Does anyone know anywhere else I can find them? Or alternatively does anyone have any of their fanfics saved and would be willing to send them to me? I'm especially looking for the Sam/Lucifer fic Dusting Down the Stars. Thanks in advance for any help finding these fics. (Also I apologize if I didn't tag this quite right.)
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Looking for any fics wherein Bobby is hurt or sick and either/both of the boys look after him since he doesn't seem to have anyone else. Preferably permanent injuries (paralysis, brain damage, etc) or a serious illness like cancer, or even just plain old age - anything that requires him to have outside help. Any season, any pairing.

Thanks in advance!
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I am looking for four fics I am hoping you can help me find them. I do not remember the titles or authors and some details might be off.

1. This is a WIP. Jensen is a rock star taking dance classes at Jared's dance studio. I think this fic had some art with it of Jensen's albums, one was a graveyard.
FOUND in comments

2. This is a WIP. Jared is 14-15 and staying in a hospital because he has a broken arm and is an orphan (I think). He meets Jensen who is 18-19 and was injured on a movie set. I think he was a stunt double. He starts telling Jared stories to pass the time. I remember a scene where he asks Jared to bring him some drugs for pain (he is planing to commit suicide) but Jared is not able to get the drugs for some reason.
FOUND in comments

3. This fic is complete. Jensen is a nurse who tried to commit suicide. His therpist suggest he take a journaling class where he meets Jared. The reason he tried to commit suicide has to do with his ex-boyfriend (I think).
FOUND in comments

4. This fic is complete. Jensen is a werewolf and is taking drugs to control himself. He meets Jared who is a newly turned werewolf. Chris the werewolf who changed Jensen and Jared is after them because he wants them to join his pack. I remember there was a girl who was trying to help Jensen. She was planning on becoming a doctor and she often wore a red coat. I also remember that Jensen's family is dead and I think that Chris killed them or tricked Jensen into killing them.
FOUND in comments

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*Sigh* I am have searched long and hard and now I am about to punch a wall, lol. This fic had Top!Dean and Bottom!Sam in an on and off relationship with a Bottom!OMC with an small penis, which both boys found sexy. It was in the OMC's POV and followed through from high schoolish  through Stanford and when Sam rejoins Dean. I would really appreciate some help!
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I'm looking for some non-au J2 fics. Sadly, there seems to be very little of it around because everyone would rather right high school or college or super hero aus. (: So just any non-au, it doesn't even matter like when it was written, it could have been in the beginning, when they first started doing supernatural, or maybe post supernatural, whatever. I just want them to be actors that are doing/will do/have done Supernatural together. Any and all kinks except mpreg are welcome. 

One of my favourite non au fics is [ profile] yourperiphery's A Room With You In It. So something like that. Or not. Whatever you guys have, I'll take. (: 

Preferably no Danneel or Genevieve bashing. Thank you!
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Does anyone know of any sories where Jared/Jensen, Sam/Dean, or Dean/Cas (or really any other couple - I'm not picky) get together, but then realize by the end of the fic that things just aren't working out? That they're too different, or they have too much to deal with, or there's too much against them? I just want to find a fic or two that have the couple parting with that sense of regret, and wishing things could have worked out on both sides. Thanks!
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I've just started Game of Thrones and between that and the latest fill on the kink_meme (the one with Outlaw!Jared) I'm craving some Barbarian Jared (Kahl Drago-esque) who woos pretty and civilized Jensen. Not really specific about the details (length, rating, etc). There can be sexytimes or no sexytimes as long as the two fit these roles.

Thanks in advance guys!
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Looking for a werewolf Jared/Jensen fic. Jensen is a turned wolf who knows nothing about the werewolf world so has retreated to a cabin up in the woods. Every full moon he locks himself up in a cage to try and stop the wolf escaping. One night the wolf gets loose and ends up running into Jared - a natural born werewolf who takes it upon himself to try and teach Jensen that being a werewolf isnt something to be scared of. Sound familiar?


Nov. 20th, 2011 11:47 pm
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I've just gorged myself on a Buffy watching marathon. Now I crave crossover fics.

If there were any that have Buffy/Spike, Dean/Cas AND Sam/Faith that would be awesome. Post series ending for Buffy stories (I never watched Angel, but I did read some <i>about</i> it, so the story could take that into account) would be a cherry on top.

But if there aren't any stories like that than a Spike/Buffy and gen for Supernatural would be good too.

Long as there's no Wincest or Dean/Spike (yes, there is such a thing as too much of a good thing), I'll take it.

Any rating, case fic would be nice but so would a romance. =} Something with a lot of characters from both series appearing, so probably long...

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i was hoping yo guys could help me find something

an Alistair/Dean fic
but the thing is that i want to read a fic were Alistair is actually kind of nice and protective or loving to  just Dean without being all  rape-y if that's even possible
i know Alistair isnt all flowers and daisies i just want a story that makes him seem a little more human (even though hes a demon) 
it can be one-sided love, dub-con, etc. i don't care
as long as Alistair shows a little bit of loving or protective emotions towards dean 

its a weird request i know
but you would make my day if you could help me find it 
please and thank you


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