Nov. 14th, 2011

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okay, i'm looking for any and all fanfiction related to this particular episode.  which was awesome, btw.  I'd totally forgotten about Becky!  Anyhoo, of the wincest variety would be my preference but gen is fine too!
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Seeking 2 stories. The first is non AU except Jared is turned into a vampire and he and Jensen run away together. It turns into J2.
The second has Sam and Dean. Unsure if it has wincest in the beginning but I think it does. Sam get some waitress pregnant and Dean leaves. Sam stays to raise the baby and the mom runs off leaving him alone and Dean comes back.
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I'm searching for vids featuring hurt!Sam. (physical or mental)

I already have:

A Supernatural Animation
Final Hour
Out of Tune

There's gotta be more yeah? Self recs are cool.
Thank you.
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Hi amazing awesome people I'm back again looking for recs.

I have read heaps of fic where Bobby is supportive of Dean schlepping an angel, but now I want Bobby to be doubtful. Maybe because of Dean corrupting a holy being, because Castiel is too powerful for there to be equality between them, or even the basic boy on boy action freaks good ol' Bobby out.

I also remember a story where Castiel says (paraphrasing here), "If I had known that Bobby was going to be my father-in-law, I wouldn't have knocked him out when I first met him".  If anyone knows that story that'd be great.

Love, kisses and thanks in advance,

PS: Hey, what about Sammy being the anti-Destiel one? I'll take that too... not that I'm desperate or anything! :D
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Okay, we've all probably read stories where Castiel becomes the stoner from the 2014 universe. We've all seen him addicted to drugs. We've all also probably read stories where Cas turns to alcohol ("I found a liquor store... And I drank it."). But there are other addictions that our little nerd angel could experience. And THAT is what I'm looking for.

Are there any stories (funny or serious, short or long, though I prefer long, Slash or gen) where Castiel becomes addicted to something else, like:

mild over the counter meds (pain meds, sleep aids, nose spray even)
some sort of food (like candy or something)
chewing gum (I knew someone who was addicted to gum, it was crazy!)
scents (like Dean's after shave or his BO or even something like the smell of a salt and burn)

My only Must Haves are that if it is slash, it MUST be of the Destiel (Dean/Cas) variety. Cas can be an angel or he could have been turned human (aka fallen Cas). But I DO NOT want the Cas from the season 5 episode "The end". Can be as angsty or as funny as possible. Can be a little of both (take it from a caffeine addict, we can be overly emotional and reeeeeally hyper at the same time).

Thanks and virtual cookies to any and all who help me!!!!


Nov. 14th, 2011 01:46 pm
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I know there's been a couple posts about this but I'm looking for something a little more specific.

Is there a story out there with a hurt!dean (emotional, physical) where he finally decides he's had enough and this time, he's the one to leave?

He hooks up with someone that appreciates him, value him and apparently very much concerned for HIS well being.

And either Sam or John has to 'woo' him back?

I remember reading a story some time ago where Dean had been hurt in an accident and when he tries to call Sam for help, the call goes to vmail. Dean manages on his own, but possibly crippled(?). Hurt by Sam's refusal to even pickup his calls, he declares he's done with his ungrateful family.

It's only after a long period of silence does both Sam and John become concerned about Dean.
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I'm looking for a fic
-it's Jensen/Jared
-one is a werewolf
-potential mates for werewolves are being targeted
-the werewolves come to help protect the others
-one sleeps on the couch with the other in wolf form like a big dog
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Hi. I'm wondering if anyone knows of any fics where an angel is startled or frightened by something. I could be something jumps out at them or an object they're weak against, a sudden, quick startle, or a long, building fear.

Comedy, horror, short, long, it could be caused by something psychological, physical or any other possible thing that could make an angel afraid. It could have Castiel, Michael, Lucifer, Uriel, Balthazar or someone else - any angel or type of fic so long as they're jumping out of their skin and their hearts are racing for some reason.

Gen or slash is fine, just not Wincest or Sassy. (I do prefer Dean/Castiel if there's a pairing though)
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Hello!  I looked through all the tags and couldn't really find anything dealing directly with phobias, so I figured I would ask all you wonderful people!  

Are there any stories out there that have Sam dealing with a phobia in any way?  Like where he gets kidnapped or stuck in a hospital and he has a fear of being tied up or restricted to small spaces, or where he has a fear of fire or something.  Could be any phobia.  The boys could be on a case or at Bobby's or between cases.  Doesn't matter where in the series it takes place.  Wincest is fine as well!

Thanks in advance!


Nov. 14th, 2011 07:44 pm
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I am searching fics that
has J2 in a AU environment where either Jared or Jensen is young or have
a big age difference and is the Master/Dom of the older one. Exemple: 
Jared is 15 and Jensen is 27 and he is Jared's slave.
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~bows before the fandom~

hello people I was reading and sketching and just wanted to spam myself with a shitload of slash. I', wanting Misha and or Castiel with any male charcter or Real person. My OTP is dean/cas or Mish/jensesn i'd take those ina heartbeat but anything else is totally drooled at and welcomed!

Any kink and prompt! fluffy. scary,happy,funny,.... (sneezey,dopey,and doc! j/k lol)
but anything I usually read angst til I cry but any fic as long as it's Mish or cas hell even both and is slash!

~virtual cherry pie for weveryone who helps me~
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1) So the first story is a Mpreg. I believe it's Jared and Jensen. I remember that Jensen is straight and working towards a music career and is going out of the country and as a precaution he is tested. They find out he some (insert word here) who are men that can be pregnant and he apparently never took the test when he was young do to being sick. So the government takes him away, gives me some quick training then gives him to Jared. I remember Jensen couldn't handle the fact of being pregnant at all and went crazy even threatened to kill the baby if they brought it near him after it was born.

2) Second one I remember is that the Skinwalker that Dean and Sam meet the first time gets away  and basically becomes Dean. He says he loves Sammy and loves the brotherly bond that Sam and Dean share. He sneaks into the motel room pretending to be Dean, but Sam catches on and Skinwalker!Dean kidnaps Sam, and plans to become Sam's brother. Sam of course won't give him the pleasure.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!! Thank you so much!!!

IF you happen to have any good shapeshifter!dean/sam recs like i mentioned before just message me :)

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- Sam/Gabriel pairing.
- Always a girl, turned a girl, girl vessel, AU, hunters, curtain!fic, college, high school, any and all scenarios where one or both of Sam/Gabriel are girls.

I've read:
Cut for the sake of space )
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  • Looking for a story I read sometime ago, thought I bookmarked it but now can't find it.  Sam is in the hospital following a head injury I believe.  As he wakes up he hears Dean saying that he wished Sam was still a kid and needed him to take care of him.   Sam decides to give him his wish and pretends to have brain damage and reverts back to a young child.
  • I know I am messing up the tags,  I am trying to get them right.................really I am.


Nov. 14th, 2011 10:42 pm
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1. I'm looking for a fic where Bela and Dean fight over the colt and Bela ends up raping Dean with it (Should I have put that under the cut? Dunno.)
2. I'm looking for anything where Dean is a witch, you heard me, WITCH!DEAN. I mean he hates witches and all but witch Dean, I'm craving it after Shut up Dr.Phil.
3. Anywhere I can write a fanfic with someone, bounce ideas of them and them bouce ideas off me and write the sotry together, any comms? Or people willign to write it with me.
4. One last one, Someone cuddling/Spooning Dean. I'm in a cuddly mood, sex is a bonus but cuddling is the main thing,
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In this fic, Dean is a bartender and Castiel is a vampire. It was written in a Dark Shadows 'verse. Dean is the reincarnation of Castiel's love from like 200 years before, when Ruby the witch caused Dean to become severely injured on the docks because she was obsessed with Castiel and so she tricked Castiel into becoming a vampire so they could be together forever and tricked Castiel into killing Dean by making him think that he could turn Dean into a vampire. Cas killed Ruby, and went into a deep sleep ans was awoken  by Chuck who is a psychic, and Sam is a doctor in this as well and they are looking for a cure for Castiel's vampirism. While Cas and Dean reignite their love.
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Hey, I finally got a request to post, one more request and then I need to call it a night.  Sam, then Caleb are kidnapped by vampires and Sam has a back injury and may be paralyzed.  (WeeChesters).


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