Nov. 11th, 2011

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There was an older J2 montage/music video with Hellogoodbye's Here in Your Arms. I'm not sure if it was up on youtube or not (I checked, but I can't find it...), but it was definitely a downloadable link from LJ. Does anyone remember it?

Thank you! <3 


Nov. 11th, 2011 01:17 pm
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Fics where either Sam or Dean is a werewolf and the other is a hunter. They don't know each other/aren't brothers. Bonus points if the fic includes hurt and comfort and patching up.

Just read The Cause Sanguine (plus the sequel) and it was awesome!
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Hi everyone,

My Google-fu seems to have failed me, so I'm hoping you can help me track down a specific fic I read a while back. It was a Wincest AU fic in which Dean was some sort of pagan god, and in order to be summoned his followers basically had to hold a vast orgy. I remember he had a high priestess, and he gives his favorite followers a special mark which brings quite a bit of prestige.

Cut for adult content )

Any ideas? I thought it was a fun (not to mention hot!) read, so I wanted to take a look at it again. Thanks in advance for any help!

EDIT: Found! Link in comments.
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I would like a fic with Dean being stalked. No wincest but all other slash is okay! I would like something where Dean's head is messed with and is hurt comfort heavy on the hurt. any rating is fine. I would like the stalking to turn into a kidnapping
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Hi there Mods! I was hoping I could pimp out a new community?

It's called Super_Whovians  and it's for everyone who loves the crossover of Supernatural and Doctor Who.

I know that Tumblr seems to be the place for Superwho, but I spend very little time on there and I thought there should be a community for Superwhovians on LJ!

It's open to all who want to join, and I hope everyone makes good use of it! Just click the banner below!

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just as I said in the title....I want to read stories about Dean being hurt by some monster or some people because of it because Bobby gave the boys some bad information or because he hurt some people and they wanted revange on him...if Jhon is in the story and he is angry at bobby it'd even better....I want some really hurt Dean and some really guilty Bobby for being the reason that the only one he calls a son is hurt

thank you so much
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1: I'm really enjoying "American Horror Story" and was wondering (hoping) if there are any crossovers with AHS and Supernatural floating around yet.

2: I love hypothermia stories. I remember reading a great story (in another fandom) where two characters had to share a sleeping bag. The writer did a fantastic job describing the characters waking up naked and sweaty the next morning. I'd love to find any stories out there with any of the Winchesters (Sam, Dean, and/or John) having to huddle up in one bag for warmth.

Slash or Gen is fine. Thank you.
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Ooooookay. So this is my first time posting here, though I've snooped around and helped other people find fic's their looking for, for a while now. So hopefully I wont do anything wrong with posting this, but no promises...

I have one specific search and then a more broad search, yeah?

Specific Fic - (FOUND IN COMMENTS) I'm not exactly very good at google-foo, so this might be right underneath my nose and i'm just to dumb to see it but, from what I can remember the fic goes a little like this: In this AU Mpreg's a possible and aren't all the rare. Um, apparently there's something wrong with the human population (I think normal conception is rare) and so men who can get Pregnant are kind of used against their will. Ummm, Jensen is a Priest, or at least he was, and he was raped in his church. He ends up pregnant (which apparently he wasn't tested as a child to see if that was possible, so he was never registered as an Mpreg) and he doesn't know it. I think he tries to kill himself or he got drunk or something and accidentally kills the baby.

Anyways, he's sent to this government facility where he's made to live in an apartment/prison cell/whatever-the-fuck with three other men. He has to have sex with these men to get pregnant. He doesn't have a choice in the matter. One of them is Jared, and I can't remember the other two. It turns out one of them was under cover to break "Mpreg's" (or whatever they were called in the fic) out of the facility. In the end, Jensen is pregnant with twins - one of which is Jared's, the other is the undercover dudes. There's a lot more to the story than that, but I think this will suffix for find it. ;D

General Search - I'm looking for:






Hurt/sick!Jensen/Dean  (I would really like some seizure action, but more focus on the caring of the people around him rather than the seizure alone. :3  )

Top!Misha & Bottom!Jensen

Uhhhh, I only like Bottom!Dean/Jensen and if it is an Evil/Antichrist!Sam/Jared fic, I don't want him to go out of his way to hurt Dean/Jensen.

Hugs and kisses in advance for the help~! :3
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Hello ! First time posting in this community, i hope i'll do everyhing right (this and my frenchness).
So i'm looking for several things, Castiel centered mostly, i searched a bit, but still i hope i'm not making redundancies.

1 Angel-Blood taste
Is there any fanfiction where Dean get a taste of Cas blood (maybe
accidentaly ?) and become obsessed with it ? Bonus if it's angsty,
and/or with an happy destiel ending, or long, bonus if there's no too
much attraction before the tasting, bonus if Cas refuse to capitulate to
Dean or find the obsession fascinating or repulsing, whatever.

2 Asexuality
Anything Destiel, but with no sex involved - could be Cas' angelic nature or
virginness or awkwardness, could be Dean gay freak-out, you name it.
Bonus for Dean angst, bonus for happy ending (i'm a sucker for these.)

3 Godstiel
And finally, is there any Godstiel/Dean fic in existence who is not dubcon/noncon ?

Many thanks in advance, and feel free to slap me if i did something wrong !
[identity profile] just can't get into J2, wincest or slash.  I suppose that makes me a prude, so I need you guys to appease my pseudo-Victorian sensibilities.  I want to read a well-written Mary Sue.  Yes, I want to read a romantic story staring an OFC or canon female with a member of the Supernatural cast.  I want it to be touching and fluffly and leave me feeling like I just took a deep sip of hot chocolate.  I don't care if the Mary Sue has supernatural powers or is so uber special that it makes you want to up-chuck.  (I mean...really...Sam and Dean could be considered Gary Stu's...I'm just saying)

Anyway, I am looking for the good stuff...those writers that are sometimes ignored because of the plethora of slash fics that permeate the fandom.  I am not anit-slash...I just can't get into it with these guys. So, if you guys have any of those lurking in your bookmarks, don't be afraid to share them with me, because "My name is Wirtydurd, and I love Mary Sue Fanfiction."  The first step is always admittance...or something like that.

Thanks in advance (and Happy Veteran's Day.)  
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Okay, first things first, this is my first time using this site so I am sorry if I post anything inproperly. I have been browsing the site though for a long while so lets hope after so much reading I can do this right :)

I am looking for any fics that involve Dean as Michael. I have read all of the fics on Aceofannwns' livejournal site ( and would love to see if there are anymore out there. I get so excited when I see a Michael!Dean fic and I would love to get excited more in the nearby future! I really appreciate any help.

Also if there are any fics anyone could suggest that involve Dean finding God (with the amulet)or discovering a secret about God

Thanks guys!


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